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If your focused on being successful in the future, this is a great place to go. Academics are rigorous but the time you put in should pay off. If you want to get involved on campus then there are plenty of opportunities to find something fun. The campus food gets alright as the semester progresses, but there are plenty of variety to choose from to eat healthy if you want. Hockey is big here, but there are other sports to choose from. I'm not much of a party but in the winter thats pretty much the main thing to do on the weekend unless you have other stuff to do. Nice small town to go and do stuff, but rochester is the main area if you want to.
I loved the Sociology Department at Geneseo. All of the classes I took were very interesting and the professors were attentive and helpful. There are a wide variety of classes as well.
I like the friends I made. SUNY Geneseo is definitely not a school that you should attend if your hopes are to find the one and party and still have a high GPA. The classes here are very rigorous. The professors here vary. Some are approachable, others are not. All of the professors are very intelligent. Some just do not know how to explain properly. The food is manageable. It is great on some days and depressing on others. However there are many places that you can choose from to eat. It is very beneficial that we have a Starbucks on campus because no matter what, who says no to Starbucks. Everyone is pretty friendly here. The campus is gorgeous, especially when the sun is setting. I've grown to love the school, but I also can't wait to graduate.
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SUNY Geneseo is a great education for a small price to pay compared to other campuses. The lectures are a relatively good size and the professors are helpful and courteous when holding office hours. SUNY Geneseo is a close knit community with a lot of various activities such as DIII Varsity sports, club sports and intramural sports as well. Geneseo has something for everyone weather it be a club, sports or even a major that other schools may not offer Geneseo always has something extra to give.
SUNY Geneseo is a great place to go to college. It is a classic small college town but close enough to Rochester if you want to go to concerts, restaurants, etc. The professors are great and classes are rewarding. Greek life is very prevalent on campus.
I love Geneseo. The academics and professors are unbeatable for the price. I have had absolutely transformative experiences in classes I've taken here. I have been challenged by classes, yet always felt I had many resources available for help when I needed it. The campus community is largely supportive, open-minded and positive. Students here are smart and kind. Obviously there are exceptions -- I might be biased but I believe Greek life here is somewhat insidious. Regardless, I have had very positive experiences here that have really made me grow and mature, have made amazing lifelong friends, and have learned a lot.
SUNY Geneseo is a school of 5000 set in a rural part of Western New York. The college is vibrant and filled with activities. The school is called "Harvard on the Hill" and for good reason. The Honors college of the SUNY system, Geneseo is populated by some of the brightest students in New York State. Future artists, athletes, and scientists all found their way here and mixed working hard with playing hard--and not just in the typical college party culture. It was easy to maintain a clean lifestyle, as everyone was incredibly accepting and there were always things to do.
However, the college has made some choices without consulting the student body regarding funding and program changes, which has left many students feeling frustrated and ignored. If the communication between students and administrators had been stronger, my experience would have been close to perfect.
Geneseo is truly an amazing bang-for-your-buck. The school has rigorous academics while providing a safe, happy environment to live in while you get your education. The staff here truly work their hardest to make this the best experience possible, and you really receive a lot for what little you pay in the cost of attendance. The vast majority dorms are clean and well taken care of, and pleasant to reside in. The campus food is highly rated and Geneseo is one of the best colleges in the country for gluten-free and vegan options. The nightlife is abundantly present Thursday-Saturday, as well as some Wednesdays and other special occasions. Most professors truly want students to achieve great things, and are willing to help them get there.
Courses offered are horrible. As a freshman you get left with no classes to choose from. The area has absolutely nothing to do and the closest place with civilization is Rochester (which is terrible anyways). You need a car or a best friend with a car or you are stranded to do nothing. You must be apart of something to go out and get into an social events on the weekends. You cant rush till second semester so if you don't play a sport good luck finding anything to do on the weekends. Half of the professors don't speak english and are EXTREMELY LIBERAL. The only thing good about this school is that its cheap, a good degree and the hockey games can be fun. Food sucks btw.
I could'nt be happier with my decision to go to SUNY Geneseo! I love the small size of both the college and the surrounding village. There are a lot of research opportunities for undergraduates and I feel incredibly safe around town.
This is my first year at SUNY Geneseo. I absolutely love the school environment and everyone I have met. I am a biochemistry major so the classes are quite difficult but the teachers are great and there are so many resources fro you to use. The food is amazing and the town also has a lot of cheap places to eat at. I would recommend living in a suite, they give you a lot of room to socialize but also doesn't prevent you from doing your work, and having your own shower is a great perk.
i was disappointed i had to settle for a suny when it came down to money after working so hard in high school but this place is truly amazing. best decision i couldve made. so many opportunities to get involved and so academically challenging. work hard play hard.
I think the town is very cute and the people are really nice. A lot of my friends went there and when not paying for dorm living and commuting the price is so cheap one of them didn't need to take out loans at all.
When I was applying to colleges last year, Geneseo was a last minute, bottom of the list school. I got a last minute acceptance, about a week before May 1st, and decided to change my mind about the pricey private school I was already enrolled in. I have never made a better decision in my life. The campus is beautiful, my education is top notch, and even though I pay full price to go here it is very affordable. I am a biochemistry major on the pre-med track and there are so many pre professional resources and resume boosters on campus. I would absolutely recommend Geneseo to anyone, and am already drawing in rising seniors from my old high school because of my snapchats of the unbeatable Genseo sunset.
Job placement statistics are very high
Professors care and make exceptions so you get the classes u need.
Security does a good job
Review SUNY Geneseo
I would like the Romans to be bigger
They do a lot for the local community
I am so glad I choose Geneseo, it's a good fit for me
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