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Geneseo is amazing. The people are nice and always willing to help each other out. The professors are nice and really there to help and are really accommodating. The overall environment is great!
I transferred to this school and I love it. Small classes, great professors. The only downside to a small school is its limited classes and not as specialized programs.
Genesoe is a very small school in Western NY just outside Rochester. The Geneseo campus is quite beautiful, featuring an award winning sunset view and beautiful, historic buildings. The students at Geneseo are all well-rounded individuals who are highly motivated. I've found being a communication and international relations major that Geneseo is more of a teaching and pre-med school, and that their faculty is focused on those fields rather than others.
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I have loved my time at SUNY Geneseo. There is an overwhelming sense of community everywhere you go and no matter where you end up. The faculty and students are so friendly and helpful and make sure no one feels out of place.
I am a senior, just about to start my final semester Geneseo, and I have a few thoughts. I've never felt a fugue, or depression, and the hatred that other reviewers have said they felt. I've been here for almost 4 years and I've never seen anything but the welcoming group of students I work with now. Yes, the academics are difficult. Some professors have egos here. Find a school where that isn't the case.
But my review isn't just in response to others. I've enjoyed my time here; I've had ups and downs, but Geneseo provided me a chance to grow up, to become more mature, more able, and a better human being in my own opinion. Geneseo is a rural school, Geneseo is a small school, but I've enjoyed it. My advice for hs seniors looking for a school is to visit the campus as much as you can, so you can learn what the place is like. I think the highest praise I can give for Geneseo is the fact that I've never regretted spending my time here, and I've never considered transferring elsewhere.
I had an amazing time at this school, and it has given me an incredible return on investment. I will always love this place.
Current student enjoying Geneseo a lot but i must admit that the dorms are by far the worst thing about this school.
Good academics and professors. People are really willing to help you out and make sure you succeed as long as you ask for help. The food is decent.
Geneseo is an amazing school. I'm majoring in special ed/childhood ed. don't say excellent only bc I had a very rough start to my freshman year. However that definitely is not Geneseo's fault.

school honestly is very stressful in all honesty, the classes aren't always easy. Which is why they call Geneseo a "suny ivy league." If you're looking for a more challenging school, this is it. The classes in the bio department are particularly difficult bc we have a really good bio department here.

If you're planning on majoring in education, business or any type of science, you would be stupid to not go to Geneseo! (ps we have the top education school in NY!)

Even though the classes here can be super stressful, I wouldn't want to be attending any other university bc I know I'm getting the best and most affordable education I can here. (plus, it is expected that Geneseo ed grads will be among the most qualified teachers which is awesome!!)

Basically, go to Geneseo!!!
I came to Geneseo very optimistic, but it has been the most demoralizing experience of my life thus far. Most professors are either incompetent or set ridiculous expectations, or sometimes they fit both criteria. The only reason I am giving this a 4 star rating is because I couldn't think of another SUNY school I would rather go to. Transfer students, such as myself are often stigmatized by intolerant professors such as Julia Walker as being "lazy", and will struggle to fit in socially and establish a group of friends for their short remaining 2 years here. Luckily if you have no personality and don't mind giving up your dignity, you can rush a fraternity or sorority, have fun destroying your GPA given the ridiculous social requirements and hazing. And many students here including myself could have just as easily gone to Fredonia, Buff State, Albany, etc., and graduated with a 3.9-4.0, but instead we will be graduating here, struggling to get a 3.6-3.7 at BEST!
Great people. Great school. Loving life right now. Geneseo is gorgeous, party scene is great, academics are great, only thing that kinda sucks is sports but hockey season is awesome.
Geneseo is a place that you should go to if you like eating at applebees. Some disrespect to applebee's, maybe less for the students. I absolutely loved the faculty in my department, but I think the reason I loved them so much is because they felt as trapped as I did. You're in a very rural place, they've shut down the entire arts and computer sciences departments, and last I heard they were limiting access to the auditorium for student art clubs (I'm talking a capella here) to once a semester because they're not profitable. It gets pretty homogeneous which is hard, especially if you're a downstater. If you really have your heart set on the academics (which I get, because they can actually be pretty good!) I would recommend learning how to drive, and maybe just commuting from Rochester proper if you can, because the people who rent out apartments there aren't nearly as slumlord-y and you can at least achieve something resembling quality of life.
I love my school! I’m so excited to be going to school here, SUNY Geneseo was always my top choice! Truly the Ivy League of SUNY!!
I was very excited to go here as a Freshman, and that feeling lasted maybe one semester. All of the academic buildings, except for the science center, are very outdated and some rooms are roped off because of asbestos or plumbing issues. If you don't belong to a Greek organization, then you can rarely get into parties, and if you are in a Greek organization the hazing is pretty bad. My roommate rushed one of the sororities on campus and didn't come home for a week. When she did come home, she had not showered or ate an actual meal since I saw her last and seemed emotionally broken. What was really unsettling was that she wasn't "allowed" to tell me what they did to her. Diversity is also barely a thing at this school, and we had a hate crime involving antisemitic graffiti just last year. Looking back, I really wish I had picked a different school to attend because I become less and less comfortable at Geneseo every semester.
I genuinely love going to school here. The town is quaint and easy to get around without a vehicle. Schoolwork is difficult but doable if you go to class and put in the necessary effort. The party scene is very fun if you're in an organization otherwise it can be difficult to get into parties.
I love the people who attend and work there. They are all so welcome and willing to help in any way they can! The college town is so cute and I really enjoy the view!!
If your focused on being successful in the future, this is a great place to go. Academics are rigorous but the time you put in should pay off. If you want to get involved on campus then there are plenty of opportunities to find something fun. The campus food gets alright as the semester progresses, but there are plenty of variety to choose from to eat healthy if you want. Hockey is big here, but there are other sports to choose from. I'm not much of a party but in the winter thats pretty much the main thing to do on the weekend unless you have other stuff to do. Nice small town to go and do stuff, but rochester is the main area if you want to.
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I loved the Sociology Department at Geneseo. All of the classes I took were very interesting and the professors were attentive and helpful. There are a wide variety of classes as well.
I like the friends I made. SUNY Geneseo is definitely not a school that you should attend if your hopes are to find the one and party and still have a high GPA. The classes here are very rigorous. The professors here vary. Some are approachable, others are not. All of the professors are very intelligent. Some just do not know how to explain properly. The food is manageable. It is great on some days and depressing on others. However there are many places that you can choose from to eat. It is very beneficial that we have a Starbucks on campus because no matter what, who says no to Starbucks. Everyone is pretty friendly here. The campus is gorgeous, especially when the sun is setting. I've grown to love the school, but I also can't wait to graduate.
SUNY Geneseo is a great education for a small price to pay compared to other campuses. The lectures are a relatively good size and the professors are helpful and courteous when holding office hours. SUNY Geneseo is a close knit community with a lot of various activities such as DIII Varsity sports, club sports and intramural sports as well. Geneseo has something for everyone weather it be a club, sports or even a major that other schools may not offer Geneseo always has something extra to give.