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SUNY Nassau Community College Reviews

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I am currently a student at Nassau Community College, and have attended three sessions, fall, spring, and summer. Since beginning at Nassau, I've noticed that the professors are all unique, and their teaching styles can vary vastly from one another. I enjoy this, it doesn't allow me to get bored like in high school. However, a downfall of Nassau is that there is always some sort of construction going on. Currently, its on one of the parking lots. Now, if you go to Nassau, take early classes because one the late morning/early afternoon comes, finding parking can be tricky. Also, Nassau is a commuter school, so if you're looking for a party school, I think you're in the wrong place. Otherwise there are clubs for just about anything you could be interested in, tons of honor societies, and of course, sports!
NCC had been nothing but great all around. I love how they help you hands on and the faulty is amazing and want to see you succeed.
They have the best resources and so up to date with everything. professors have changed my life for the better!
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I absolutely enjoyed every part of Nassau Community College, It has a great environment and definitely my gate step to all my new journies. All professors really give you there all throughout the semesters, they really care about you and your grades. I gladly recommend Nassau Community College, I had a great two-year college experience. I meet multiple new people that have impacted a lot in my life. Thank you Nassau!
I received my AS in business administration with honors from Nassau and was able to transfer 18 of my classes to The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania. Upon graduating from UPenn I started my finance career at an asset management firm that focused on large cap value stocks.
Some people consider Nassau as a joke, however, if you put in the work you can achieve success and get into an good four year University or perhaps an Ivy league school like I did.
Because I got my start at Nassua, I consider it a great stepping stone to my career and life.
Nassau Community College is a great school to attend right after high school. Although each professor differs in their style of teaching, overall, the faculty that I have encountered and had experienced with are very dedicated to their students and are always there to help. However, the parking lot offered to students is very poor and lack of access to other parts of campus should be changed.
Many of the professors genuinely like their job, but some are arrogant and rude. The amazing price is what draws most people in and gets you a quality education. Parking is hell in the main lot and there are numerous accidents because of it.
The location of the campus is convenient. There is access to public transportation. Also, the curriculum will definitely challenge you to learn. It’s worth attending if you’re not sure exactly where you want to go in life. The academic advisors are very helpful.
I have been a student at Nassau Community College for the past two year, so far it has been great. What I like most about it's the very small classes 10-25 people per classroom, this is great as you can have 1 to 1 conversation with the professor which leads to having a better education.
Nassau community college is a great school, I got my first Associates Degree here 10 years ago and now I’m back taking prerequisites for nursing. I reccomend this school to everyone ! The professors are great, the price is great and it’s in a great location!
I made a ton of friends, only had a few very good professors. Because of Nassau I’m being looked at by two schools
I love this school the faculty is extremely qualified, and very helpful. You're getting a great education for a fraction of the cost of a normal college.
I enjoy Nassau it's a good school for a good price. Only thing is that they do have some professors that really shouldn't be professors.
I am graduating with my associates in the spring of this year and I can honestly say I will really miss NCC. I became very involved with the school and it made my college experience 10x better than I thought it was going to be. Because it wasn't a big school, I was able to really buckle down and focus on my studies. I liked that I was able to experiment with different classes that peaked my interest as well as challenge myself with honors classes or subjects I'm usually not that great in.
This college has been a great experience I 100% recommend you go there. I met so many great people, made a lot of friends and had some excellent professor's although this school does have certain problem as all other schools it doesn't affect you as a student that much so It's a great experience.
Nassau Community College is a great way to start your college career on a budget. You're able to save thousands of dollars and still get a great education. Also there are many activities throughout campus and clubs.
Despite the low tuition, Nassau Community College offers a variety of courses and great professors that help students achieve success.
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I love Nassau for what it is, a 2 year college to help prep you for your 4 year school. Many of the professors teach at 4 year colleges as well.
It’s alright just want to transfer and go play college football because Nassau college cut me and it’s time for me to take my talent some where else.
My experience with Nassau Community College was positive, overall. Most of my professors were supportive and engaging with the class. However, there were a few professors who were lackadaisical in how they instructed their students. I loved the student center and how each department is organized and beneficial to the student's time, unlike other campuses.
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