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SUNY Herkimer County Community College Reviews

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Herkimer College will really help you see beyond. They will help you find the path that fits you and encourage to follow your dreams and put you in the right path.
I love going to school here. The professors are very good and are willing to work with you, especially if you’re and athlete. The coach’s truly care for you and want you to succeed in everything that you do. They push academics first, you can’t play if you’re not passing.
I love this college and the online program that they provide is excellent. It’s very easy to use the resources that they help provide .
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There needs to be a lot more activities for the students not only on campus but in the town of Herkimer ! It’s literally a town where nothing ever happens but a car accident
I love being apart of the Herkimer family I am apart of the Herkimer softball team and I absolutely love it! Very nice people are friendly professors are helpful. Dorms are nice scenery is beautiful
I recently graduated from Herkimer with a 2 year degree. If Herkimer was a 4 year school I would definitely continue my education right here. From the faculty, sports programs, clubs and activities available it was just perfect for me. Even the president was very visual at many sports and club activities. The school itself is very clean and presentable. Teachers were always available for questions when needed also. I really can't think of anything from this 2 year school that I would change at this time.
Schools ok but don't go there to play softball. The coach is so full of himself. They promise you the world when you go to visit then if they dont like you they throw you to the side like you never existed. They recruit 50 girls and act like you are special. It is a one man show all about the coach and the team has to follow like a cult or your out. All he cares about is himself and winning. Its a shame.
SUNY Herkimer County Community College is a great college. Everyone is very supportive and ensures your success.
Herkimer college takes pride in having students involved in campus living, with events every weekend and sports events almost on a daily basis. Staff makes sure to either always be available to students in need or have ways to be reached, whether it is in the student help center, or even the office and advisement center. When you are going through a hardship or issues on campus you have your fellow classmates and staff to help you push forward. Always making sure to monitor each students academics and if you are an athlete (a General) your advisors and coach will keep an eye on you to make sure if you start straying away from what you have to do you can always correct your mistakes and have someone that will always support and help you.
My experience at Herkimer was short yet an amazing one. For my first college experience ever, I was blown away. I loved how large the campus was and how much they had to offer. I enjoyed the campus food and campus events that took place almost everyday. Classes were complex and challenging but that's the best way to have them. I'd recommend this school.
I absolutely love my school so much. I came to this school as an out of state student all the way from Virginia. I recently moved to NY and everyone has been so friendly. I was not sure how I was going to do in college considering I took off two years after I graduated highs cool. I joined the swim team and began supporting our schools sports. The school's atmosphere is absolutely amazing. I will always recommend and love my school.
It is a great school to start out, especially if you are still unsure of what you want to do in your future. The prices are low and affordable compared to other colleges. The staff there is always willing to work with the students and help them. The on-campus housing is at reasonable priceing, they provide a fridge, stove, oven and dishwasher ( although I personally would wash dishes myself). Also it has a good amount of space and aliving room, you do not have a commnity bathroom, it is more set up like appartments. They do have great athletic programs but the facilities are lacking, especially for particular sports such as the track and field team where there is no track.
i love the school the acedemics here is great the teachers are always there and ready to see u achieve your goal i love the diversity they have their every student can relate to each other
School has a great atmosphere with teachers that are usually willing to help. The people who attend the school tend to make it a loud obnoxious experience. The kids who enjoy quiet and actually want to learn should plan to stay in College Hill if they want to get anything done.
I loved herkimer I graduated from there played basketball there the coaches where awesome. The staff very helpful and the scenery is amazing. I choose to live off campus at the time but they have upgraded so much since then . It's truly an amazing school. The education you get and the lasting friendships are fantastic
I love it here at Herkimer. The faculty and staff are the nicest people ever and the students are so kind to one another, it a wonderful place. I couldn't ask for a better school.
I love that HCCC taught me that college is what you make of it! You invest the time, you get the results equaled. I loved the campus, the professors, the classes and my peers.
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It's only been two days will wait and see.
So far so good. It's only been two days
The professor at this school are the best. They are accurate with their classwork.
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