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My time at SUNY Fredonia was short lived. I had been looking forward to going to this school for 7 years, and was gravely disappointed. First off, the vibe of the college is very passive aggressive and prefer to avoid conflict at all costs. Besides the Student Unions on campus, there isn't much safe space for PoC. In fact, the year I went, we had several incidents of racism that the school readily ignored. The teachers in my major believe that having medical issues is not an excuse for poor grades and even shrug it off as being a normal thing for everyone in college. There are no doctors around so if you require constant medical treatment, you're S.O.L. I regret spending my time and energy at Fredonia.
The academics, at least in my major (English) are great. The professors are all helpful and understanding, and they seem to actually care about their students. I've learned a lot in just one year here that I feel will help me in the future.
SUNY Fredonia has a huge selection of programs and, as a Social Work major, I believe the program fit my needs well and the methods of teaching from my professors were effective in my learning process. Internships were great experiences that I had through SUNY Fredonia and my advisor and Social Work professors were just amazing. I felt very supportive in all I did at the college and believe it was a great program to set me up for my next steps in attending graduate school.
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I loved the music program and atmosphere. Everyone was very supportive and willing to help a student succeed. I felt my confidence in my knowledge and abilities while at this school. I wish the communication between student and professor was more consistent. It was hard to contact people.
The school is great and small, the one on one communication with professors it what runs the school. Its great for Education majors, Art, Computer Science, and Music!
A beautiful campus with very kind, open, and accepting people. The classes can be very rewarding, not only by aspect of education, but also by the factor of life experience. The professors are all always willing to aid you not only in course work, but are also very welcoming open ears and hearts.
It is a small community, parties almost every weekend and the teachers for criminal justice and chemistry are really nice! There was one teacher for a performing arts general education credit I took my first semester and because his class was not the first priority he threatened my stay here at Fredonia. I do not recommend taking his class! I am a double major and I was taking about seven classes my first semester and usually an A, B student. The advisors here do not help. If they do not know something they do not try and find out for you. The diversity this year is really good! The events held here are also really fun, you learn a lot from them while still having tons of fun.
SUNY Fredonia is a small school in Western New York, about one to two hours out from Buffalo. It is located in a rural area, which is a big change for me coming from New York City, but nonetheless it is an interesting place to be. Fredonia has a distinct personally, that many notice immediately upon arrival which is subject to change due to increasing levels of diversity. SUNY Fredonia has become home to many students with varying backgrounds, and you would likely find yourself in a place that is good for you. SUNY Fredonia is a great place for one to grow, and maximize their abilities.
The food is awful, the teachers are pretty good, the dorms are pretty good, the campus is pretty, and the town is in the middle of nowhere. There really isn't much to do.
SUNY Fredonia is a school which has suffered from a lack of financial resources for many years, but has managed to thrive despite this setback. Its professors are all passionate about their duties and the livelihood of their students, and are always invested in the success of those studying in their department. There are a variety of places on campus for students to engage these professors and their peers, with ample space to study on their own terms in whatever setting they wish.
Problems that should be noted about Fredonia are its unfortunate policies towards responding to allegations of sexual assault on campus, as well as acts of discriminatory nature that threaten the sense of safety felt by those on campus. The administration is far weaker than the professors who serve under it, and is in need of a change in command.
Being a first-year at Fredonia my experience has been nothing but positive on a personal level. I am a student-athlete on the NCAA track team, I committed to the school because I enjoyed working with the coaching staff. From the viewpoint of sports the school is very united, each sports team supports each other through the athletes supporting athletes organization. The team has helped me form friendships as well as study groups because you get people in the same major as yourself. The campus is small and easy to get around to classes as well as venture into the town. This past year we have had a few racial incidents on social media as well as a few false bomb threats. This is an issue about a small portion of the people at the school but we don’t shadow the negative events. The president sends out a weekly report about what happened around campus and ideas about how to work towards a better community. I enjoy Fredonia's atmosphere and would recommend the school to anybody.
SUNY Fredonia is a good school academically and socially. They give you plenty of opportunities to excel. They have resources such as the learning center which is a place where you can meet with student tutors for any subject free of charge. They also have things such as your professors office hours any time you need to go over anything that you could not understand in class. SUNY Fredonia also has many different activities and clubs to choose from.
Everyone at this school is very welcoming and the campus gives a very "home" feeling. Immediately you have a sufficient amount resources at your fingertips, everyone is open to helping you. The programs here are fantastic and will give you everything you've been looking for.
Overall the SUNY Fredonia is great. The people are very nice. But certain times there isn't much to do especially at night. But the campus itself is very beautiful. I love all my professors. The food in the cafeteria isn't so bad, but it's not the greatest.
I loved the campus atmosphere, you can get anywhere on campus in a 5min walk. Feels like home, and even off campus downtown feels safe, and comfortable. There are a lot of things Fredonia excels and they are moving toward future improvements as well.
I have really enjoyed my time here at SUNY Fredonia. I love the small campus and the community environment it captures. I chose Fredonia because I wanted to be in a classroom where I was not just a number, but a personal and individualized student. I feel like Fredonia has 1000% provided me with this feeling.
I like Fredonia for the most part, I live off-campus, and I think the student life seems rather dull, outside looking in. However, the academics are decent and it's a good school. I feel like some facilities could be improved, like Thompson Hall. I believe the latter houses the History, Psychology, and Teaching departments, but the building itself is rather dreary. They recently repainted the walls which is nice! The diversity is also very good, as an LGBT student, it's very accepting here and I appreciate it a lot. As for race and socioeconomic backgrounds, it's diverse in those aspects as well! I really like this school, but as a local, I can tell you that Fredonia itself is a pretty boring town, however I've noticed that many students from NYC appreciate that.
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Very welcoming with many majors and minors to choose from. There are also a variety of clubs to join. It is nicely sized and I have had great experiences with professors.
As a first year student, adjusting was very easy. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. There is always something to do on campus, whether it be a performance, club or party.
The main reason why I stayed and love Fredonia is because of my professors. I would like to see more diversity on the campus but overall it is a very socially open school.
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