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My favorite part about attending SUNY Oswego are the opportunities available. There are programs and different academic niches for the students there, which adds to the diverse and rich education students get when at SUNY Oswego. The professors and students are kind as well, which adds to the appeal of this school.
SUNY Oswego has really great professors that know what they're doing. If you ever have a problem you can go to so many people for help! The food is really good in certain dining halls, and it depends on what is there. They have a soup, salad and sandwich station all the time. They also have cereal and breakfast foods all the time. The party scene is also really good if you're into that.
The scenery at Oswego is beautiful, the campus is really pretty. All the buildings are close together. What I would like to change about Oswego is the places to go, everything is so far away from each other.
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Our math department is very difficult to get through. Some days it feels like I am teach myself the material. Other than that I love my school. The campus is gorgeous. The professors are knowledgeable and helpful if you are ever struggling, not to mention the science building is gorgeous and has enough new equipment to make me feel like a kid in a candy store.
I feel as though SUNY Oswego has helped me grow and figure out who I want to be as an adult and what I was to achieve. They gave me the tools to achieve those things and the confidence to know i am able to do anything if i out my mind to it
I like how the value is put on students education. I would like to make the school less bureaucratic if I could.
If I could make my college choice again, I would still choose Oswego. The food, professors, on campus and off campus housing, and the Greek Life community make Oswego one of the best in NY
Oswego is a good school, in a safe area. I am from Oswego however, and the town is very small with little to do. If you are from a big city and prefer being in a big city, this might not be the most adequate scene. There is a lot of things to do on campus, whether it be club sports, partying, or being a part of Greek life or the other clubs. There's a few bars and clubs downtown, and the tuition isn't crazy expensive compared to other schools. If you're going to get a job on campus I would recommend that, the jobs here are usually pretty good and flexible hours. Academically, most professors are really awesome, except in the math department and some other harder subjects like ECE. Its overall a good school, I just wish there was more to do around town and it was bigger.
My experience attending Oswego has been amazing. Whether you have a career goal in mind or are trying to figure out a career path, college is supposed to help mold you into the person you are trying to be. This is exactly what Oswego did for me. Academically, it opened my eyes to my love of Portfolio Management, which is what I will pursue as a career. Socially, it helped me find where I fit and the type of people whom I want to be surrounded by. Behaviorally, it helped me make that bridge from childhood to adulthood. College had its ups and downs, but as a senior, I can honestly say that I’m glad I stuck with Oswego because the experience has overall strengthened me in the exact areas where college should.
I have been going to SUNY Oswego as an out of state student for three years now and while I enjoy going to school here it isn't the best of the best. The teachers depending on the department, actually care about teaching and the administration tries there best to provide programs and opportunities for students, but they aren't all amazing. The best part about SUNY Oswego to me, is the amount of job they have available to students on campus. There are over 400 student job opportunities and as someone who will be paying off a lifetimes worth of loans, I definitely enjoy having so many options. Overall, at SUNY Oswego you alone are the one that can make your experience great, no one is going to force you to participate or connect with things happening on campus, which in a way can be good in helping foster independence but it call also be bad because then you aren't sure who can help you and if they will help you.
At first you’ll feel like it’s the best place ever, but you’ll soon be mistaken. Unless you’re from New York City or are a minority good luck having anyone here like you. People might pretend to be your friend, but they’re really just using you here. Don’t trust anyone. The staff cares little if at all for the students and few of them can actually teach. The dorms are poorly designed and smell bad, RA’s and UP aren’t there to help, but only to get you in trouble.All you will ever hear about is politics (be careful speaking your mind) even though there’s suicidal teens on campus. Massive waste of time and money. Don’t come here.
>Party animals
>Academics is avg
>Business Major? AVOID JOHN KANE ECO 101 !!!
>Food is below avg (Besides Mackin Diner...go before 3:15 before it gets packed) Pathfinder is Above avg
>Bevs ice cream is pretty good
>The view of the lake is pretty relaxing from Move in day-Mid October & April-Moving Out day
>Dorms would be better if the custodian cleaned the bathroom 2x a day (Waterbury, Scales, Riggs, Funnelle = Top 4 Dorms)
>Students only support Men's Hockey
>Johnson Hall will definitely help you transitioning into college but if you're lazy like me, don't live there.
>Don't get me started with the "Lake Effect"
>Vasline and Blistex is your best friend in the winter
SUNY Oswego has a very unique characteristic in which it can feel so small and so large at the same time. If you are in a major with someone you will see those faces frequently. If you are not however you won't even visit the same buildings nearly ever.
Our campus is on Lake Ontario and it's just beautiful! The only bad thing is the wind and the snow in the Winter. I promise we don't actually have ropes like everyone says.
Campus is beautiful, lots of things to get involved in, great access to needed services, not enough word spread about things happening on campus
I love all of my professors and my classes. I have learned so much in the four years that I have been here. I am in the teaching program and the opportunities I get are amazing.
Beautiful campus with specialized programs in teaching and arts. Friendly, encouraging, and devoting facilities. Diversity of student from all over the world such as Europe, Russia , China, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, Napel, Africa, and many more. Students are greatly involved with the local community members creating a great bond.
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Overall it is a great school with a very accepting community. The staff is very helpful in all circumstances and really want to see their students succeed. There are a lot of clubs open to a variety of interests.
I love all my teachers and coaches I have had so far. But the buildings need to be updated, there needs to be more parking, and the cinema equipment check out needs better stuff.
I think Oswego offers very good programs for Communications, Teaching, and Arts majors. However, I would like it if they offered more programs such as Physician Assistant programs and Nursing Programs for the students that wish to pursue those careers (like me).
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