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It has taken me a while to get comfortable on Geneseo's campus as the college lacks in diversity and the undetectable welcoming environment. I like academic challenge of Geneseo, and that is about it! If you are not on a sports team or in a Greek cult, it is difficult to find a circle of friends. It also does not help that Geneseo is very cliquey. I made vows to leave almost every semester, and somehow I am going into my second year. If you can look past the repetitive food in the dining halls and like to be challenged , then Geneseo is the place for you!
So firstly the school is located in a small town name Geneseo, there is not much in terms of stores or areas to wallk around and see in the town. The campus looks nice and is surprisingly large. The school has an excellent AOP and TOP program to help new students adjust to the school during the summer and be given a advisor who will be the most helpful person you could ever hope for. Like many other schools applying for your classes can be tough. There are a many general requirements and those classes get taken easily. The school does not have a massive variety in business related classes. The music department is very excellent here, it is lenient if you are not a great player ( in my case a violinist) and also challenging and you have access to music tutors who will help you improve.
SUNY Geneseo is a wonderful university! The other students and campus staff are extremely welcoming and friendly. Although courses are rather challenging, you know that you'll come out a better student and individual in the end. Geneseo is a place that is about so much more than just an education but about preparing you for what life after graduation might be like.
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My favorite part about Geneseo is the community. I've honestly never had so many friends that I can open up to and rely on. Even if you were the shy kid in high school, you'll find a place here. The school can always improve, though. Some students or groups don't always feel like they're heard and that the school ignores their issues.
I like that SUNY Geneseo has online ordering with every dining hall that is on campus where I can prepay for my food then skip the line and pick it up. I like that the area is really quiet which creates a calm environment for me to study both inside my dorm room or out on the grass. I also like that in order to get to class you must go up a hill where you get plenty of exercise and there would be almost no need for you to go to the gym. What I would like to see change is the party scene because there are parties but they are all very formal and specific to certain groups of students. The professors are not really up to date with technology so submitting homework online is a rare. Overall I have learned how to be independent and learn to adapt to the college campus life.
I am a Sophmore at SUNY Geneseo and H have to say that this university is very challenging but because it is relatively small, you can receive a lot of help from tutors or the professors themselves
Coming from New York City, and without a car, I hated this school. The student body was painfully homogenous and most of them from small town/cities in New York State. Add that to the extremely small 5k student body (Good luck seeing any new faces after about a week) and the social life is dull.

Food is mediocre and undiverse as expected from a school located in rural Upstate New York. Facilities are unimpressive and very old. You’ll have to deal with nothing interesting in a 10-mile radius.

You will hear things about how SUNY Geneseo is the top SUNY, hardest to get into, best graduation rates, etc. Don’t go here unless you’re majoring in liberal arts. Stony Brook, Binghamton, and Buffalo all are much better schools for STEM majors. Geneseo has pretty numbers but it actually ranks incredibly poorly in anything outside of liberal arts degrees.

I transferred after two years to a college in a large city and it was probably the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.
The campus is absolutely gorgeous, when does not have construction renovations occurring. The campus size is small enough that you can make connections easily, but large enough that you are sure to find yourself a niche in a wide variety of topics.
So far my experience at SUNY Geneseo is an enjoyable experience. The best part is the personal connection I have with my friends, professors, and staff. The small class sizes and small college community provide me a chance to grow close bonds that help me both academically and enrich my college experience through the extracurricular activities I take part in.
Geneseo has rigorous academic programs. It is a very small school so it is easier to reach out to professors and make yourself known. There are also many extra curricular activities and community events to get involved with.
Geneseo has given me opportunities that I never thought I would be presented. The Communication department is wonderful with impeccable professors. Challenging, yes. Totally worth it when people are impressed with your undergrad alma mater.
SUNY Geneseo is located in the small village of Geneseo, NY. The community inside the campus and outside the campus is super friendly and inviting and you'll have no problem finding a home here. The food here is great and we have online ordering which makes getting food in a hurry really easy. If you get bored or sick of the on campus food there are plenty of cheap restaurants off campus that are affordable for poor college students. Eurocafe is one of my favorite restaurants off campus; the food is cooked fresh every day and the owner is super nice and the environment is welcoming. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus and lots of clubs to join. If you download the KnighTime app you'll get notification when an event is going on. Geneseo is overall a wonderful school with a great reputation.
It's a small school which result in a close community. I'm from a small town so this school was a nice transition. The people are friendly and it's a perfect mix of seeing familiar faces and seeing new faces everyday. I'm a part of Korean-American Student Association (KASA) and it's one of the best decisions I've made here.
A small town college, our campus and students makes for at least half of the town itself. The way the area is set up, the town is very separated from other cities. However, you do not need a car to get around. Most locations are walk-able or there is a bus that will take you there. During my time there though, the college was going through many changes (getting rid of some important majors) so although it was listed as a liberal college don't expect much emphasis on arts or sports. Most people were science or business.
Very difficult school, good, but may have been better to go to a community college first and then transfer with gen eds.
Suny Geneseo is very nice,quiet and small-medium sized campus. Teachers will prepare you for success and will work the students if any issues. Staffa re very friendly.This campus is more academic although few athletic programs.One of my critiques is that food is okay and quite repetitive with certain food stations. Also,some of dorms could be upgraded. All in all it very nice campus.
We have four children; three have graduated from Geneseo, so far.
One is a lawyer- attend
ed George Mason, a very high ranking Law School in DC;
another attended Albany Medical School, the oldest private medical school in the country and is now a plastic surgeon resident at the Ivy League U Penn;
our third earned an MBA from RIT and has a high ranking position in a large corporation.
Our youngest child will be attending in September. She has wanted to be a dentist, since she was a young child. I am sure Geneseo will prepare her well.
We were happy to put all of these children in private schools.
They insisted on coming here- one after the other.
If you want a solid education and want to study hard, have good clean fun, in a great environment, this is a great place.
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The academic life is not bad, the school is somewhat enjoyable during the week. Once the weekend comes.... if you’re not in a weird organization that loves to haze the shit out of new people in that organization then good luck. Every weekend I am so bored that it is almost unbearable. At home I enjoy life and do things with great prople, never even think about drinking. Being at geneseo I drink immense amounts on the weekend just to stay sane. Extremely demoralizing social life.
It is a small sized college with a very tight and close community. The kindness and nicety of the local people are something that makes this college a unique place. If you like bucolic setting, small but tight community and can bear the severity of the winter, this is your place. If you favor big campus, this is not your place. The level of academics is high, students are eager to study. Outside-class-activities are limited, however. This school put a heavy focus on its science department and is planning on shifting the gear to science from their current focus on liberal arts.
The school is extremely not diverse. It is a white school, and international students are often underrepresented, which is where I'd like to see an improvement in.
The college administrative department cordinates very poorly.
My daughter is a Geneseo student and loves it! She says the teachers are pretty strict but they’re always willing to help. Not a big campus, but well put together 👍🏼