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SUNY Purchase is very small school. Professors are very great and always caring students to accomplish their goals. I made so many great life long friends in SUNY Purchase and I am always happy to stay here with great classmates and professors.
The school is located in very country side of Westchester, NY and it helps you to focus on your studies and school life.
Honestly, you're gonna need a car lmao because White Plains is the most boring place ever. Also, don't go wasting your time with the party life here, it's basically non-existent and all the good ones get shut down pretty quickly.
While my experience at Purchase College is limited to only two semesters, I have quite a lot to say about this school. With its "Think Wide Open" statement it truly is a small safe haven for students to meet others with similar mindsets and close to none of the blatant judgement from others. This school allows students to live and breath school, with a location far enough secluded to really help students focus.
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IF YOU LOVE YOURSELF DO NOT GO HERE. This school messed me up to the very last second. I hated it there so much I wanted to transfer and when I requested my transcript in May to be sent to a certain school and they sent it out two days ago. Due to their incompetence and untimeliness I was rejected. Luckily, I was still accepted into another school regardless. Not only is the food trash. The classes are a joke, try transferring and you will find the majority of your courses do not transfer over. The professors are way too lenient. For a liberal college there are a lot of racists. The night life was absent in its entirety. You’ll only have fun on drugs which is why drug use is heavy here. Their spring fest & clubs are beyond lame. This school is honestly one of my biggest regrets. In terms of finding a job after college depending on your major do not go here. Not even the price is worth it. you will not enjoy yourself unless you’re white & gay.
The community at Purchase is really unique and special, I've never connected with so many people all in the same place before. For my major it offered so much and my teacher was amazing. I found so many people to collaborate with. However, the facilities are atrocious and the food is way overpriced -- the quality is not worth paying for, but sometimes you have to because its a far drive to any alternatives. Living off campus was the best option for me. But overall I had a great experience.
Disgusting place. Don't go here. The housing and food are terrible. If you're not a hippie/ into drugs you will feel very out of place. Too much political garbage events and no class or group outings. The social aspect is absurd. Professors make office hours with you and leave you waiting or never show up. My math teacher showed up 30 mins late to every class. Nobody wants to go to the gym/do recreational activities they all want to lock themselves in their rooms and drink/smoke/do other drugs/"hook up". The music building rehearsal rooms/classrooms have broken seats, moldy carpets, and no windows. They are very nasty in the com with the exception of a few professors. You're worked like a dog for those musicals/operas. It's all about exploitation of talent for profit. If I could give 0 stars I would.
I had to transfer out of this college for many reasons, the biggest being that the community is extremely toxic and not as open-minded as their slogan suggests. I am LGBT and was constantly either misgendered and misnamed, despite being very vocal about my identity. Not to mention that if you are disliked by one clique, then you're probably going to be disliked by everyone on campus.
The academics are extremely average and not challenging at all. And the cherry on top is the campus. It's so small and there's basically nothing to do, unless you want to pay almost $20 to go to the city and come back.
If you want a party school that requires minimal effort, or if you just want a quick and easy way to get away from home for four years, this is the school for you.
SUNY Purchase is overall an excellent school if you're into the arts such as music, dancing, acting, etc but for most regular student such as myself I don't really feel like I fit in, the freshman housing is pretty poor in my opinion, there's not many fun activities to do on and off campus , so 90% of the time you feel like your trap in an endless bore. But the shows perform on campus by the dance clubs are to die for, I personally enjoy every single one of them, and they are probably the highlight of the campus.
Purchase is a place unlike many other colleges. It is diverse, open-minded, and generally accepting; I have met peers and faculty during my freshman year who have changed my life. Academics are fantastic, and although my program is still starting, I have big hopes for its future. Additionally, there is a great sense of involvement among the students in politics and government. Despite the positive aspects, many of my peers have had a looming issue with the campus police: UPD. They frequently harass students and have difficulty performing their job capably, especially when it comes to sexual assault.
This school provides a solid education but the campus culture is awful. Purchase students are notorious for circulating the same low-level, uninspired new age counter-culture tropes to desperately avoid acknowledging the gaping chasm where campus community should normally be. Everyone is sensitive to a flaw, your speech will be stifled if you disagree with the general consensus. To put it short, SUNY Purchase is obsessed with mock profundity and recycled self-irony. Most students think that they are somehow enlightened or remarkably intelligent, when in reality they just spew basic progressive/socialist ideas. There is also a constant air of victimhood that stinks up the place, nearly every student feels disenfranchised, either by the government, high school, society, the media, gender stereotyping, --etc-- so that nobody has the drive to fight for a meaningful college experience. One cannot escape the feeling of mediocrity .
Unless you really like art, music, theater, are a comic book or anime obsessed nerd, in some stoner or hipster niche, very into multicultural clubs and social justice, you will be disappointed. There is nothing to do on weekends unless you have a close knit group of friends, and most people go home or to NYC on the weekends. Parties were better when I was in high school. I was bored most of the time and didn't really have any way to unwind on weekends except for the occasional drunken stood event. The professors and classes are good for the most part, but students aren't super passionate about them and the environment isn't very academic. Its especially depressing during the winter, and you'll see maybe 5 students walking around on campus. If you happen to get accepted into a conservatory or are a new media major or something, it might be worth it, otherwise I would advise against this school.
Very mixed feelings. The Psychology department is amazing, but the school's administrative and campus safety departments are seriously lacking. Difficult to make friends here, but once you find your group, you are friends for life.
Purchase College is definitely a place where one can think wide open. It has a wonderful atmosphere for artists, musicians, and laymen. The music conservatory has so many practice rooms, it is truly a blessing. The school prepares each student for life after college.
Suny Purchase Dance program is a program filled with opportunity. It is an amazing program for dancers.
Purchase college is a welcoming environment that is really invested in their students. Professors go out of their way to make sure each student is doing well and understanding the material. The work is reasonable and relatively easy to understand. Overall, my experience has been positive and has helped me obtain a B.A.
I was accepted to go to Purchase College in the BA Journalism Program, but I'm still making my finally decision to go here or not but Im visiting the campus today and been invited on March 2nd to have another visit with other students as well.
The social scene is lacking, especially in terms of clubs. The drag shows are great, though. The food is awful. Most of the classes are intellectually stimulating and interesting.
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This school tried, but the administration is terrible at inter-departmental communication and the student suffers for it. I studied creative writing, and every semester I got the strong impression that the bureaucratic side of the college hated the program. This is possibly because of the faculty in charge, who were not great, to say the least. The entire Literature department was fantastic, though, which is the only reason I gave academics and professors four stars. The social life is active but frequently did not make efforts to include/recruit transfer students. The actual campus was rated one of the ugliest universities in the country and seemed to be built for maximum wind factor.
The Opera Program is amazing. My voice improved so much. everyone is so unique and artistic. Faculty is highly accesible for all your needs. The school provides free medical appointments and prescriptions. Also, the gym is very well equipped. It has been an amazing experience to be in Suny.
There is a clear disconnect between the college staff and the students. There is minimal, if any, communication to the students. Many professors are respectful of students, but there are a few stinkers. While Purchase will say it is not an art college, it clearly has it's priorities. Most of the dorms and apartments need cleaning and renovation. The student life is fine, but there is a clear disregard for education by some. If it were to work on it's employees, housing, and communication, this college would be a beam of perfection.
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