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SUNY Suffolk County Community College Reviews

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I stopped going back in 2012. Therefore I was put on an academic probation where I had to meet with the Dean of Admissions to be re-instated. The Dean was more than nice, and I am signed up for classes again, part-time until my GPA increases. A lot of study opportunities
This college helps prepare you for a 4-year college. It is not the best school in the world but it works for now.
I studied at SUNY Suffolk Community College for two years in the honors program and graduated with my honors diploma. It is a wonderful school to start off at, especially if you are still unaware of what career path is right for you. I have no regrets attending this college
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do me a favor. do not attend this school if you are not a honor student and and ivy league bond type of person or you are not popular in high school. social life is terrible and is very hard to even make friends and talk to someone. in fact so terrible that if you even talk to a person especially a girl looking uncool, you can immediately get into huge trouble mostly getting kicked out of college and sometimes get arrested just looking ugly. professors are okay, except for physic professors which is not good and no curves on test. i only give 2 star because of the tech club and good food. this college is like i'm living on a different country like the EU. laws are too strict to follow. you can't share your unpopular opinions here, because people get offended. if you are conservative or even right leaning my advice is go to a trade school.
I really enjoy going to Suffolk. It was my first semester going and I was very pleased with my experience. The professors are great and seem to care about their students a lot. There are a lot of different clubs and events on campus as well.
If you are involve in the school then your experience is great. My first semester I was very anti social. But since I got involved in SGA, I was more open and got to know much more about the school and also my role as a student. I would recommend all students to get involve in SGA and etc. any type of club would do also. It’s up to each student to make their college experience the best.
I genuinely enjoy attending Suffolk. It's pretty fair with its prices for young adults paying on their own. The classes they provide are accurate with the major, the professors are helpful and the food is enjoyable. Way better than having high shool food. The parking lots could use increasing in size. Other than that, Suffolk has given me life lessons, great friends, and start in school I didn't know I needed.
This college is a good school to start at if a person is deciding to go to college. I just recommend that if a student wants to transfer the should stay focus on having a great gpa. Then it will all work out.
Suffolk Community College is a great community college. As a student your classes are small based no more than 30 students in hand in a class. Your professors get to know you as a person not just a number. There are so many courses and glasses to take. The brand new library is phenomenal. The school also has a gym that one can join. The grounds are kept well and clean . They gave a track that one can run or go do there exercises. The staff and students are friendly. No matter if your right out of high school or a adult student. It is a school that I would definitely recommend. There is not one thing that I would change , well maybe one . The young student drivers . They scare me . How they park and drive.
Suffolk is a great transition to bigger things either being a job or a 4-year university. so many great opportunities and amazing faculty.
With low tuition and faculty who also work at the renowned local university, SUNY Suffolk offers an unbeatable value. Through its halls walk a diverse group of students from all ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds. Part time students will revel in the amount of night, weekend and off semester classes offered. However, those among us with a 9 to 5 job will find that arranging a meeting with faculty without taking time off work can be challenging. Very grateful for this spring board of higher learning.
Suffolk is an easygoing college to start at if you don't know what you want to do. They have great programs and excellent staff.
I am just starting at Suffolk community college and so far my experience is fair. I enjoy the English course and algebra course I have enrolled in thus far.
Hello name is Nadia. First I got to experience SVA in Manhattan it is a excellent university except I would have to travel to every building by walking a mile.
Since I started Eastern Suffolk Community College it has been a great experience for me. All the buildings are close at walking distance and the main financial building is also in the same walking distance. My professors are patient with me and acknowledge that I make every second count.
I loved the atmosphere and how diverse Suffolk County Community College. I attended the Brentwood campus & the experience has been amazing truly.
I think Suffolk County Community College is a great start and transition for high school graduates since it offers a low tuition and a small class size. Suffolk County Community College has a lot of great and caring professors to help you through your classes. Overall my time and experience with Suffolk County Community College was excellent and would definitely recommend anyone to get their start here.
Teachers were great, and campus is well kept. I just wish that clubs could either be slotted more time.
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Good school to start off at. Community is diverse. Has lots of clubs to participate in. Campus is nice. Would recommend it to anyone.
I loved suffolk. Great school with great people. Way better than high school. Food here was awesome, staff was great, library is kinda old but other than that suffolk was a walk in the park. The one time something happened was a gun threat in Fall 2017. It was false but the teachers were well prepared for it and I felt safe.
Suffolk was a great start for me. I was hesitant at first because all my friends were going away to big 4 year schools. But once I got comfortable with my classes and the friends that I made it was a blast. The classes are small just like highschool so around 12-40 kids in each class depending on the course that you take. The professors for the most part are good as long as you use rate my professor to help pick the right ones. The deans and administration are nice. If you get involved on campus with clubs and sports it helps you make more friends, get comfortable with being on campus, enjoy your time their and looks good when you transfer. I can say that my experience at Suffolk was very memorable and I have made memories that will last a lifetime.
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