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was in the graduating class of 1992. I was very impressed by the entire experience. I can not say enough about the wonderful faculty and accommodating staff. I was working my 35 hour work week at a nearby SUNY community college and had a A.S. degree and was able to complete the remaining two years I needed for a Bachelors. All my class schedules worked in my favor. Loved summer school classes. I was able to take credits at another college one summer which was downstate even further, which was extremely helpful. I recommend SUN New Paltz highly; I got a great education there. (Not to mention, it is in a lovely area. Plus, favorable access easy to THE THRUWAY.)
New Paltz is a great university. It provides an awesome learning environment where students from many backgrounds can come together to socialize and further their education. The business school in particular is a great program with strong resources the those enrolled. The only drawback to college is the dorms. The rooms are designed in such a way that even with two windows open there is no airflow. Going forward I would encourage, for at least college and bouton halls, that the rooms be more intelligently designed.
As a transfer student, I've had an excellent transition to New Paltz. The faculty has been great in advising me so I graduate on time. I particularly love the campus and small class sizes. The town is also walking distance and there's plenty to do on the weekends whether it be going out or going hiking.
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I love it here. It is a super friendly area with beautiful scenery. Staff is super helpful and always there for you. Has a cute little town and makes you feel at home from day 1.
SUNY New Paltz is a great move. If you enjoy the small town vibe, beautiful scenery, and a chill, artistic community, you will enjoy coming to New Paltz. I'm in the photo program and the professors and facilities are amazing. The liberal arts courses I've taken have been just as good. It's definitely a better deal than a private art school, but you receive a comparable education. The only drawbacks for me about New Paltz are the party scene which I don't really feel comfortable around, and the strong political bias which often makes its way into the classrooms instead of giving all opinions an equal voice. But overall, New Paltz was a great choice and I'd recommend it.
The culture in New Paltz is amazing. The staff truly cares to watch you succeed as long as you are putting in the work.
Great school in a cozy neighborhood. Really great athletics and art program! There are always networking opportunities and students are encouraged to take the initiative when engaging in the surrounding community.
I liked the History professors, but did not like many of the other professors whose classes I completed. Often, they were difficult to understand because of their thick accents and many of them could not effectively convey their subject matter. I would like to see more professors who know how to teach their subject matter.
There were also very poor accommodations for commuter students. Some of the parking lots were quite far from class buildings and there was not enough parking spots for all of the commuter students. The commuter lounge was simply a room with some tables and dirty couches. I did not feel welcome as a commuter student.
I loved my time at SUNY New Paltz. I always felt safe on campus which is very important as a young woman. I had a wonderful experience with the many professors I had, and came out with a much better outlook on life. The atmosphere is always friendly, and even though the academics are challenging as competition grows, I was never so overwhelmed because there was always someone to turn to if I needed help.
Love this school. Great everything. I'm very excited to be going to school here and calling it home for the next however many years.
New Paltz is a wonderful school with so many opportunities. The class sizes and professor to student ratios are always perfect. And the General Education requirements force you to take classes outside of your major's bubble, so you can make new friends and colleagues!
The campus was very beautiful and clean in a fairly safe and friendly area. Food services weren't the greatest but they definitely have shown improvement since my freshman year. Academic professors vary but overall I did not find myself challenged enough at this university.
Great school! Excellent academics, safe and thriving community, awesome town. The classes are usually 20-40 students. The professors are reachable and friendly (most of the time, at least). Absolutely beautiful location in the Shawangunk mountains, with lots of hiking and nature activities nearby. The town of New Paltz is very artsy; lots of amazing restaurants and cute shops. The area is fairly safe too. However, some of the roads can get pretty bad in the winter.
Overall, the university is great. I love its safety, fun student life, scenery and its a great place to meet new people. In terms of academics, its above average but there are times when some professors are not very clear during class or take up class time with unneccesary things. It depends on the professor. Its pretty diverse, there are a lot of Asian people, Latin people, African American people and White people. I am hispanic and I felt at home so there is a lot of diversity considering its location. The campus is beautiful and there have been new additions, e.g. new dorms, which have added to its beauty. There are also a lot of places to party off campus, e.g. Poughkeepsie, and its also pretty safe which is great.
I really like the friendly atmosphere of this school, everyone is typically nice whether they know you or not. There is so much to do to get involved and hey do a good job about getting you information on clubs/activities to join.
I love the community, it's amazing that most people are very friendly. I felt welcomed immediately. The food is good at first but I recommend learning how to cook. The food tends to get repetitive and lacks seasoning. I feel safe walking around my campus and in the town. New Paltz is filled with adventures.
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New Paltz is located in a great town, and the campus is beautiful. The classes are good, if you know what to take, and what you're interested in, but not everyone does. The people are very liberal, but there is not as much diversity as you'd think. It is a very slow moving environment, and campus involvement can be difficult to find.
Leaving the City to study upstate was a fantastic experience. SUNY New Paltz is a great school for anyone whom is looking to dorm and study outside the City. For one, the campus is not too far from the City which made commuting for holidays and summer recess such a convenient experience. The school is very clean, the classes were all close, there’s also several on campus organizations to be a part of including athletics. As far as education, the courses and majors were very broad and the professors generally seem to enjoy teaching there. The University truly has a family feel o it. Campus life is good and there is a good amount of police presence on the campus and in town. As far as changes, I'd like to see a time when the campus leaves the Student Union Building open for 24 hour access for things such as obtaining food or snacks. If there's one thing about school, there are many sleepless nights for studying and having a place on the campus to pick up a coffee would be a good thing.
This is my first semester and so far my experience has been great so far. Campus is not to big or small. It's just right. I'm in a triple in my dorm room and I have no complaints about that either. The room size accommodates all three of us.