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Starting out at WCC was difficult because I was coming right out of high school and given no good direction. In the end I dropped out because of family issues but I came back after it was sort and met the most amazing counselors and professors that helped guide me don’t the right path. The campus is wonderful and the people are too.
Westchester Community College has felt like home to me. It is my third year attending, when I first began back in 2016 at this school, I thought I did not need to attend College, that it just "was not for me." I did not do so well my first year and still struggled, after finding an amazing counselor to talk to and help me in my path of learning, I realized what I wanted to do and how important school meant to me, the professors actually care about their students. I have no had one single professor who has not helped me out in a single way. They are all amazing, I am happy to attend a school like this. I would very much recommend this school to anyone. You will find your path in life, especially with help from these amazing counselors and professors.
Thus far, Westchester Community College has been a pretty good experience. Choosing to go here was one of the smartest choices I made financially, and it bought me some time to figure out what I want to do with my life. I have been going here part time for about a year and I’ve met a couple of amazing professors. I’ve heard mixed reviews about professors and how well they preform as a teacher. I’m not going to lie, it seems like there are only a select few of exceptional teachers in each department. Additionally, this school is very diverse and safe, welcoming people of many different races, cultures, and abilities. The food on campus is surprisingly good! Overall, the college may have its flaws, but it’s a great start towards your education beyond high school, and ultimately a career.
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Educational atmosphere at WCC's decent. Academic staff are helpful. Tons of academical club resources to choose from.
Not every college is perfect. Professors are sometimes bad, setting up programs are somewhat difficult, etc. I transferred to WCC to be in their new program, Health and Human Performance, and I love this program. I had some problems with professors at the start, but things turned out well for me. I wish they made my program a four- year program, but it's a two-year school, unfortunately. Anyways, this school is a good school with great programs.
I am apart of the Honors College program at WCC, and it has been a genuinely nice experience. The teachers that are there full time are phenomenal and you can tell that the staff really cares. The adjuncts are not as good as the full time teachers but they aren't bad. The school provides a lot of flexibility with scheduling as it offers classes at nearby extension centers and high schools. Overall I am enjoying my time here, it's overall a good learning environment with lots of different types of people.
Excellent teacher, a lot of jobs on campus and over 60 Clubs to take part in. The radio is the best since you can be on the radio.
Westchester Community Collage is my first academic experience in United States. The campus is nice,big and beautiful with a lot of parking free parking lots.Most of the Professors are nice and caring. WCC's library is amazing.It is fully equipped and enormous. The only bad thing about this collage is the food which has poor quality comparing to the price.
SUNY Westchester Community College is very helpful. They answer any questions that you have and always show that they are interested in you .
Professors are very friendly. Food is overpriced for the quality and variation. School staff, admissions, bursar, and such are not pleasant at all.
Very impressed with this school. I had my doubts, as it was a community college, however this school exceeded my expectations. The professors are insanely smart and genuinely care about your success as a student. There are so many resources around campus you can go to, whether you are struggling in a class, socially, etc. The classes I had taken were rigorous and almost identical to the classes my friends were taking who decided to go away for college.
Westchester Community is a diverse community of students of all ages . Class sizes are ideal for student who are looking for more one on one, and to build more connections with students and professors during an after their college career at WCC. Forming friendships at WCC is very easy and the friendships I made have lasted. The campus is small enough with resources that can help most people with classes. Ex; turtoring ect. Professors are also very involved with their students and their success.
I loved that my classmates always had a way to inspire me. Through our similarities and differences I was able to understand the creative process. I am grateful I was able to attend this school because now I am going on to a four-year school.
The professors are very knowledgable, easy to talk and they're eager to help you; the same for the counselors. They have easy access and they really invest time in helping you plan your future.
The college is very diverse. The professors are very helpful. The commute is really good too. The college make sit very easy for you to transfer your credits to other colleges.
My experience at Westchester Community College have been great and i learned so many things that no other schools could give me that experience. There are way to connect with the world and meeting new people .
I've attended WCC for three years. There is no dormand housing at this school but this school is a great starter for fresh out of high school students or even adults who wants to attend school and give it another try. This school is cheap, reliable and helps you succeed.
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Good school . Teachers can vary. Some are very emphatic, caring, and pushes you to do better and other professors do not care or ask for feedback
It's a very good school, the teachers are dedicated in the way they teach their students. You can understand what they are teaching you. Also it is a good place to make new friends. What I would like to see is for the books that are required to be a little bit on our budget.
Westchester community college is the perfect starting point for any individual seeking to start college. They have some of the most understanding teachers, that give you effective teaching tactics which enables you to grasp what is taught. There courses are accessible and provide you with the right tools to start your educational path. They also provide cost effective tuition with good payment plans.
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