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The campus life at Oswego is enjoyable and is very friendly to incoming students. The academic, and athletic opportunities are broad and school clubs have something for everyone.
I have taken an entire semester of classes online and experienced a learning environment as great as learning on campus. The professors were able to adapt their classes into a virtual place where they can teach effectively and the students can learn well.
SUNY Oswego has given me a lot. I have learned so much here, I have gained so much experience here and I attribute all my successes to this school. I made great friends, partied a lot, spent time in various buildings, enjoyed a lot. All in all it was great.
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SUNY Oswego has given me a lot. I have learned so much here, I have gained so much experience here and I attribute all my successes to this school. I made great friends, partied a lot, spent time in various buildings, enjoyed a lot. All in all it was great.
SUNY Oswego offers a lot of resources to students. The online programs have a solid foundation. As an online student, I feel that I earned a decent education for the cost.
Oswego has a solid foundation for students who want to learn online. However, what they lack is an online community for distance learners. It's hard to try to be apart of a school when you are unable to physically be on campus and there is no community for online students to meet.
Because of COVID-19, I was only able to be on campus for a short amount of time. But wit my experience so far as a freshman, I enjoyed the enthusiasm from upperclassmen. I loved the lake and the campus and all the places to go. While I did all my classes online, I enjoyed all my classes and professors.
My online experience wasn't too bad, but it's hard for everyone. Oswego did a good job trying to keep us engaged even when classes were online. Some professors let the classes be asynchronous so it was easier not having to go to zoom calls at assigned times. They were flexible with due dates and final due dates making it a little less stressful. Online is just more difficult because we can't physically see our professors when we're confused about something and emailing just isn't the same. But I made it through with good grades and hopefully I can be on campus soon.
My online learning experience has been great, the professors are always there when you need just ask questions and schedule zoom calls! Online gives me a chance to set a schedule for myself and have time for myself as well! It’s perfect since I live off campus online school has been a lot easier and productive!!
I’m currently enrolled in SUNY Oswego and so far my 2 years have been the best times of my life. I’m living off campus ,but when I did live on campus in Seneca hall we had a beautiful view of the lakes and would always walk down to see the sunsets. The dining hall is amazing especially late night!! West side is a great location and a short walk to classes. The campus is beautiful, great resources, and amazing professors. SUNY Oswego has so much to offer you really need to dig deep, There’s so many people to help you during your time at school. The party life is amazing and social life as well! You don’t need to be on a sports team or Greek life to have fun, remember your in school for a degree so focus on building your resume and internships! SUNY Oswego helped me gain an amazing internship at the Oswego YMCA and being part of the mentoring program!! If your on campus in the summer go to the flat rocks it’s so beautiful and fun!! Oswego is the best school
Most of my professors adapted to online great. In fact, I enjoyed online classes, they were easy to understand because of my great professors!
I would like to address that o transferred here during the pandemic so I don’t know much about the social life except for what I hear by word of mouth. The professors are great. It was decently clean. The forming was mediocre though. The food was okay, not the best. The town is small but there is a lot within the town especially fast foods. I think a little more diversity is needed.
The school is alright. There's a pandemic so things are very different. It's really hard to interact with different people.
Honestly, it's challenging. You need to manage your time wisely. Also you don't get a lot of help from professors because you're taking classes online.
It's a beautiful school with a lot of great professors. With COVID, it definitely is not the same college experience you would normally have, but I give them credit for doing their best to keep everyone pleased during this time.
The majority of my classes are online this semester, and it hasn't been that bad. The zoom sessions can be awkward at times, but I give my professors a lot of credit for doing a good job with the transition.
The professors are helpful and offer career advice to students. They also offer a great career services center on campus to help you land a job after graduation.
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I am taking classes online due to COVID 19 and teachers use the technology well. Using Zoom and Blackboard to navigate courses.
I decided to take all online classes for different reasons. 1.) 50% of my classes were already online and 2). It was a huge cost difference of about $8,000 just to take online classes on campus and be isolated. However, as amazing as it is to have extra time with my family, I feel very isolated and home. And very discouraged in terms of not being able to meet people from campus. I'm hoping with starting part-time work, it can keep me busy for the time being.
I've been doing online classes from home for the fall semester. It's been very hard meeting people and believing that I am really a college student since I'm not on campus. I tend to learn a lot better when there is socialization between me and my professors. But overall, school has been okay. I'm doing very well in my classes right now even though I prefer in-person classes.
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