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A small town college, our campus and students makes for at least half of the town itself. The way the area is set up, the town is very separated from other cities. However, you do not need a car to get around. Most locations are walk-able or there is a bus that will take you there. During my time there though, the college was going through many changes (getting rid of some important majors) so although it was listed as a liberal college don't expect much emphasis on arts or sports. Most people were science or business.
Very difficult school, good, but may have been better to go to a community college first and then transfer with gen eds.
Suny Geneseo is very nice,quiet and small-medium sized campus. Teachers will prepare you for success and will work the students if any issues. Staffa re very friendly.This campus is more academic although few athletic programs.One of my critiques is that food is okay and quite repetitive with certain food stations. Also,some of dorms could be upgraded. All in all it very nice campus.
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We have four children; three have graduated from Geneseo, so far.
One is a lawyer- attend
ed George Mason, a very high ranking Law School in DC;
another attended Albany Medical School, the oldest private medical school in the country and is now a plastic surgeon resident at the Ivy League U Penn;
our third earned an MBA from RIT and has a high ranking position in a large corporation.
Our youngest child will be attending in September. She has wanted to be a dentist, since she was a young child. I am sure Geneseo will prepare her well.
We were happy to put all of these children in private schools.
They insisted on coming here- one after the other.
If you want a solid education and want to study hard, have good clean fun, in a great environment, this is a great place.
The academic life is not bad, the school is somewhat enjoyable during the week. Once the weekend comes.... if you’re not in a weird organization that loves to haze the shit out of new people in that organization then good luck. Every weekend I am so bored that it is almost unbearable. At home I enjoy life and do things with great prople, never even think about drinking. Being at geneseo I drink immense amounts on the weekend just to stay sane. Extremely demoralizing social life.
It is a small sized college with a very tight and close community. The kindness and nicety of the local people are something that makes this college a unique place. If you like bucolic setting, small but tight community and can bear the severity of the winter, this is your place. If you favor big campus, this is not your place. The level of academics is high, students are eager to study. Outside-class-activities are limited, however. This school put a heavy focus on its science department and is planning on shifting the gear to science from their current focus on liberal arts.
The school is extremely not diverse. It is a white school, and international students are often underrepresented, which is where I'd like to see an improvement in.
The college administrative department cordinates very poorly.
My daughter is a Geneseo student and loves it! She says the teachers are pretty strict but they’re always willing to help. Not a big campus, but well put together 👍🏼
Awful experience, student body drunk and uninteresting. Professors either have a huge chip on their shoulders or are incompetent, or both. Dorms ok, food is inedible, campus fairly pretty.

Registrars office violated my protected privacy several times in some pretty serious ways. Financial aid office screwed up my package every year resulting in a bill weeks into the semester asking me to magically come up with $900-$1800 that was supposed to be covered - every year. Geneseo sent me off with a useless degree but that's ok, but it also handicapped me for the next 10 years of my life. Worst choice I've made thus far in life.
everyone knows everyone but the school itself is too small for my liking. Not a lot to do if you don't have a car.
It is a pretty campus but in a rather secluded area. I sometimes felt a little stir crazy and I had to make an effort to leave the town every once in a while. The campus had a lot of construction going on so some areas were closed which was frustrating.
Geneseo is a really great SUNY school. The academics are great, but a little screwy since, generally speaking, the school is more concerned about establishing a name for itself and a reputation than providing the best experience to the students. The school is great for a select number of students that have the opportunities to get involved in activities, but for of campus students, the quality of the experience really suffers.
Administration doesn't care about students; there are very few resources for those who are struggling. Not nearly as "academic" as they advertise it to be, lots of dumb people, but still tons of work. Hard to be social unless you're in greek life, which has its own problems. Not much to do unless you have a car.
Nothing but good things, helped with every aspect from confusing emails to bad roommates. Staff is always wiling to help, professors have office hours along with their student assistants. Campus is beautiful (just be prepared for some hills)
Geneseo is amazing. The people are nice and always willing to help each other out. The professors are nice and really there to help and are really accommodating. The overall environment is great!
I transferred to this school and I love it. Small classes, great professors. The only downside to a small school is its limited classes and not as specialized programs.
Genesoe is a very small school in Western NY just outside Rochester. The Geneseo campus is quite beautiful, featuring an award winning sunset view and beautiful, historic buildings. The students at Geneseo are all well-rounded individuals who are highly motivated. I've found being a communication and international relations major that Geneseo is more of a teaching and pre-med school, and that their faculty is focused on those fields rather than others.
I have loved my time at SUNY Geneseo. There is an overwhelming sense of community everywhere you go and no matter where you end up. The faculty and students are so friendly and helpful and make sure no one feels out of place.
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I am a senior, just about to start my final semester Geneseo, and I have a few thoughts. I've never felt a fugue, or depression, and the hatred that other reviewers have said they felt. I've been here for almost 4 years and I've never seen anything but the welcoming group of students I work with now. Yes, the academics are difficult. Some professors have egos here. Find a school where that isn't the case.
But my review isn't just in response to others. I've enjoyed my time here; I've had ups and downs, but Geneseo provided me a chance to grow up, to become more mature, more able, and a better human being in my own opinion. Geneseo is a rural school, Geneseo is a small school, but I've enjoyed it. My advice for hs seniors looking for a school is to visit the campus as much as you can, so you can learn what the place is like. I think the highest praise I can give for Geneseo is the fact that I've never regretted spending my time here, and I've never considered transferring elsewhere.
I had an amazing time at this school, and it has given me an incredible return on investment. I will always love this place.
Current student enjoying Geneseo a lot but i must admit that the dorms are by far the worst thing about this school.