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Suny Jefferson community college is not a very good college to attend. Although somehow ranked highly in new York state, this college is very corrupted. While attending numerous violent acts occurred on campus and the school is very reluctant to follow through with acts of punishment. The president of the school Ty Stone is a horrible figure to have in control due to her biased opinions on the opposite race and her corrupted ways of control.
It’s a nice small school. Not many activities or clubs to be able to join. About half the population is adults going back to school. I think it would be better to live on campus.
Overall I enjoyed my experience at Jefferson Community College and felt I learned a lot. The professors were all very helpful for the most part and made themselves available if I needed extra help. The campus is clean, and easy to navigate as well. Throughout my time at JCC the campus also provided several student activities and opportunities to meet new people. Personally I also really liked the food served at the corner cafe. For anyone looking to begin their higher education experience at a good price, and looking to stay local in the area, I would definitely recommend JCC.
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SUNY Jefferson is located in Upstate New York in Watertown. It is a two-year college that offers several degrees. The campus has student housing, and there is also a childcare center for staff and students. The college is located in a small town, but Syracuse, NY is located about an hour away. The area is not very diverse, but the residents are nice.
The professors at this school are typically very helpful and knowledgable. The lack of diversity can be quite frustrating at times.
It is a good way to start a college career. Classes are small and professors get to know their students personally. It is nice to save money at this school to get general education classes out of the way so that you wont have to pay a four year schools price to take the same classes.
I enjoy the overall area and affordability of this school. Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming. The work staff makes coming here a great experience.
When I first arrived at Jefferson Community College, I didn't know what to expect. But in reality, I was so accustomed to the high school that I graduated from Lowville Academy Central School, that I was afraid of what is to come in my future. During my first semester at JCC, I asked my professors about myself getting extended time for exams. This is because I have a learning disability. They were understandable and gave me the extra time that I needed to take their exams. My peers at JCC were helpful and explained to me what JCC is all about. This school is the best decision that I ever made toward my educational goals.
The professors are excellent, the education is sound. when you graduate will be better prepared for the future ahead. The food is great and the environment is great as well
The food is terrible, they employ some students who do not cook well and are known to be very dirty (hygiene and cooking area). We are always bored in the dorms because Campus Activities doesn't do so well in the entertainment field. Rooms are nice and modern. Residential Directors, Security and the Dean of Students are awesome, they are helpful, understanding. They remember how it is to be a college student and are there for you. The Professors are cool, occasionally you'll get one that is a complete ass, but that's rare. You are able to message and even text your professors and they will respond immediately, or the next morning. BEWARE: some professors do not tell you if they don't use Blackboard. If you are a joint admission major (Jefferson to Potsdam/Keuka/Empire/Oswego, etc), be wary that some or most of your credits will not transfer. You yourself must call those colleges and find out.
I thought the school was great when I went to the open house they had excellent hospitality skills and they help yoy with the paying for the college
Many student activities along with a welcoming staff and atmosphere. It has a clean campus and beautiful dorms with decent sized bedrooms and common spaces. The staff of Jefferson Community College are also very willing to help students meet their needs, whatever they may be.
It was a great experience to get my ready for a 4-year school. I transferred after a year and half and know for a fact it got me ready for more rigorous academic coursework.
It was nice and small, decent parking for those who commute like myself. The food was pretty disgusting, but the college itself was pretty nice. The library is a very nice, brand new building. The teachers I had were all pretty good, some better than others obviously, but overall it was a pretty good experience at JCC. There are many military people at the college given it's proximity to Fort Drum.
I recently completed my second degree at SUNY Jefferson and will be transferring to another college this fall. Jefferson was a stepping stone that helped me to adjust to life in college after having attended a small high school. The teachers were excellent and so were the classes. The campus itself is absolutely beautiful and I love their library. I can't say much for student life, as I wasn't involved very often. As a commuter student, I also can't speak for the dorms.
There are many good professors and staff members. It's best to make contact with friends, or other people you know, to find out if a professor fits your learning style before taking a course with them.
I liked that there was a variety of classes I could take but it stinks that the school doesn't do pluses or minuses. So if you got an 89 in a class then you would receive a B which would equate to a 3.0 which drops your GPA like crazy.
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I was able to pick the times for my courses, which i really enjoyed.
I don't have any online courses at this time.
I'm not sure what the future holds for me, so I'm not sure what the secondary options are for school after these two years
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