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SUNY Hudson Valley Community College Reviews

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I have attended open houses and all the students and professors are very kind. I have also taken a few online classes even though I am a senior in high school to get college credits and the class is very easy and all the people in the class are very helpful.
So far my experience as a freshman has been good. The professors are very dedicated. I am looking forward into having a great learning experience here. I am 48 yrs young and have a lot to offer. With the education that I will receive, will prepare myself for a great career that will allow me to use my degree of choice to make a difference in any community and the lives of others.
Every class I’ve taken has been a pleasant surprise. The teachers I’ve had have always been very knowledgeable about their fields and have always been very good communicators. Taking classes at Hudson Valley has consistently taught me more than I expected and has caused me to greatly enjoy learning.
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HVCC is great for high school kids just getting out of high school. Some of the professors are nice and will help you were other don’t care how you do. The parking is good after the first 5 weeks of the semester.
Not as bad as it is talked up to be. The campus is small and easy to navigate. Most of the professors are good and professional, though I did have my bad ones mixed in. I will say if you have a disability, their accommodation services are a joke.
I feel that HVCC. Is Avery diverse school. I feel that the class size is small and the professors are helpful and the college is developing programs and constant improvements
I just completed my degree in business this month and I have to say this was the best experience ever! I managed to work full time while attending school and being on deans list every semester. I am so happy I chose Hudson valley it was a great fit for me with great advisors and staff. I will really miss it here.
I came to HVCC with a mind set on Radiologic Technologist program. The steps taken getting into the program really prepares you for what is to be expected. The professors really want you to succeed not just in class but for your overall future career. The school offers more than eighty different degrees and certificates that readily prepares students for their future success and I think that is a great investment any student can make in their life.
It is a great college. My first year here and I can tell that I have learned a lot. Professors are always available to help me out and campus structure provides the right support for me to focus on my studies.
I attend their online degree program so I do not know much about the campus life but their online platform is amazing. The professors are great and professional. They try to help any way they can. It is easy to schedule classes and they have advisers specifically for online students.
So far Hudson valley has been a great learner environment. I found it very easy to adjust to the change and I hope I continue to have a wonderful experience. Something I would want to change is the process with financial aid and registry that was the only tough part. I had my classes dropped which sort of frustrated me but that’s about it.
I recently started in the early childhood education program at HVCCC, and i cannot day enough amazing things about the program. It’s clear to see that everyone in this department loves what they do. I can honestly say I look forward to going to classes. My professors teach with so much passion, are always open to questions, and make it so obvious that they really want you to succeed. Hudson Valleys education program is completely amazing!!!
I love going to Hudson valley and I am glad that I made the choice to come there. They have helped me along every stop of the way.
So far, I have loved my experience at Hudson Valley. The teachers are very helpful and understanding. They make sure you know the material. They care about their students. The staff puts the students first and makes sure they have what they need to succeed.
It is an excellent community college. Very easy to transfer to another school to finish out a 4-year degree.
I liked how many different things you could do at this college. I did not like how some teachers are more laid back than others, making classes easier than others.
the advisors make sure you get help with your every need. also you get a closer relationship with your professors
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Finally getting a new president! Hope he will provide visionary leadership which has been needed. Strong leadership is needed to get the college back on the right track and increase morale.
Great Experience. I went for Digital Media and found most classes to be fun and enjoyable. I learned a lot from my experience and most importantly, I enjoyed it.
HVCC was a decent school with some dedicated professors. It helped me get all my beginning credits out of the way at an affordable price. The food and coffee was terrible and were not very good about canceling school on days with extremely dangerous road conditions from snow and sleet. I found the academics to be very passable and not much of a challenge. The Honors program at HVCC is unorganized, and quite frankly, a joke. Only join the HonorScholar Program if you need the money. Overall, it was affordable, convenient and in the end worth going to if you want to start off your college experience on an affordable note.
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