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First-year Art student. I didn't expect to be so happy with Fredonia. I think despite COVID the school did an amazing job keeping us informed and engaged. Classes were interesting and I learned a great deal. I am excited for the next 3.5 years.
Teachers are very kind and engaging. They made me feel welcomed and were helpful when needed. If I had specific questions I was able to make appointments very easily with my professor or advisor.
I took a few classes online at SUNY Fredonia. My professors provided clear expectations for online learning and often provided clear schedules for our semester. They quickly responded to pleas for help.
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I transferred to SUNY Fredonia after getting two years of credit from Erie Community College. I transferred to pursue a degree in English Education. My professors throughout my time at SUNY Fredonia were so supportive and helpful in times of need. As an education major, my supportive professors truly made a difference in my education. I have been a teacher for 2 years now and I feel that my education prepared me for the classroom.
The social scene is great, the campus is beautiful, the professors are very hit or miss (some barely can speak English) but the office faculty is basically useless. As a student you can go above and beyond trying to plan ahead and manage your finaicial aid but you will be severely hindered by the faculty in these fields. It is almost as if they want you to fail in this area judging by how completely helpless they are in their own position.
Online learning = teach yourself 5 classes while professors
complain about you not doing enough. Don't waste your money.
SUNY Fredonia is a wonderful university, however, the university is in the middle of nowhere, making it very difficult to get off campus without a car. Anyhow, the proffessors and staff here make attending this university worth it.
fall 2020 courses were held both online and in-person, personally my classes this semester were all online. my experience with taking online courses this semester was uneventful. for the most part, I saw no difference between online and in-person classes. the professors were just as helpful if not more helpful while teaching these courses.
I personally am a person who thrives with in person learning so I sortve crashed and burned especially trying online learning full fledged for the first time.
The school is really great! The people here are very welcoming and the food is decent. I only gave it a start off because of certain teachers who actually are out to make your life difficult. And there was a time where we couldn't drink any water from our water system if we didn't boil it first.
Good campus culture. Most everyone is friendly, and if you're living on campus there's a lot of opportunities that you're given to build community with your fellow students. Overall a nice area that's pretty safe surrounding the university, and the campus looks beautiful in the winter. However, there are some issues that they have in regard to salting the pathways. Sometimes they leave layers of ice and can be hard or just not safe to walk on them. Very good facilities for the arts, sciences, and athletics (recreationally). The art galleries on campus are great, as are the concert halls. The fitness center is modern and clean, and there's a rock wall that's open a few times a week if you want to go climbing with your friends. As well, there's open swim (in the natatorium), and open ice skating for students and community members when the weather is right. They also give a lot of opportunities for career building and mentorship. And all of this is with the price tag of a state school.
It was a big transition that nobody was prepared for, and because of moving out, some people didn't get a spring break. They were packing and moving and then all of the classes started up again online, but there was no consensus as to what was happening, so all of the classes went along differently and it became chaotic, hard to manage, and very stressful. Now there's more unity and consistency, but it still feels like there's an expectation that because you're not physically in class, you should be working on distance learning all the time.
The transition to online learning went really smooth; even thought most of my professors didn't have previous experience they all gave their 110% and where there to help us out!
I really like how inclusive Fredonia is...I have been here for around three years; and I don't have anything bad to say about it. :)
Everyone is learning how to manage taking online classes. At SUNY Fredonia the professors have been really good about adapting and learning how to teach better online.
Everyone at SUNY Fredonia is so friendly and I know it feels like home. There is so much to do and learn and experience!
Two things that I loved about Fredonia were the students and the teachers. As a black male, Fredonia would seem like a place where I wouldn't belong. However, I was able to connect with many people from different races and feel comfortable. The professors were also a great help. They treat every student equally and provide help whenever they can.
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It was okay. I do not blame them however, because COVID-19 came out of nowhere and many of the professors were not ready for it.
The campus can be quite pretty, especially in spring with the flowers in bloom. The campus isn't to large and it doesn't take long to get the layout down. Classes range in size depending if the course is a lecture. The library is quite nice. There is a lot of seating a decent amount of computers. Professors are usually quite good but sometimes there are some I wish I hadn't taken the class with. If I could improve anything it would definitely be the food. I would like to see more funding on the food selection over renovations.
When the classes were forced into distance learning, I was concerned how certain classes (such as math) would be graded. Online was fortunately very enjoyable for me. My classes used video conference programs or provided notes and video lectures. It was very nice to go at my own pace at times. The school handled the online switch well, but ultimately the professor is what determines how good the course went.
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