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Rockland community College is not a bad college to attend if you just graduated high school. It would give you a good idea of how the college life is in terms of work but not so much of parties and other festivities like that.
Since i got in to RCC i knew my education was going to me sought through. I was gking to get the education i needed. My brother also went there and he told me it was a great stepping stone if you don't know what college to go to yet. RCC has a great tutoring center that is part of the tuition so if i or anyone else were to need help with almost any subject there are glad to help. The students are great too, yes there are cliques but someone will find themselves in more than one.
I have a good academic learning experience here at RCC. The business programs is good and the professors are knowledgeable about the courses.
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The professors are great and it’s a nice campus aesthetically. I love the classes they offer. However, this college deserves three stars because of its financial aid office. They constantly lose documents you send them, they don’t answer calls or emails, and they really are just incapable of doing their job. It’s a shame.
Decent professors so far. Really easy classes, hopefully the honor program will be more challenging. Pretty nice campus, plus there are some cats around. Food is average but expensive.
It’s a great school for someone who was terrible in school. You can get your life together and go to school at the same time.
This community college offers SUNY courses and credits which are transferrable to any SUNY school and accepted at many others. This is a very affordable option for an associates or the first two years towards a bachelors. They have a very wide variety of majors and there are evening and weekend classes, which allowed me to work full time while being a full time student. I am really glad that I live so close by. There are no Dorms although I hear that they plan on building some soon.
This is my second year of RCC and It's been a great journey! Especially if you are in the honors program, you connect with amazing professors that engage students to learn. I believe that RCC was the best choice before enrolling to a four-year school. It has prepared me well enough for the future. I have met great peers that want to succeed. The school has given me great opportunities such as internships and academic work!
Overall, my experience at RCC was really good. There are a lot of options for classes to take and it was very easy for me to meet with my advisor. The theatre program is pretty good, having two productions a year with several other smaller opportunities to perform. I do think that many of the classes that aren't honors are not very challenging, which is a bit of a bummer, but the teachers are very good and invested in what they're teaching.
Great beginnings ! Smart place to start your education, affordable, and offers many majors. Great to transfer to a larger or 4 year university !
I had a great experience with Rockland Community College. The professors are very helpful and really encouraged you to succeed. Such a diverse community which makes it a comfortable environment. Since I was not qualified for Financial Aid, tuition fees are still affordable and personnel were helpful to assist you with your needs. Overall, this school made my years comfortable and challenged at the same time.
RCC has wonderful professors who are knowledgable and care about their students success. The school is a great value as well and is not overly expensive as a four year college.
Rockland Community College is a well diverse campus. The professors engage themselves in the classroom and encourage students to participate in group discussions. Academic wise its positive, but the athletics section could improve. They don't have a variety of sports, especially soccer, they don't have girls team. I would like to see a change in that, I believe it is unfair, but overall it is a good choice for saving and learning lots of different new topics.
I like RCC because it is relatively inexpensive for my first two years of college. The college has many extracurricular activities to choose from including clubs and sports. Most teachers go out of their way to help you and will stay after when needed for extra help.
They are one of the few that offer weekend classes for busy working adults. The teachers here really care about your success in school and learning the material. They make it easy for adult students to return to school.
RCC has lots to offer, you just have to want it and look for it. RCC is a great pace to start your college education. Faculty/Staff/Professors actually care but you have to show you care too. Everyone is very helpful and there are many services that will will you get through anything that comes your way. I'm having a good time here and soon I will be able to transfer to a four year college :)
The value of the degree, i think is good. If you pay attention you could definitely go out a get a job
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There is mostly part time jobs and a low variety of jobs for my major.
The courses are good pretty simple and straight forward. In most of my classes the professor really isn't need they're just there if you have a question.
Don't half do the assignments. You really need to read the material and understand it if you want to make it a career.
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