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The classes are great and the teachers actually want you to pass. The students are not very social and not friendly at all.
it is a good college, I want to study nursing for two years. maybe after transfer to another college.
SUNY nassau community college overall is a good start for your career. It is a good college where everyone feels at home and everyone comes together. I have seen so many students become lifelong friends. I have seen so many people find the love of their life. The students and professors, just make this university one of the best.
Review SUNY Nassau Community College
I love Nassau Community College. The professor's, chairman, faculty pulled together to help me finish the semester. Spending one on one time with me. Helping me prep for exams and lending me text books. Last year my only two sisters passed away. They had no life insurance and no saving. After they died I became homeless. I went to the Mortuary Science department at Nassau Community College and spoke with the dean just to release the pain. However the professor and the chairman all pulled together to help me find shelter. It's been one year since I lost everything. I had a rough storm in my life and I wanted to finished college I was determined to finish. I slept on the college campus because I had no home. When the dean and chairman saw me. They asked why am I sleeping on campus I explained what happened and they gave me money for a hotel. I haven't meet or been enrolled at any college where they help you from the bottom of their hearts because they want to see you succeed.
Nassau Community College is an incredible stepping stone for those who would like to see better collegiate opportunities than what may be available to them out of high school. Many students find it easier to succeed academically and build their resume at Nassau than than they found it in high school. Getting involved can help students to not only build their resume, but make their experience more enjoyable. I personally got involved with the Student Government Association's Programming Board, and was given the privilege of overseeing a budget used to plan campus wide events. To inquire, head to the office of student activities (CCB Building, Room 150)
My expierence at Nassau community college was ok. It really depended on the professors I had. Most were amazing. Others were the opposite. The main key to Being able to have a good expierence here is making sure before you register for classes, look up the professor! You do not want to get stuck with some of the terrible ones here. Besides that I enjoyed my learning there.
I liked about Nassau Community College that the past professors were very helpful that was in my freshman year. I wasn't mature and somethings I know they knew best!!!
Nassau Community College is a very diverse community college. The professors that actually care are great. A lot of people look down on Nassau Community College. But if you take advantage of everything they have to offer you will do great! For some classes they tell you that you need to purchase a textbook for the class. At the end of the semester you would not have even opened the book once. That is obviously a waste of money and one thing that made me upset. The head of departments required professors to tell students they need to purchase a specific textbook. And it isn't even needed for the class. There is no dorms/housing at Nassau Community College. I lived twenty minutes away, so that did not have an impact on me. Cameras are needed on the stairwells though because there have been incidents. But overall I felt safe at Nassau. I came out of high school with a really bad gpa. I was able to turn that around at Nassau. Now I'm going to the college I wanted to go to.
This is a good school. It got me ready for university. I also got into the college mentality after high school.
The school itself is good and some professors don't care but I have had a few wonderful professors who truly care about their students!!
I really enjoyed Nassau because it was very affordable. Each semester was only about $2,200. This is way cheaper than most schools. The education was amazing. The professors were very helpful and knowledgeable. The campus is nice and it it's huge. Most of the professors taught at other schools such as Stony Brook University and NYU. Definitely worth the two and a half years that I spent there. The classes that you take at NCC are the same ones you take at other private schools for a much cheaper price. Graduated and transferred to SBU with all of my credits and no student debt.
My NCC experience has been wonderful so far. Their fashion design program is wonderful and rewarding. I am learning all that I need to be successful in my future career. The one thing I wish I could change is if a school as great as this could offer a bachelor's degree for undergraduates.
Nassau Community College is a 2 year school located on Long Island in New York State. It is a terrific school. During my time at Nassau I have found the professors to be easily accessible and willing to take the time to listen and give advice. I have met lots of people from all walks of life. It is centrally located on Long Island and is accessible by public transportation and is near shopping malls, museums, sporting arenas, etc. My experience with Nassau has been nothing but positive.
I strongly wish NCC was a 4 year school. If that was the case I never would have left. I loved a majority of professors I had, and all were willing to help in any way possible. It can be frustrating trying to get the ball rolling so to speak for the first semester or two, but after that being able to do everything online yourself as far as register, pay, get a parking permit, and even access library files are is a huge perk.
NCC is a great school where you can get the same education as a 4-year institution for much cheaper. The classroom sizes are good.
There are some great teachers. Theres lots of diversity. Food is pretty expensive. There are many clubs you can join. The campus is clean.
This college is very affordable and close. It has amazing professors and great extracurricular activities. I recommend this school for anyone who wants to start their career.
Review SUNY Nassau Community College
NCC is a great school to start your education. It is affordable and offers a diverse course selection with class credits accepted at most SUNY schools. Most of the professors are good with a few notable exceptions but because of the number of classes offered it is easy to avoid the bad ones and take the same class with another professor.
Highly recommend it.
The school is very diverse and the people are friendly. They have a wide variety in classes that'll suit any students' need. This is my first year and so far I've enjoyed myself, academically and socially. The food is good, and the mall is 15 minutes away, which is a plus. All around, this school is a good investment if you're looking for a community college to attend.
NCC so far has been a great stepping stone for the future. I hope to soon take myself to more challenging places in the US. Nassau builds a great foundation.
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