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Took all classes online, and was a drastic change of learning but also helpful and can be beneficial with the way the professor uses it as a advantage.
Haven’t been able to get the full experience yet but from what i have, it is definitely a good school and large and safe environment.
The online experience was challenging. However, with the help of the professors and counselors who guided me along the way to perform my best. They were readily available if I had an concerns or questions about homework, how to submit an assignment or registering for classes. I can’t thank them enough for their hard work and dedication to their job.
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Nassau Community College is an amazing two year college. From the time I started in the Fall of 2019, my professors and my classmates were so welcoming.
I am part of the half online half on campus nursing program. Having the lectures online really helps with my schedule to balance my studies and home life without having to worry about commuting to campus. Having the labs in person helps me learn hands on in the safest way possible. I think they are handling things with the best precautions they can do and I’m still enjoying the experience.
This school is one of the nicest schools I’ve attended. Most classes are straight forward, the people/community are kind and it’s a pretty affordable school. This school is a good step forward in the right direction for a better future!
It’s very academically helpful, and even though Covid is going on they made the change from in person to online classes very easy. I’m not the best student generally but at NCC the teachers are helping me learn and I’m getting good grades for the first time in years.
Even in online classes, professors make it easy to learn the topics in class and easy to ask for help. For the first time, I’m understanding everything that is being taught in my classes.
Online Classes weren't bad but the professors weren't prepared and they were never trained to work with students online.
Most professors here are terrible you must use rate your professor when making your schedule. There are very few professors that are amazing.
At Nassau, I have never had to deal with any type of fear of any sort. Definitely, Nassau protects their alumni by letting them know constantly if there is a person on campus suspicious, or if anything is occurring around the area. The campus is always maintained decently clean, there is never sanitation issues there, which is great. The classes are fun and entertaining and the experience overall is liberating.
Everything was straightforward. There was no commuting, so that was a plus. I enjoyed my classes online, I felt that it was less stressful than having to be there in person, although it definitely is limited as to making friends and getting to know people.
I am a Music major at Nassau Community College. The faculty and students there make it like a small musical family that you can depend on to strive for improvement. The faculty are kind and only want you to succeed. They care about your growth in your field and as a person. Nassau is a good place to figure out what you want to do if you are undecided and not to mention it isn’t expensive. If you are undecided or lack the financial ability to go to another school this college is a good choice for you.
Covid-19 cause classes to go virtual and although the beginning was rough the professors were patient with the difficulties that come with technology. They are very understanding and are just as willing to help as they are in person.
I like everything about this college. The things I like the most are that it offers ENL programs and it is affordable.
I like that they provide free books. The professors are really expert and have alot of experienced. There are also group assignments.
Through my years at Nassau Community College, I have learned the Principals of what it means to be in a college environment. Some of my professors weren't the best but for the most part most of them pushed me to understand the concept of the topics discussed rather than just memorizing the material. Nassau was a good foot in the door and helped my drive to seek out a proper major. I have learned more things than i thought i would attending this college and would recommend attending to anyone who doesn't know where to start advancing their education
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NCC has provide online learner for student like myself that may not comfortable to return in-person. During registration all requirements were outlined, so that I understood what I was registering for and what I needed as an entering freshmen. I was able to have on the spot virtual meetings with the advisement team during their office hours. If I missed the office hours, They responded within 24hrs. to my emails.
The School community at Nassau Community College (NCC) is very welcoming and professional. That means a lot for an incoming freshman like myself. During this Pandemic period they have kept me updated on registration, required documents, and acknowledgment of virtual and in-person learning.
It’s the one campus that has my program! Easy way to get around campus and get a lot of help from the staff at Nassau
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