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At first some teachers had a hard time with the online school, just like the students. But all of my professors were very understanding and only helped us with the process. With time it grew on me, especially being able to do my work at my own time.
I was nervous for my first year at college and the fact it was all online because of COVID didn't help. Because of Suffolk's guidance and capability of being on top of online learning, it made the adaptation swifter. I would recommend Suffolk for anyone who isn't sure of what they want to do, and wants a good education for a good price. Knowledge is power and I believe it's important to try to be in school if you can be!
I like how well the online classes are being handled by the school and professors as well as incorporating the in-person for certain classes that require more hands on experience.
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Most of my classes are online. My professors have done a very good job at making the online version of class seem like you are in person. The education that I am getting virtually is just as good as it would have been in person.
Professors are well prepared and there is a good infra-structure to all students. We have a good library and blackboard works pretty well, making our life easier on times of pandemic. I strongly recommend.
Blackboard works very well. A have Zoom classes every day and the interaction with my professors are even better than on real classes. If you are a dedicated student, you should have a great learning experience.
HORRIBLE. Professors are so unprofessional. they lose work, don't reply to emails, and it's just horrid.
Very poor. mainly because it is all online due to covid and teachers do not know how to reply to emails and keep a decent schedule.
It’s me been ok. I am only have three classes that are on zoom. And two of them are like free at my own time. Which is Great but I’m a lot better I with deadlines and face to face communication
Everything is online and it’s still very new. This is my first year in college and I am hoping to transfer for spring 2021.
I did take classes online due to COVID-19, it has been a challenge however I have made it through one semester of being completely online. How with blended classes I have learned how to management my time.
It was a interesting experience after taking liberal arts for about three years I decided to move up to Culinary and Restaurant Management. It has been a challenge however I do love to cook and help others.
Overall it was a very steady college experience, I met many new teachers and was eased into the college lifestyle education wise. Good staff and great community!
The learning experience was good and not extremely difficult depending on the classes. I was eased into courses at a steady pace with room to adapt.
It was hard at first but some professors actually help you and make sure you understand since it’s online
It was pretty good and now I’m just ready to transfer. Environment was fine but the food was expensive. Especially when we’re paying for so much other things
The online classes are for the most part well structured and the students are given the proper guidance. This is with the exception of a few professors giving an exorbitant amount of work. It is difficult to balance the online courses with a full time working schedule. If one has the time I would recommend taking online classes over attending lecture classes.
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Make sure your parents can afford your college tuition and pay your weekly contributions. You don't want to have to pay back any loans. The administration is a major headache, especially the registrar. They've to be some of the most prude and cumbersome people I've had the unfortunate experience dealing with.
I really enjoyed my time at Suffolk. The professors are great and the rest of the staff was friendly.
Online classes are really about how the professor navigates them. As long as the professor provides clear instructions and is available for assistance, there is no problem with online classes.
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