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SUNY North Country Community College Reviews

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My experience with North Country went great, Everyone in the college were nice and friendly. I made friends who came from outside the u.s. The college is great in Academics. The teacher were very helpful when it comes to exam and tests.
North Country Community College is a small college. If you are there to learn I feel you will have a good experience. If you want your college experience to be focused on a social, party life, you may be disappointed. One disadvantage of the nursing program is that because of the small town area, the clinical experience is not as expansive as you would get in a large city.
The only hassle that I have had is the inability to get financial aid due to attempting too many classes
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Some online courses are better than others. Depending on the course and professor, it can be hard to stick to a rigid schedule.
There are job postings and transfer services available to students.
Each professor is different in their class style. Some are laid back and some are more outlined and rigid in their methods. The class sizes are small enough to where the teacher actually knows your name.
There are many avenues that a student can take during or after attending NCCC. There is always a job fair, college fair, or information on graduation and jobs that are available in the area.
This program has a high standard that helps students succeed in the "real world". The nursing program in particular is designed to help pass the state licensing exams and help become the best nurse possible. The only downside is that it is very selective and the school relies heavily on GPA.
I would describe my overall experience as pretty good. I have had some very accepting teachers who are approachable and knowledgeable. Most of the teachers have a passion for their subject. In my years at NCCC, I have definitely grown and am looking forward to learning more! This college is one of the most affordable, while offering a large amount of classes (if not on campus then online).
I have not taken any yet, but I have heard that it is great.
I am grateful for the opportunity.
This is a great college where professors make every student feel as comfortable as possible. They are approachable and kind. This college is located in a beautiful area. I personally love the smell of the pine trees when I get out of class. I am a ESL international student, and I can say that I have gotten great support and understanding from all the professors so far. The price is very affordable for people with low income like myself.

Thank you.
Some classes are really good, but others are terrible.
The adults working at this school pick favorites. It's very hard to be taken seriously if you are not one of these favorite students. The resident director is incredibly rude and disrespectful and charges you actual money for random things, like leaving dishes in your sink and so on.
I didn't go far from home so I do see some people from my high school often. I found a program that I love, it's criminal justice. it's a really good program at north country and i would recommend everyone who's unsure about what they want to do, to try it. I started playing soccer last fall, I really enjoy it and have made alot of new friends by doing it. I started Lacrosse this sping and I've never played before. It's a first year program. I really like this school because there are alot of differnt types of people in college it's not your normal high school clicks. Its a good school to get some cheap credits and it's also good if you dont know what you want to do with your life yet.
College is always pricey, here you can get your degree and not pay a huge amount of money for it. It's just as good as a degree earned in a state college, out of state college, or a university.
The degrees offered here complement the opportunities in the area very well. those who graduate often have high success in find a job that fits with their major of study.
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Everyone is easy to get along with a eager to help those who are in need, or just aren't understanding their work load.
There are many classes to choose from with a variety of times to take them at. There are also online classes available for those who are unable to travel or are working and attending school.
Ticonderoga campus does its best with what it has. Because it is a smaller campus there aren't as many activities, no sports, and few opportunities for you to meet one on one with people to help you with problems or questions other than teachers and those with previous experience.
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