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I made a ton of friends, only had a few very good professors. Because of Nassau I’m being looked at by two schools
I love this school the faculty is extremely qualified, and very helpful. You're getting a great education for a fraction of the cost of a normal college.
I enjoy Nassau it's a good school for a good price. Only thing is that they do have some professors that really shouldn't be professors.
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I am graduating with my associates in the spring of this year and I can honestly say I will really miss NCC. I became very involved with the school and it made my college experience 10x better than I thought it was going to be. Because it wasn't a big school, I was able to really buckle down and focus on my studies. I liked that I was able to experiment with different classes that peaked my interest as well as challenge myself with honors classes or subjects I'm usually not that great in.
This college has been a great experience I 100% recommend you go there. I met so many great people, made a lot of friends and had some excellent professor's although this school does have certain problem as all other schools it doesn't affect you as a student that much so It's a great experience.
Nassau Community College is a great way to start your college career on a budget. You're able to save thousands of dollars and still get a great education. Also there are many activities throughout campus and clubs.
Despite the low tuition, Nassau Community College offers a variety of courses and great professors that help students achieve success.
I love Nassau for what it is, a 2 year college to help prep you for your 4 year school. Many of the professors teach at 4 year colleges as well.
It’s alright just want to transfer and go play college football because Nassau college cut me and it’s time for me to take my talent some where else.
My experience with Nassau Community College was positive, overall. Most of my professors were supportive and engaging with the class. However, there were a few professors who were lackadaisical in how they instructed their students. I loved the student center and how each department is organized and beneficial to the student's time, unlike other campuses.
I transferred to Nassau Community College from Baruch College. It was an easy transition and NCC allowed me to take several courses I was interested in. I would say that overall, NCC was an okay experience for me. Not exceptional, but not terrible either.
When I started at NCC I hated it; maybe that's just due to my previous desire to leave home and go far, far away to dorm. But as I've gotten older and grown use to the campus and made some great relationships during my time here I wouldn't trade my first college experience being at NCC for the world.

Its honestly what you make of it, so take that as you will; great school but your overall experience of it is yours alone.
Nassau community college criteria wise is good but their professors are horrible, they complain about teaching you ask them a question and they give you an attitude yet when the whole class fails a test they start yelling at us saying we need to ask questions so their just a walking contradiction. Their parking lot sucks their advisors are horrible and they don’t sit there and tell you what you need to do they try to make you stay in school way longer than intended I just can’t wait to transfer
Lots of extra support available , Teachers are great. Staff can be nasty at times.
Diversity at its best. Great campus.
The classes are great and the teachers actually want you to pass. The students are not very social and not friendly at all.
it is a good college, I want to study nursing for two years. maybe after transfer to another college.
SUNY nassau community college overall is a good start for your career. It is a good college where everyone feels at home and everyone comes together. I have seen so many students become lifelong friends. I have seen so many people find the love of their life. The students and professors, just make this university one of the best.
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I love Nassau Community College. The professor's, chairman, faculty pulled together to help me finish the semester. Spending one on one time with me. Helping me prep for exams and lending me text books. Last year my only two sisters passed away. They had no life insurance and no saving. After they died I became homeless. I went to the Mortuary Science department at Nassau Community College and spoke with the dean just to release the pain. However the professor and the chairman all pulled together to help me find shelter. It's been one year since I lost everything. I had a rough storm in my life and I wanted to finished college I was determined to finish. I slept on the college campus because I had no home. When the dean and chairman saw me. They asked why am I sleeping on campus I explained what happened and they gave me money for a hotel. I haven't meet or been enrolled at any college where they help you from the bottom of their hearts because they want to see you succeed.
Nassau Community College is an incredible stepping stone for those who would like to see better collegiate opportunities than what may be available to them out of high school. Many students find it easier to succeed academically and build their resume at Nassau than than they found it in high school. Getting involved can help students to not only build their resume, but make their experience more enjoyable. I personally got involved with the Student Government Association's Programming Board, and was given the privilege of overseeing a budget used to plan campus wide events. To inquire, head to the office of student activities (CCB Building, Room 150)
My expierence at Nassau community college was ok. It really depended on the professors I had. Most were amazing. Others were the opposite. The main key to Being able to have a good expierence here is making sure before you register for classes, look up the professor! You do not want to get stuck with some of the terrible ones here. Besides that I enjoyed my learning there.
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