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Some of the professors are good but the other half are literally incomprehensible and are awful at teaching.
The school has a god awful campus and even worse staff who will do jack shit in any situation, along with this they don't care about the students
For the most part the experience has been good but some of my teachers are struggling with the switch to online due to covid.
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I haven't been going there very long but even with the pandemic going on most of my teachers have handled it very well.
I love the atmosphere there, you see a lot of familiar faces in different classes. It is nice to have more than one class with the same person, in case you need help with a topic, miss a class, or are a slow note taker.
I did have to take some classes online due to Covid-19, the professors transitioned to online learning very well.
To start off, the food is not that bad, but isn't good. I dislike the idea of having to pay for a meal plan I do not enjoy while applying for housing. I do not often go to the dining hall to eat and it's a waste of money to pay for something I do not often use. Next, there is the housing. The housing is average, but I wish it wasn't so expensive for the amenities we are receiving. Depending on which housing hall you live in, the rooms can be small, hallways narrow, and bathrooms are not as newly updated. Then, there are classes. Classes are a "hit or miss" in my opinion. Some teachers can be amazing while others, not so much. Keep in mind this is a small public college, so there isn't much selection in terms of teachers and lecture times. Overall, the college campus average, the location is not that great if your looking to be in a large city with stores nearby (meaning you will need a car to get anywhere), and the classes, food, and housing need to be improved.
Based on what occurred during the latter half of the spring 2020 semester, I would say it was average. There were issues because it was sudden and the lack of extensive preparations. No one expected there to be a pandemic and there wasn't any measures in place in case something that that happens. Many students lacked the proper materials for the switch to online classes so there had to be several adjustments such as provided technology and changes in testing. I do not know how the Fall 2020 semester will go with online classes, but I hope it is better than the last.
Overall, I have found my experience here to be quite pleasant. The academic programs truly excel and test students capabilities. The Psychology program, which is the program I am involved in has very qualified professors. The program also pushes students to think in new perspectives and truly challenge yourself. On campus, the various offices have wonderful employees that are almost always able to provide guidance and answers to questions that are sought after. The students on campus are very warm and welcoming to incoming students so that people don't feel like they regret coming here. My only issues with the college is the food services. The food on campus is mediocre and I feel as though there is a lack in variety.
I have had the experience to enroll in one complete online course. It was a very educating course. I enjoyed being a part of the course, as the professor made the course out to be enjoyable and challenging. The professor was always available to provide assistance to any students.
As a commuter I spent a lot of time in the library which can be a very peaceful place on campus. My program was a small part of the campus which may have left me feeling in the minority. I hope they can expand more on my program (biology) as there is a greater influx of biology students coming in.
As a junior attending SUNY Polytechnic Institute I can say I have learned a lot from their college experience whether it be understanding and mastering my major and its requirements or learning to live on my own. I applied here for their Computer Science program which has taught me quite a lot about coding and the technology field and has offered me some of the experience that I will definitely expect to see when I obtain my career job. However, some aspects that this campus lack include diversity amongst students, major options, and on campus events. Overall this college is very education-based and aids in keeping you focused on your goals.
it's a quite campus with a lot of places to study. while all of the offices work hard to help the students.
SUNY Polytechnic Institute is a great college. I am a part of their accounting program. This program specifically has accreditation that puts it among the top five percent in the nation. The faculty have a lot of experience in working in the fields they are teaching. Sometimes I wonder why they are teaching at SUNY since they have such incredible credentials. The professors truly do care about the students and want to help them learn. They are very helpful in aiding students in their studies as well as giving them advice and leads relating to jobs or internships in student's majors.
I wish SUNY Poly had sororities and fraternities. Other than that, student life is amazing, and you are never bored!
SUNY Poly is a great place to go to and is all around a great STEM school. The professors here are always ready to work with the students to better their education and make them successful
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Approach is amazing! SUNY Poly welcomed me like I was already apart of the crew. It didn’t take long for me to feel right at home!
The school has nice dorming(if you don’t mind 3 people in one room). Showers are cold in the winter. Food is usually very unhealthy and there are little options to choose from. Students are very introverted and have no social experience. Much rather would choose to live off campus.
I like that it is a small university. The food offered could be better and the housing could use some readjustments. The academics are a hit or miss with some professors worse than others. The diversity is low, but present. Considering it is classified as a "tech" school, there are few athletics options. The university offers many activities and are very involved in student life, so I have yet to see an issue there. Overall, I would give this place an average rating.
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