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1,233 reviews
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Love this school. Great everything. I'm very excited to be going to school here and calling it home for the next however many years.
New Paltz is a wonderful school with so many opportunities. The class sizes and professor to student ratios are always perfect. And the General Education requirements force you to take classes outside of your major's bubble, so you can make new friends and colleagues!
The campus was very beautiful and clean in a fairly safe and friendly area. Food services weren't the greatest but they definitely have shown improvement since my freshman year. Academic professors vary but overall I did not find myself challenged enough at this university.
Great school! Excellent academics, safe and thriving community, awesome town. The classes are usually 20-40 students. The professors are reachable and friendly (most of the time, at least). Absolutely beautiful location in the Shawangunk mountains, with lots of hiking and nature activities nearby. The town of New Paltz is very artsy; lots of amazing restaurants and cute shops. The area is fairly safe too. However, some of the roads can get pretty bad in the winter.
Overall, the university is great. I love its safety, fun student life, scenery and its a great place to meet new people. In terms of academics, its above average but there are times when some professors are not very clear during class or take up class time with unneccesary things. It depends on the professor. Its pretty diverse, there are a lot of Asian people, Latin people, African American people and White people. I am hispanic and I felt at home so there is a lot of diversity considering its location. The campus is beautiful and there have been new additions, e.g. new dorms, which have added to its beauty. There are also a lot of places to party off campus, e.g. Poughkeepsie, and its also pretty safe which is great.
I really like the friendly atmosphere of this school, everyone is typically nice whether they know you or not. There is so much to do to get involved and hey do a good job about getting you information on clubs/activities to join.
I love the community, it's amazing that most people are very friendly. I felt welcomed immediately. The food is good at first but I recommend learning how to cook. The food tends to get repetitive and lacks seasoning. I feel safe walking around my campus and in the town. New Paltz is filled with adventures.
New Paltz is located in a great town, and the campus is beautiful. The classes are good, if you know what to take, and what you're interested in, but not everyone does. The people are very liberal, but there is not as much diversity as you'd think. It is a very slow moving environment, and campus involvement can be difficult to find.
Leaving the City to study upstate was a fantastic experience. SUNY New Paltz is a great school for anyone whom is looking to dorm and study outside the City. For one, the campus is not too far from the City which made commuting for holidays and summer recess such a convenient experience. The school is very clean, the classes were all close, there’s also several on campus organizations to be a part of including athletics. As far as education, the courses and majors were very broad and the professors generally seem to enjoy teaching there. The University truly has a family feel o it. Campus life is good and there is a good amount of police presence on the campus and in town. As far as changes, I'd like to see a time when the campus leaves the Student Union Building open for 24 hour access for things such as obtaining food or snacks. If there's one thing about school, there are many sleepless nights for studying and having a place on the campus to pick up a coffee would be a good thing.
This is my first semester and so far my experience has been great so far. Campus is not to big or small. It's just right. I'm in a triple in my dorm room and I have no complaints about that either. The room size accommodates all three of us.
As a sophomore, I have had only a glimpse at this college and what it can do for me. I love the fact that it is small so I can get to and forth so quickly, but it is big enough that I always see a new face. They have so many clubs, and activities and programs are held daily to keep you not only focused on your academics but the fun aspect of a college experience.
I've gained access to a handful of scholarships that I wouldn't have had access to otherwise. There's a good number of them that can be easy to access and be entered into.
New Paltz is my favorite place in America. The views are incredible. Mohonk Mountain is breathtaking and there is always a sense of peace that only nature can provide. I love the mentality of the people, specially the locals who are very welcoming and polite in general. Everything in New Paltz is engaging. Although academics are kind of tough. But there is a reason for that, my professors are doing their best to make me ready for the world which is becoming tougher and tougher. I am an Electrical Engineer student in New Paltz and i noticed that our program is growing rapidly. The growth is good but i also noticed that there are not a lot of minorities in the program; which at times makes me feel like an outcast. However, i take as a challenge and try to do my best. This is why i encourage people to apply to the engineering program in new paltz so that we could make it more diverse.
I was exposed to a variety of opportunities to learn and grow professionally and personally. Some issues like Campus Food need to be addressed but the people make it worth it to a degree.
New Paltz has a wonderful atmosphere, amazing people, and is always interesting. My only complaints are the campus food and the administration that doesn't always represent the students as they should be.
This place is terrible. They make it seem like it will be rainbows and sunshine, but it is not. I was so unbelievably depressed there that I almost killed myself. Left mid-semester because I was so depressed and am now at a school that I love. It was not me; it was New Paltz. I know of so many people who hated it and left just like I did. New Paltz ruined my life.
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I didn't really play sports but used the fitness center from time to time which was nice.
New Paltz is truly an amazing place. The location is prime- it's so close to the mountains and everything in town is relatively close enough that you don't need a car. The public transportation also makes it easy to get around town and across the river. As a female, I haven't felt unsafe walking around campus or town at night. While there are a lot of hipster kids and hippies, I found many students and people of New Paltz to have an accepting view of nontraditional lifestyles and ways of thinking, and a generally liberal mindset. While there are some sports teams and greek life, it is significantly less represented at New Paltz than at other schools, which was something I really liked. Additionally, there are a number of awesome professors here that you will have greater opportunity to become close with -given the small class sizes.
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