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GCC is an amazing place where I met people that guided to a career I truly wanted that made me happy and actually want to get up every morning for work. It started a basis for the degree that I wanted to obtain.
Genesee Community College is an excellent college considering the fact that it is only a two year school. The campus is somewhat small and it isn't too hard to get around. The professors here are amazing and laid back. The food here is also good especially the french-fries.
I like GCC a lot. There are very interesting classes to take for really cheap! Very helpful for students who are unsure of what career path they want to be on and do not want to waste a ton of money in the process.
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I love GCC. Everyone is so friendly and the professors really care about your success. I can't tell you how many times I have had issues with getting to class or even had issues on my papers, the professors where right there. Not only that but GCC offers free tutoring if you need it.
Very limited resources. The classes I took did not transfer. It was a small community college that doesn't have much. Only good for a 2 yr program but if you plan on transferring check other places first.
GCC is an amazing first step into academia. During my Junior and Senior years of high school, they arranged many field trips to the campus so we could get accustomed to the layout of the building--this helped tremendously. The faculty are eager to help you out in any way they can and the atmosphere is very accepting.
This is a great school with very friendly people and amazing faculty. They are always there for you when you need help and they also have a lot of resources to help the students succeed.
overall experience was great and very rewarding. easy adjustment from high school to earn my associates
My first year experience at SUNY Genesee Community College was definitely better than anyone I know. I lived on campus and the resident life was amazing that I'm now on the way of becoming an RA. In this school there so many opportunities to grow academically and be recognized for your achievement. What I liked about this school was the fact it takes you ab it out of your comfort zone. Also the extra help teachers provide is wonderful along with the students. This school is highly diverse and welcoming, two things I look for. If I can change anything the only thing I'd change is the food because it's not the best nor are the prices.
GCC was awesome first college to go to. Class sizes are small, which allows for quality teachers. The teachers there have learned how to work with the class, to get the most results.
My first year at GCC I was able to get hands on experience in my major field of Human Services. The first semester volunteer hours in the field are required, in my second semester you had a field placement in your area of interest. The fact that we could choose both where we were going and were able to interact with clients in a professional matter increased my education value. The faculty is open to students coming in for help or questions and offer a wide range of office hours, they are aware that you can't go through this by yourself.
The transition from high school to college was smooth. GCC to me is like a high school with less drama, an increased amount of work, and much more freedom. I felt at home my first day at GCC, and eventually faces will become familiar to you.
Very unorganized, put you in classes you don't need, lose valuable paperwork and ask you to resubmit the same paperwork multiple times because they don't have it, tell you your good to graduate and then they realize that you still need more classes, and tell you 3 weeks before your set to graduate. I did finish but I would not recommend this school to anyone who wants a successful college career. Didn't learn anything from going there except hiw to deal with stupid people all day.
So far it has been a great experience. The staff and students are very helpful. They have a lot of resources for you to become successful. I am excited about my future.
courses can be compacted to short time spans that make the class stressful
some professors were very understanding and kind, others were impatient at times
gcc offers many opportunities to talk to representatives from other schools and perspective employers.
took the same chemistry class twice and learned things that i never even touched in the first class the second time around.
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the school is very diverse, the classes are generally small, but student activities are not advertised well
I'm starting my second semester here soon, so I only have a few courses to compare. So far, all the courses are good and applicable to the real world. Professors really care about the students and would provide as much as possible, they are also available during office hours. The variety of courses provided in GCC is decent and I would say that it provides a lot more courses compared to other schools. Class sizes are small around 20 people per class, and I think it's the perfect size for a class.
I currently do not have a job on campus, but I have heard from close friends that most employers are really nice and reasonable. The career center/services here is really nice, the staffs are really professional and helpful.
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