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SUNY Geneseo has a beautiful campus filled with many kids eager to learn. The professors are great and most are willing to help outside class in office hours and even make appointments to see you outside of those times. Professors want you to understand the material and will clarify on materials if asked.
SUNY Geneseo has excellent academic rigor and the campus is a place where you can flourish intellectually. The people I have met both on and off campus have all been very friendly. One thing that could improve is the food provided near the freshman dorms.
I like the professors in SUNY Geneseo. They are available all the time for help. If there are unavailable they will lead you to other resources. One thing that I would love to see change in Geneseo would be the classes that are offered every semester. I would want more classes offered every semester.
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Excellent student life and professors. The campus is beautiful, set on a hill above the valley with unbelievable sunsets. It is a small school, so if you are looking for something with more students this would not be the place for you.
Geneseo is an amazing public liberal arts college. It has a wide variety of majors to offer students, and allows for flexibility in deciding what to study. Professors are very open and willing to work with students on whatever they're interested in studying. Lots of different clubs on campus so students can be involved in campus life.
I am a minority at my school therefore, it was very hard for me to fit in and find a group but, after getting used to the school first semester I stated warming up and eventually getting to know people, I even was able to join my schools Caribbean student association club which kind of created a sense of home for me and connected me with people that I formed such strong bonds with that now I see them as family.
I am a business administration and communication double major, and a part of Greek life. I joined Greek life freshman year because if you are not either on a sports team or in a fraternity/sorority, then it is VERY hard to have a social life. It's more of house parties, rather than bars. Although, the two bars in town are pretty fun (especially since you know it's only seniors in there). The academics are challenging.
Love this school. Great college town. Small and rural, but many opportunities to have fun and get involved. Beautiful campus
Geneseo is a great liberal arts school in New York. You can find what major you feel you can succeed in.
I can imagine people who enjoy a cozy, quiet environment could like it here. I find it incredibly boring, even more than other colleges in the country that I have been to. The administration is helpful, but run by Marxists and gender-studies majors. There is such a degree of handholding and meddling, it often feels more like a summer camp than a University. The kids are friendly, but all sort of look the same.
Campus is clean, people are nice. Professors care enough. However, there is little to nothing to do other than go to class. Not much around. If you don’t have a car you will not have a good time here.
Geneseo was more than just a college; it was a community. I made so many friendly and professional connections there. There were constantly friendly faces available and professors very willing to help with whatever your needs may be.
I transferred to Geneseo from a community college and it was very difficult for me to become acclimated to the campus. There are not as many clubs as I would have like and the ones that I have attended are somewhat disorganized. I would like to see more for new incoming students to become more involved.
SUNY Geneseo has a place for everyone. The are so my clubs and groups to join on campus that it’s very easy to find a place that you fit in. The biggest downfall of the school is the lack of support of mental health. Students are pushed abnormally hard and it seems like most professors think that the more students they fail the better their class is. Geneseo is home of the top high school student who is realizing that there’s other smart people out in the world.
Geneseo is definitely a SUNY that's more on the competitive side. My experience so far at this school has been filled with experiences both up and down. Though this school lacks in diversity and places to go, the community is very small where you'll meet many people. Clubs are all welcoming and many new friends can be made. Everybody is pretty much nice and caring. Food is pretty good as well, but you kind of get sick of eating it every day. I would recommend Geneseo if you're into smaller schools and the rural area.
It has taken me a while to get comfortable on Geneseo's campus as the college lacks in diversity and the undetectable welcoming environment. I like academic challenge of Geneseo, and that is about it! If you are not on a sports team or in a Greek cult, it is difficult to find a circle of friends. It also does not help that Geneseo is very cliquey. I made vows to leave almost every semester, and somehow I am going into my second year. If you can look past the repetitive food in the dining halls and like to be challenged , then Geneseo is the place for you!
So firstly the school is located in a small town name Geneseo, there is not much in terms of stores or areas to wallk around and see in the town. The campus looks nice and is surprisingly large. The school has an excellent AOP and TOP program to help new students adjust to the school during the summer and be given a advisor who will be the most helpful person you could ever hope for. Like many other schools applying for your classes can be tough. There are a many general requirements and those classes get taken easily. The school does not have a massive variety in business related classes. The music department is very excellent here, it is lenient if you are not a great player ( in my case a violinist) and also challenging and you have access to music tutors who will help you improve.
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SUNY Geneseo is a wonderful university! The other students and campus staff are extremely welcoming and friendly. Although courses are rather challenging, you know that you'll come out a better student and individual in the end. Geneseo is a place that is about so much more than just an education but about preparing you for what life after graduation might be like.
My favorite part about Geneseo is the community. I've honestly never had so many friends that I can open up to and rely on. Even if you were the shy kid in high school, you'll find a place here. The school can always improve, though. Some students or groups don't always feel like they're heard and that the school ignores their issues.
I like that SUNY Geneseo has online ordering with every dining hall that is on campus where I can prepay for my food then skip the line and pick it up. I like that the area is really quiet which creates a calm environment for me to study both inside my dorm room or out on the grass. I also like that in order to get to class you must go up a hill where you get plenty of exercise and there would be almost no need for you to go to the gym. What I would like to see change is the party scene because there are parties but they are all very formal and specific to certain groups of students. The professors are not really up to date with technology so submitting homework online is a rare. Overall I have learned how to be independent and learn to adapt to the college campus life.