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Not the best experience from this school but also not the worst. I've experienced I think the worse ends from Ulster and I wasn't able to experience the best things about College. The teachers and professors I do say are pretty amazing so I'm giving it 3 stars
I think it's a good school, with good professors and isn't as costly as 4-year colleges. Can't pursue all of my classes there for my major but it's a good school to get the gen-eds done.
Very average community college experience. There are no dorms, not a big variety of foods, not too many options for public transportation. Professors are great and always there for support. All the resource centers do a great job contributing to your successful college experience.
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With a small but beautiful campus, students are able to get a high quality education for less. For me, SUNY Ulster has helped me figure out what I will be going forward with as a career. Without the support from the staff, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
What I like about SUNY Ulster is that the new people you meet, also the different clubs and sports that you can join.
I highly recommend choosing Dutchess Community College over Ulster. I’ve had nothing, but issues every single day I’ve tried to make classes. 50% of the staff is helpful and the teachers are awesome, but the school never seems to be able to rely information properly. I was given a hard time over simple tasks and had no problems at any of the other institutions I’ve been a part of. I highly recommend NOT going to SUNY Ulster. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
Suny Ulster is a Great not too cheap Collage around the Houston area. The Campus isn't too big with about 5 buildings, not too far apart from each other. This Collage is a Great Place to meet new people and further anyone's education in whatever they would like to do in the future.
SUNY Ulster is an excellent place to "Start Here, Go Far". The staff is very friendly, welcoming, and very eager to see you do your best. Another plus of SUNY Ulster is a smaller class size, so there is always time to talk if you need help. The campus is small, clean, and beautiful.
SUNY Ulster is a wonderful school to start at. The professors really want to see you succeed and are helpful. There are a lot of activities and clubs to take part in. Highly recommend this school!
Had professors that just didn't care. In one class out midterm became our final because he kept canceling class. Had a math professor that would give us problems they didn't know the answer to and gave extra points on test because everyone did horribly on test.
Many said it would be like 13th grade, in my experience it was nothing like that. My college experience was so much better than high school. SUNY Ulster gave me the opportunity to explore many majors as I was still undecided when I started. The faculty and staff is always willing to help. The only thing I would change would probably be the time, or have the event run two times a day for the different events they offer because most of the time it conflicted with me and my friend's schedule, we could never fully appreciate all the events they offered the students.
Everyone is very helpful, and seem to care about your success and happiness.
I have not tried to transfer yet. Next year I will be!
The classes really get you ready for your career and for your next degree if your going for a higher one.
I can't describe how grateful I am to have such gold professors
I love it here and I'm so happy I decided to go here and do my first two years locally
I have done very well here, not because I put all of my heart into school but because I had amazing teachers!
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I have had the best experience here. I started in my junior year of highschool and every since I have fallen in love. I love Dr. Sheldon and the way he teaches. Also love Mrs.Silverman, and Mrs.Rifenburgh. All of the teaches and people here care about your success. I have had an awesome experience with my consular for when I was in highschool (Lucia). I love her and she is so motivational.
I love being a student at SUNY Ulster. The teachers are kind and passionate, the classes are small, and there's tons of activities and clubs to get involved in. My main reason for going to this school was that my tuition is completely paid for by the college because I graduated in the top 10 percent of my class in high school. If I had to go back, I wouldn't have gone to any other school to start my first two years of college.
It is a great school with excellent professors. Their passion inspires me to work harder at getting a good gpa. The library has thousands of books and lots of space to do work in. This semester I opted to use the library textbooks instead of purchasing/renting my own. Everyone who works here is very friendly and willing to help out.
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