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Many of the professors are very interested in seeing their students succeed. The school offers a lot of resources to supplement classes such as tutoring and one on one meetings. The library is carefully planned out to accommodate each type of need from group study to using a personal study room. Parking is accessible to the building and the campus is safe overall.
It is like a big highschool. Very diverse. Can be a bit expensive when you don't receive aid. Should not make it so hard to get help and maybe have a way for students to get help no matter what. Also have a starting balance for every student that they can use in the bookstore whether they qualify for aid or not.
The professors were amazing, knowledgeable, and full of experience. I felt inspired by many of them to go beyond requirements; they challenged me to create an enriching experience for myself through immersing in the quality material they provided. This school certainly provided me with a strong base to move forward with my education.
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Its a very low key kind of school. Everyone is helpful and tries to make you into the best student you can be!
Monroe Community College is a great place to start the school year. It not only saves money but they also have great help when itś needed. The teachers are also great once you get the hang of things. They are not too strict, they are pretty straight forward about what is required of you in the classroom. The students at Monroe Community College are friendly and resourceful. Overall, Monroe Community College is a safe and productive school to attend.
It really helps you learn and succeed but could be better people wise but haven’t had a bad experience yet
It is a great start to college. Professors are helpful, courses are interesting. The Brighton campus is great because there are many activities going on.
The teachers were nice. The atmosphere felt very much like high school and was a bit annoying. The clubs and schooling is average.
MCC was a wonderful experience. The staff were friendly and the courses were bearable and informative. I genuinely enjoyed the community MCC created and all the opportunity the college provided.
Community Collge is what you make it. It's affordable which means you can get a lot of disruptive "not wanting to be there" students in lower classes. These are needed but not what makes MCC great. As an x-ray Student (also would apply for any medical degree) the classes are challenging, the teachers are invested and the environment has lots of quiet areas to study if you know where to find them (hit, it's usually the computer labs vs. the library). Very welcoming to adult students (I started at age 25- so I was in that category)
SUNY Monroe Community College is a great place for ones first step into the college world. It has opportunities for discovering what you might want as a profession.
This school has a lot to offer. There are a lot of diverse and different classes you can take, which is great for a community college, which is a place for people to find a career path. I am always learning about new, fun classes to take. I do wish the security was better though.
I have taken various online classes through Monroe Community College. All of the professors that I have had have been very willing to help me get to a good 4-year college. They have filled out recommendations and have mentored me on how to be a better student and person. The cost of the education is very inexpensive when compared to the first 2 years at a typical 4-year college. MCC has prepared me for the next part of my life by giving me a quality education while also saving money.
I was a transfer student and wasn't really sure of what steps I would have to take in order to reach my final goal. The staff at MCC in each department I went to were extremely helpful and made the transition between colleges very easy.
MCC has much to offer for a community college. I enjoy the small and intimate feeling classrooms. The professors I've had so far have all been willing to assist in student success. I am impressed by the diversity, acceptance, and opportunities available to various groups of people. The on campus suites are larger than most other colleges.
The price is right for the level of education you're getting. I felt very prepared moving onto a four year college after my time at MCC. Some of the facilities are outdated and there isn't much to do in terms of clubs but the education you receive makes up for that.
The professors are great but the school is lacking in a lot of areas. The cafeteria food is very plain and the residence halls are kind of crappy. It is a great place to save money, and if you do not know what you want to do yet.
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SUNY Monroe Community College was a great experience as I left an out of state four year institution to attend MCC in my home town. The intimate class sizes and friendly environment assisted me with improving my grades and becoming successful.
MCC is a worth going to if you want to start off at a two year school and then transfer into a four year university. You save a ton of money and get your basic classes out of the way. Most of my professors have been a great help so far. The advisement staff are really helpful as well.
It is a great school for those interested in an associates degree or even those going for a bachelors but don't want to pay to go to a university for the full 4 years. They have a new "city campus" which is really nice compared to their old campus. They have friendly, helpful staff in the financial aid, records, and admissions departments and most of the professors had real world experience in the field I was going to school for ( substance abuse counseling).
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