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I am an Early Admit student in the Honors program studying Political Science. Really cool kids here. Classes are easy if you're not in the Honors program. I think they are almost too easy - but if you are a middling student it would probably be amazing. A lot easier than HS. Professors have been hit or miss, although this happens at most schools. Great value - $2,600 a semester is a steal, especially since Binghamton and the like are twice that, and that's not even including the absurdly expensive room and board. The campus is beautiful, and the faculty seems to really care about the students' inputs and voices. Very diverse student body in terms of race/ethnicity AND beliefs. Very happy with the different political perspectives encouraged in and out of the classroom. Overall, I'm very satisfied with my experience so far - I am confident I made the right choice in graduating HS early. (God Clarkstown North is awful...)
This place is like 13th grade. Professors are unavailable. Registration and financial aid offices are a joke. The security officers are nothing but bullies. Can't even find out who your advisor is. Professors give a ton of work and only grade a portion of what's handed in.
So far as an online student the college does not seem to have a handle on how to function without having you directly in the area to stop by at any moment. I had to drive across the state to take the entry test, when contacting the book store they were not very polite or helpful over the phone nor did they seem to understand that as an online student I wasn't available to just up and walk in to get my books or ask questions in person. I am hoping once the classes fully start for the year that everything will be better however I am now skeptical if that is possible.
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Great prof's the students are always friendly to one another and the campus is small and very easy to navigate.
My experience so far has been quite average. I mainly just go straight to class and chat with a couple of friends here and there. The campus isn’t that fascinating. You see a lot of people you know.
This college is all about what you put it into. Growing up in the county it is easy to see this community college as lacking, and having attended it fresh out of high school I would have agreed. But having returned older and focused, I've realized that there are substantial resources available if you just ask.
If you are considering transferring definitely join the honors program. Get involved in clubs and activities on campus because there is something for everyone. The staff and administration are very helpful. The cafeteria isn't the best but will survive.
I liked the convenience of RCC, but if I were given a chance to redo my college career thus far. RCC definitely would not have been my pick.
Rockland community college is an amazing school. Everyone is very nice and nobody really causes problems here. The education is superb and the facilities are very nice. Sports is a big focus and the school is big for a community college
I would like to see more sports, like soccer for women. I like how there's different things to do in between classes like the game room. I like Rockland Community College because people for everywhere go here so you get a great change to meet new people.
Rockland Community College is a great school because they care about every student and want every student to succeed. RCC provides every student with the help require to be successful. It maybe a community college but its a great start to ones future. You wont regret attending RCC, all the personal at the college are amazing.
It’s a great college because it’s affordable and saves you a lot of money in the future. It has a lot a of diversity and it’s great if you look to meet new people.
Rockland community College is not a bad college to attend if you just graduated high school. It would give you a good idea of how the college life is in terms of work but not so much of parties and other festivities like that.
Since i got in to RCC i knew my education was going to me sought through. I was gking to get the education i needed. My brother also went there and he told me it was a great stepping stone if you don't know what college to go to yet. RCC has a great tutoring center that is part of the tuition so if i or anyone else were to need help with almost any subject there are glad to help. The students are great too, yes there are cliques but someone will find themselves in more than one.
I have a good academic learning experience here at RCC. The business programs is good and the professors are knowledgeable about the courses.
The professors are great and it’s a nice campus aesthetically. I love the classes they offer. However, this college deserves three stars because of its financial aid office. They constantly lose documents you send them, they don’t answer calls or emails, and they really are just incapable of doing their job. It’s a shame.
Decent professors so far. Really easy classes, hopefully the honor program will be more challenging. Pretty nice campus, plus there are some cats around. Food is average but expensive.
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It’s a great school for someone who was terrible in school. You can get your life together and go to school at the same time.
This community college offers SUNY courses and credits which are transferrable to any SUNY school and accepted at many others. This is a very affordable option for an associates or the first two years towards a bachelors. They have a very wide variety of majors and there are evening and weekend classes, which allowed me to work full time while being a full time student. I am really glad that I live so close by. There are no Dorms although I hear that they plan on building some soon.
This is my second year of RCC and It's been a great journey! Especially if you are in the honors program, you connect with amazing professors that engage students to learn. I believe that RCC was the best choice before enrolling to a four-year school. It has prepared me well enough for the future. I have met great peers that want to succeed. The school has given me great opportunities such as internships and academic work!
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