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I love the beautiful scenery and how everyone is kind and welcoming. I have a tough financial situation and the Vice President of financial aid helped me through it, and was patient and kind . If you have any questions people help you out. It’s by lake eerie which is a plus.
I enjoyed suny fredonia overall, only reason i had to leave the school is because of family issues and it was way to far from my town. Fredonia has a good vibe and a good atmosphere, I was nervous about moving so far away but everyone there made me feel right at home. I felt like some of the professors there genuinely cared and did what they can to make sure i was always on track.
Small campus. Caring professors. Courteous staff. Love the music program. The students have been friendly and accommodating.
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It's an amazing college and has a beautiful campus. The teachers care about you and will take their time out of their day to assist you as best as they can. The rooming is amazing especially if you have a single. It's a very diverse campus with many programs and clubs. They have amazing facilities including a beautiful pool that's open to the community and students. They have an all you can eat buffet and multiple cafe's around the campus. The diversity in food choices varies.
Fredonia is a very nice school with a pretty campus, Tim Hortons and Starbucks on campus, and a lot of diversity. Student life is fun as long as you can balance work and play. Sometimes the academics can get stressful, but the teachers are understanding and will help as long as you reach out to them. Just make sure to stay organized and to pay the school before it's time to pick classes (they will put your account on hold if you don't).
Teachers are very helpful and understanding!!! Resources are made available for all students at the Career Development Office.
I like how the campus is slightly becoming more diverse, the food could use some work but the people are cool and the professors are decent.
One of my personal favorite things about Fredonia is the campus. There is a gorgeous campus that always comes alive in the spring and fall. The professors are extremely helpful if you ask, and can be considered great resources. There are also a lot of opportunities to get involved in different activities on campus, such as musical groups, Greek life, and more. The food isn’t always the best, but it is definitely passable, and it will by no means kill you. Overall, Fredonia is a really great school with a lot of options for anybody.
So far I’ve been really loving my experience at SUNY Fredonia. The professors are all really friendly and I’ve made some really great friends here in the music department as well.
The school has multiple clubs that can appeal to everyone. The education program gets you out on the field as freshman, and has three different programs for student teaching and each advisor is helpful.
SUNY fredonia is a good college. The teachers want you to succeed. The science department is amazing really great professors.
From the moment I stepped on campus, I felt like I was welcomed. The professors are very friendly and were available all the time to talk. There are also so many activities going on every day on campus, including sporting events, guest speakers, art exhibits, musical performances, etc. It's just a great overall atmosphere and the people here are very friendly.
The things that I loved most about SUNY Fredonia were the community values. On campus everything was alive and intermingling; it felt like students had a safe and open environment to explore, and when issues arose, the faculty tracked down the sources in as efficient of a manner as was possible and dealt with it. All of the teachers and staff, as well as many of the students, were friendly and concerned that we were all safe and happy on and off camp
Fredonia is nothing to go crazy about. The teachers and students are friendly (in the music department at least). There unfortunately is not too much to do outside of campus besides going to bars or visiting Lake Erie. It is pretty challenging to make friends if you aren't in an extra-curricular activity, as well. However, academics are decent which made up for the poor aesthetic in the area. Also, you'll see snow. A lot of it.
This campus has given me more opportunities then any I can ever dream of, not only in academics, but in financial aid to internships and volunteer opportunities. I am proud to call SUNY Fredonia ny family!
I really liked the overall environment of freonia. The people are some of the most genuine you'll ever meet, and the groups have so diversity that it's quite hard to find something you don't enjoy doing with people you enjoy doing it with. The campus is relatively flat and everything is close, so you won't have too many problems getting around. I would say my one, biggest, problem with Fredonia would be the Purina factory about one town over. Every once in a while, when the wind is just right, the town smells a little bit like dog food.
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My time at SUNY Fredonia was short lived. I had been looking forward to going to this school for 7 years, and was gravely disappointed. First off, the vibe of the college is very passive aggressive and prefer to avoid conflict at all costs. Besides the Student Unions on campus, there isn't much safe space for PoC. In fact, the year I went, we had several incidents of racism that the school readily ignored. The teachers in my major believe that having medical issues is not an excuse for poor grades and even shrug it off as being a normal thing for everyone in college. There are no doctors around so if you require constant medical treatment, you're S.O.L. I regret spending my time and energy at Fredonia.
The academics, at least in my major (English) are great. The professors are all helpful and understanding, and they seem to actually care about their students. I've learned a lot in just one year here that I feel will help me in the future.
SUNY Fredonia has a huge selection of programs and, as a Social Work major, I believe the program fit my needs well and the methods of teaching from my professors were effective in my learning process. Internships were great experiences that I had through SUNY Fredonia and my advisor and Social Work professors were just amazing. I felt very supportive in all I did at the college and believe it was a great program to set me up for my next steps in attending graduate school.
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