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The teachers are great. The office staff is not. No communication what so ever, very nasty. Refused to give me a transcript which is making me miss an application deadline even though I asked for assistance over a week prior. Do not rely on this school for prompt and efficient assistance. Crappy service.
Suny Sullivan has great teachers that care about your education. I highly recommend it for the first 2 years
The college is extremely cheap for what you receive in terms of an education. I lived near by and commuted for my attendance and although I only spent a year at the school I thought that I learned a lot. I liked the school because their was little overhead for debt while attending and it helped me receive general education credit while I figured out where I wanted to transfer and what degree I wanted to pursue.
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I'm just starting my first online course. So we'll see how it goes. I don't have much Intel to online courses other then what I just started
I get notifications for jobs near by and everything not all for my major but I enjoy seeing all the jobs you can pursue.
I'm sure the degree from a SUNY school isn't as good to some people. But they teach well and give you everything you need for your degree.
The professors give you very good topics for class. My composition class had lots of personal papers and short stories that give life lessons. I enjoyed it tremendously
The work load is applicable and easy to handle. Teachers understand when you work and can't finish things online or if you need extra help.
Lots of one on one with professors. They are very helpful and understanding. Plus the small class setting lets you get all the help you need. It's very cheap to attend such a great school.
I truly enjoyed the assistance that I needed during the process of enrolling and transferring the credits that I had
The course was very user friendly and the professor responded quickly to questions
I'm not really sure as of yet
There are many available sources that are available to ensure a better education and outside resources.
I've only come across 1 professor that I felt was not truly there for he students.
I have learned many skills and techniques
It has been a truly pleasurable experience!
Can't really rate this because I have not taken any online courses at Sullivan yet.
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Many career opportunities for graduates. We have a career and job center here at Sullivan and they can help you with any career and job needs.
Scheduling is very flexible. Getting appointments with professors for getting help on an assignment/in general is fairly easy. Many prefer that appointments be scheduled ahead of time. This is my first college, so I have no knowledge on how easy or hard that is to transfer credits. So far, I have had no problems with it.
It's what you make of it, really. I like a majority of the professors in my major. The culinary program at Sullivan is very hands on. From the first class, you are already learning the basics of being a professional chef/baker. Most of the work, as well as quizzes/tests in the culinary program will be done in class itself so it is important that you don't miss a lot of classes so that you are not missing out on an important lesson/lab or test. Classes are usually small, depending on the course and major. The chefs can be quite demanding and strict and sometimes can come across as belittling but it comes from a place of caring. The chefs are very knowledgeable in their skill and definitely do a great job with teaching.
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