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SUNY Upstate Medical University Reviews

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Upstate is a great school to attend. The academic quality is amazing and will prepare you very well for the national exams needed for your program.
From the start of your first year you get exposure to relevant clinical experiences and patients. The curriculum is system based meaning you are taught everything about one system - musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, etc. rather than broad topics covering all systems at once. There is countless opportunities to get involved on campus and in the Syracuse community. Faculty makes time to meet and work with you and are willing to answer any questions you may have about the material. There’s a lot of additional help resources available to ensure one is successful.
It's been great thus far! I can't complain about anything I'd like to see changed just yet. More of my complaints have to do with the environment of Syracuse in general and not the school. The neighborhood needs a huge upgrade in terms of fun things and places to go. Being from a big city, it feels a little empty here.
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This school understands and expects all the nursing students are all working professionals. Although no one holds your hand to get through the coursework in this school, the bottomline is both the faculty and students are present and supportive. I only applied to this school because I knew it would be the best education I could receive for the money I was going to spend.
Would have preferred more convenience more online classes
Not as much working around the students outside life as would like
Lots of options. Most professors very helpful
The lots and street are always full have to pay to park in non university garages
Feel like we're all treated like children. We're graduate students and it feels like high school much of the time.
Not a lot of choices.
Easy to find parking if you park in garages. The street spots go quicker.
Lots of extra computers at the library for anyone to use.
Not much of a social scene. Not sure of any unique opportunities at the school.
They're clean and the library is nice. Library has a few quiet and comfortable rooms to study in.
Workload was subpar, curriculum was easy, facilities were poor.
Most important criteria for admission is having all the pre-requisites in order ahead of time and having a lot of volunteer experience and patient-care hours.
Very expensive for what you get. Best option is Geneva for the views, however, it's expensive. It also has rather small and hard furniture.
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Very nice group of people.
It snows a lot! It's pretty snow, at least, and it doesn't always accumulate more than a few inches since it is lake-effect snow. Summer is really nice!
Participation in the intramurals is what makes them feasible.
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