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I was accepted to go to Purchase College in the BA Journalism Program, but I'm still making my finally decision to go here or not but Im visiting the campus today and been invited on March 2nd to have another visit with other students as well.
The social scene is lacking, especially in terms of clubs. The drag shows are great, though. The food is awful. Most of the classes are intellectually stimulating and interesting.
This school tried, but the administration is terrible at inter-departmental communication and the student suffers for it. I studied creative writing, and every semester I got the strong impression that the bureaucratic side of the college hated the program. This is possibly because of the faculty in charge, who were not great, to say the least. The entire Literature department was fantastic, though, which is the only reason I gave academics and professors four stars. The social life is active but frequently did not make efforts to include/recruit transfer students. The actual campus was rated one of the ugliest universities in the country and seemed to be built for maximum wind factor.
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The Opera Program is amazing. My voice improved so much. everyone is so unique and artistic. Faculty is highly accesible for all your needs. The school provides free medical appointments and prescriptions. Also, the gym is very well equipped. It has been an amazing experience to be in Suny.
There is a clear disconnect between the college staff and the students. There is minimal, if any, communication to the students. Many professors are respectful of students, but there are a few stinkers. While Purchase will say it is not an art college, it clearly has it's priorities. Most of the dorms and apartments need cleaning and renovation. The student life is fine, but there is a clear disregard for education by some. If it were to work on it's employees, housing, and communication, this college would be a beam of perfection.
I have visited SUNY Purchased recently in December of 2017. It was a different experience because it was father from what I usually prefer. The school was big and open. What I liked mostly about Purchase is that it is surrounded by trees. Nature surrounds the campus. An alumni has told me that it is very diverse and friendly. People at purchase are always willing to help become you new friend.
I will be attending Purchase next fall and I can't say I've ever been more excited for something in my life. I can honestly say from my very first visit just about a year ago now I just had this sense of belonging, many students I know who had their first year in college this year have decided to transfer to Purchase for next year. It is such a nice campus and everything is close without the campus feeling crowded. Everyone seems so accepting on campus from my experiences, and I love that they have things like Pancake Madness for the night before finals week starts where you go to the dinning hall and they have music free t-shirts and a pancake buffet.
I studied Sociology about two years ago at Purchase. While I liked most of my teachers, I don't think I felt challenged at all. The college is extremely leftist/Marxist/feminist/identity politics driven and those are the kind of people who end up studying here. They aren't challenged by their professor either. Instead they are encourage to go on with the recent Social Justice movement. Students here aren't taught how to form an argument and instead are taught to police each other and throw labels like racist and sexist around. No consideration for freedom of speech or expression. Most of the student body are homogenous in political thought and ideology so they are hardly ever challenged by their peers. When I entered this college I considered myself a liberal but its safe to say nowadays I'm more Center (though they'd likely consider me far right).
Purchase was an awesome place to go for undergrad. You'll meet a lot of passionate faculty and students alike. It's way cheaper than going to a private school, but like most things in life, you get out what you put in, a lesson I unfortunately learned too late. The school also has great art and performance art facilities: dance studios, wood workshops, printmaking, computer labs, etc, so definitely take advantage of everything available to you as a student.
Purchase is awesome!! It’s full of creative people from different backgrounds! And also full of talent and diversity! It’s a great school to study something arts or humanities related! Most of the professors are great and the classes are really helpful! I have met some of the most wonderful talented people here and I really recommend this school to anyone who is open minded and wants to be surrounded by creativity
Although I've only attended one semester so far, my experience at Purchase has already been very positive. My classes benefit my major and all of the professors I've had have really cared about their positions.
Purchase College has a great environment for both academic and social life. The campus spans hundreds of acres but classes and dorms are centralized within one acre. The student population has been the most important part of my experience so far as the school has drawn in an inspired group of motivated and talented youth. Because it's a state university there are a wide array of people from every socioeconomic background, race and gender identity. I think this is important as it allows students to gain a new kind of respect for every type of person you will interact with when off campus and after graduating. Purchase has amazing programs in the Arts, Theater, and Science areas so the school draws in students for other states as well as other countries.

I feel my academic experience has been extremely full. My professors continue to push the boundaries of my mind while offering me the tools and support I need to apply myself in this environment and face real world challenges.
I loved my time at Purchase College! My professors were very intelligent and engaging. The fellow students at my college are by far the best part of the Purchase community. Purchase students are fiercely passionate, intelligent, caring, and compassionate. Here I have met some of the most talented and brilliant people in the world! Purchase is a great choice for those looking to be challenged.
SUNY Purchase was my safety school. I LOVED visiting the campus, and especially sitting in on some of the Theater classes, and touring Purchase's Performing Arts facilities, which are EXCELLENT for a public university. I was more set on a small liberal arts college setting, with an emphasis on the performing arts. If I hadn't gotten into Hampshire College (or any of my other top 3 choices: Emerson, Antioch & Bennington) I would have felt fine with attending Purchase. Coming from a public high school in NYC, I would have been fine with Purchase because it was the SUNY that students from my high school applied to least (I was one of those: "I don't want to go to college with everyone I went to high school with" students) which suited me just fine. Being a NY resident, Purchase also would have been a good value financially. I was happier going out of state, to a small college, but Purchase was a REALLY good choice for a safety school.
I have Asperger's and mental health issues and as a result I am treated horribly by the Office of Disability Resources, Res Life (the Office of Community Engagement), the Counseling Center, and people like Qui Qui Balascio. I am not seen as a person by these people - just a problem. Most of the people in Res Life seem alright but the people in charge are VERY POORLY TRAINED and have terrible people skills and appear to have no integrity whatsoever. I do not feel safe here. I feel like I have to sleep with one eye open. Whenever I meet freshman students or new (or relatively new) staff & faculty members my heart breaks for them because they don't seem to realize what they are getting themselves into. My RC (resident hall director) seems so sweet and has offered himself as a support person. UNFORTUNATELY, I can't comfortably go to him because his boss and fellow higher-ups are NOT "in my corner" (if you know what I mean).
Housing is nasty. WiFi is weak at best, it’s old. Administrative buildings are really nice and brand new. Too bad they didn’t put that money into dorms and classrooms. Teaching is good professors are jumping ship. Big party school so if you want little sleep and to be surrounded by high or drunk people 24/7 this is the place for you. Plenty of other good art schools out there. Wish I had chosen one of them. 2 dorm fires on campus one was in 2016. Displaced a lot of students and be warned the housing they have sucks but there isn’t enough of it. I know people that were accepted that are still on wait list for housing. Not a big deal if you live close by but if you are coming from an hour or more away you won’t find any housing near campus. Oh and the water is contaminated. Found out when I got here and am unable to drink the water or brush my teeth with it because we are still waiting for them to install filters to make it safe.
Great classroom experience. Professors are invested in what they are doing. Diversity is lacking and some dorms could be updated.
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Suny Purchase has a liberal atmosphere and great programs. Campus is very wide, full of nature, and not crowded at all. You can concentrate to study and find your own way in this great environment.
The first thing we were encouraged to do as freshmen was to be activists. This is a small school so do not expect all the leisure and perks of a big state school. However, this campus is full of some of the most creative, ambitious, forward thinking individuals you may ever meet. The teachers I've had know what they're talking about, they're top of their field, and they're at Purchase not because they are getting paid what they ultimately deserve, but because they love this place, what it stands for, and the students.
As a student I have the opportunity to advance in professional as well as personal levels. Purchase is a diverse campus that brings together people from different cultures and it allows you to be diverse and learn form different ways of life. As a student I couldn't be prouder to call it my alma matter and I look forward to graduating from Purchase College.
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