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MCC is the best economic choice for the Rochester area. Start here and get your Associates degree and transfer to another school for your bachelors degree and save a ton of money!! The school has a great academic professors/teachers. The campus is clean and it has a nice food court.
I'll give MCC some credit, I received a great education there at an extremely cheap price. My Classes and my Professors were professional and well Informed. The school is diverse filled with people of different cultures and ages. However, the "full college experience” doesn't exist here. Many people don’t go to the sports games, there’s no school spirt. Given this, everyone is to themselves. Most people aren't open to making new friends, they just come to school and then as soon as their last class ends, they go home.

It's a great school for getting a good education in many different fields. The school has endless options of majors to choose from. But it doesn't give you the full college experience that most people are looking forward to.
The professor's are very professional and in touch with all students. They also take on different learning styles for the students. In turn makes it much easier for students to learn. The school is up to date and clean as well.
Review SUNY Monroe Community College
Monroe Community College has many different opportunities for you to be able to start off to pursue in your career.
Insane amount of students enrolled from all walks of life, faculty that in my experience cares for their students, an immense amount of resources available, and a cheap sticker price make this an easy recommendation for me.
Monroe Community College has a diverse staff as well as student population. There are a large variety of courses to study as well as many resources available to students in order to ensure their success.
Staff, professors, are very helpful with everyone and are very focused on making sure the students are getting help and prepared for their courses.
Monroe Community College is a great nationally ranked college. Unlike other two year schools with very confusing degree program set ups. Monroe Community college tells you exactly what courses you need to take every semester to ensure your graduation for the school. The faculty and staff are extremely helpful and genuinely care about the further education of their students whether they are in a physical or virtual classroom. Their online Blackboard program for virtual students is easy to navigate with plenty of feature to fully immerse online students in a classroom setting which, I feel, is key to success when taking an online course or degree program.
Wonderful diverse campus community. Faculty is top notch, and dedicated to student success. Affordability is key choice for many students. Location is central to all areas of the city, including shopping, dining, and living.
Monroe Community College is a good way to ease into college courses. Not only this but it's relatively inexpensive and doesn't sacrifice your education. Lastly, it has all the benefits of a SUNY college so all SUNY schools will accept your credits if you choose to transfer.
I like Monroe Community College. I'm at the end of my second year there. I'd like the campus to feel happier I guess. Its kinda cold feeling. I don't know how that would be done. Also more availability of classes.
SUNY Monroe Community College provides a truly inspiring educational experience for each and every student that attends. The professors strive to make sure each student understands the material. The staff/faculty go above and beyond expectations as every assignment co-aligns with course curriculum which benefits the student as they advance through this school. MCC claims their tagline as "Inspiring Every Day", and it's quite funny - because it's absolutely true. MCC is an inspiring place for any student - no matter what major you are looking to go into.
I enjoy that MCC offers a great education. They offer great program and many learning areas that are dedicated to many different uses like anatomy, math, english, and an all purpose learning center. At each center they have professors who devote their time to helping the students when they ask. I really enjoy their 2+2 programs because it allows you to get all of your core classes out of the way for a cheaper price, but then are able to transfer to a 4 year school to finish out your college career at a program that they may have specialty in.
Going into MCC I was expecting the worst. All of my friends were going to four years, I was not. However going to MCC was probably one of the best things I have done. I lived on campus and I some of the best people I will ever meet, I also met some of the worst but that will happen anywhere. Living there was a lot different than I expected, it was actually fun. The RA's were not my favorite my second year living there. They were out to get you and it was their word against yours, they won. But hopefully they're all gone by now and they didn't pass down their tendencies. The school part of MCC was overall a good experience as well. Some teachers were boarder-line crazy while others were the best I will ever have. I still talk to some every now and then. The academic center sometimes helps but most of the time in my experience you're on your own, same goes for the fin-aid office.
Online classes are the best. They allow you to do your workload whenever it is best for you. The professors keep in touch every few days and post grades ASAP. It's easy to communicate with your professors and classmates, and look up your grades. Professors also leave feedback on your work. The technology has been great so far and I haven't had any problems with attending my classes online. I love the flexibility of taking courses online.
I have not graduated yet so I'm not sure but I have high hopes.
The professors at Monroe Community College is one of my favorite aspects of this college. They are extremely friendly and flexible. They push you to be your best but not to the point where you feel stressed. They also are strict but flexible if need be. The courses are great as they cover all the basis of the subject and allow you to expand your knowledge in the best way possible. There are a ton of different classes you can take, which is nice so you're not taking the same things over and over again. Class sizes depend on the course you take which is to be expected, some classes are bigger than others but that's okay. I'm extremely satisfied with my college experience so far.
Review SUNY Monroe Community College
My major is psychology and so far, I have noticed that there is a ton of job and internship prospects for the students. I think that the career center services on campus are extremely helpful and are willing to walk you through anything you are having trouble with. The employers recruiting on campus are friendly and easy to talk to, pulling you in and catching your interest right away. Overall, I believe that the student career prospect of Monroe Community College is great and I honestly don't believe it could be better.
My major is psychology and so far it's been great. The classes are challenging but not overwhelming to the point where I don't want to attend my classes. Overload is just the right amount and curriculum expands to all the basis of the classes. People are right when they said that MCC is the best community college in New York State. I wouldn't change my mind about attending this college.
The campus is downtown and across the street from the bus station so it's easy to get to home, work and fieldwork on time. My credits are building up and are easy to transfer because I'm in the transfer program.
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