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My experience at Westchester Community College have been great and i learned so many things that no other schools could give me that experience. There are way to connect with the world and meeting new people .
I've attended WCC for three years. There is no dormand housing at this school but this school is a great starter for fresh out of high school students or even adults who wants to attend school and give it another try. This school is cheap, reliable and helps you succeed.
Good school . Teachers can vary. Some are very emphatic, caring, and pushes you to do better and other professors do not care or ask for feedback
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It's a very good school, the teachers are dedicated in the way they teach their students. You can understand what they are teaching you. Also it is a good place to make new friends. What I would like to see is for the books that are required to be a little bit on our budget.
Westchester community college is the perfect starting point for any individual seeking to start college. They have some of the most understanding teachers, that give you effective teaching tactics which enables you to grasp what is taught. There courses are accessible and provide you with the right tools to start your educational path. They also provide cost effective tuition with good payment plans.
I like everything about Suny Westchester Community College. I would not change anything. It's an amazing college!
I made a lot of friends from around the world, I learned about a lot of cultures. I had the opportunity to work on campus. My major is business management, and it was a great 2year college. Now I’m transferring to a 4-year university.
The professors are decent, yet some may need to be evaluated. It is not that hard to pass as long as you do the work.
I had a great time while attending wcc. teachers were great and there for you when needed. The financial aid office was a smooth transition as well.
I love WCC, personally. I feel this institution is what you make it. A lot of people come into WCC thinking it's just another year of high school and because of this mindset they don't take full advantage of it. Get active on campus, focus on your grades, meet new people and the opportunities/connections will become readily available to you.
Teachers are fantastic, college help and advice are great, financial aid office is helpful, i joined a club andit was the best thing i did they offered free food and we celebrated cultural parties from the club i joined “The Peruvian club”, counseling is really helpful this college offers so much help for the students whole look for it. The campus is very diverse you will meet oe stumble upon new people and frommany different cultures with a one goal in common to succeed.
Hey, Suny WCC is a great experience for anyone. I'm glad to say i have met people to lead me in the right direction. Thank You for Asking
Great community college! Loved my classes this semester and got very lucky by having kind and caring professors. Beautiful campus as well
Amazing school, truly sets you up for success. As a student you're able to get more than a hands on experience with professors that truly care about your performance and are willing to help you succeed.
MY experience with Suny JC was average . I like the view of the campus but I would like their to be more scholarship and grant opportunities . I would also like for in the future the percentage for graduates in debt to be lower.
WCC is a great school that has great professors and small classrooms sizes. The one thing that could change is to increase parking. During the busy class times it is hard to find parking that is close to your classroom building.
my first year here at Suny WCC, was very good. I like the fact that the campus is huge, gotten lost a couple of times but maintained to get around with guidance and asking questions.
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Great school for the price. General ed classes can be filled with not-so-great people during the regular semester (likely as a result of the unfortunate reputation this college seems to have in high schools), but classes relevant to your Major are always great. I majored in cybersecurity and would highly recommend anyone looking to get a head start on their degree in IT to do the same. Curriculum Chair is a great guy, and most professors are very helpful if you actually reach out to them (most of the "unfortunate" students don't take that effort to even try). Don't be a doofus, work hard, and you'll have more opportunities than a lot of students at more expesive schools get.
Wonderful teachers and perfect atmosphere for social and educational lifestyle. At first glance, it seems like a quiet campus but it is very vibrant and adventurous once you become familiarize with the Institution. WCC is more that just a place of learning but it is an environment where we can make a collection of memories with friends and people who matter. It is a home away from home as it provides comfort, joy, happiness and peace just like a home does.
SUNY Westchester Community College is an amazing school that allows students to be able to either start off or continue their college career. The guidance counselors are understanding and are accommodating. The professors are easy to understand and their work load and grading policy are fair. The campus itself is clean and well taken care of, and very safe. I love SUNY Westchester Community College and what it has done for me.
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