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SUNY Nassau Community College Reviews

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NCC is a great school where you can get the same education as a 4-year institution for much cheaper. The classroom sizes are good.
There are some great teachers. Theres lots of diversity. Food is pretty expensive. There are many clubs you can join. The campus is clean.
This college is very affordable and close. It has amazing professors and great extracurricular activities. I recommend this school for anyone who wants to start their career.
Review SUNY Nassau Community College
NCC is a great school to start your education. It is affordable and offers a diverse course selection with class credits accepted at most SUNY schools. Most of the professors are good with a few notable exceptions but because of the number of classes offered it is easy to avoid the bad ones and take the same class with another professor.
Highly recommend it.
The school is very diverse and the people are friendly. They have a wide variety in classes that'll suit any students' need. This is my first year and so far I've enjoyed myself, academically and socially. The food is good, and the mall is 15 minutes away, which is a plus. All around, this school is a good investment if you're looking for a community college to attend.
NCC so far has been a great stepping stone for the future. I hope to soon take myself to more challenging places in the US. Nassau builds a great foundation.
It was okay to go there. There was nothing really special except the professors were pretty kind. Also they are were no dorms so that was a con. I did appreciate some people not everyone though. I would only tell you if your child or children went there if you are looking to discover what you want to do with the rest of your life. It was very diverse that I actually enjoyed. Their variety of food on campus was alright I would say.
Help students to achieve their goals I love this school it's so big for a community college feels like a university and cost friendly even though I still can't afford it is didn't supply my transcript from my pervious college and so they won't release my financial aid so I'm doing tons of scholarship profits to try and pay my bills it's hard when your a single mother.
Nassau Community College is a great school to start off with if you're not sure on what major you're planning to work on. The professors are friendly and passionate about the subject their teaching. They're always available if you need their assistance on a topic you don't understand. The best part is that these professors are the same ones that teach at top, expensive universities.
I had attended one other community college in another state when I was a little younger. The process at NCCC has been tremendously effortless and easy. I work as an LPN full time already so having my school process go smoothly is very helpful.
I currently do not take online courses. I prefer to attend school in person.
The prerequisite process for my ultimate goal is laid out in a map like fashion, very straightforward. Even proposes a list of suggested courses to take each semester on the way there. Very helpful to someone like me who hasn't been in school for several years prior to these recent semesters.
Professors are friendly and easy to engage. There is PLENTY of online material and even an app for your phone so you can study if you're bored somewhere right from your phone in seconds. This is extremely helpful.
If you're looking to obtain a basic degree and transfer to another school, this is an absolute great option. I'm going to obtain an associates RN, and I'll be able to transfer that to a bachelors program elsewhere. Most likely wherever I choose!
Professors are able to apply the teachings to things we will need to know in the real world.
I'm going back to school after several years off. Both of my parents died to various types of cancer before I was 23 years old. I'm now an LPN going back to school for my RN and beyond and this community college was a great affordable way to get moving in the right direction.
I love how close nassau is to my house makes it extremely easy for me to commute. The parking can be a little crazy depending on what time of the day it is.
Review SUNY Nassau Community College
The quality at nassau is okay. Nothing I can really say about it.
Professors are very helpful. They go out of their way to help you with anything you need. Class sizes are small which for me makes it easier to get the attention you need from your professor.
I'm currently getting my associates degree and graduating spring 2017. The staff is very helpful with what you have to get done to achieve your goals.
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