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Overall the SUNY Fredonia is great. The people are very nice. But certain times there isn't much to do especially at night. But the campus itself is very beautiful. I love all my professors. The food in the cafeteria isn't so bad, but it's not the greatest.
I loved the campus atmosphere, you can get anywhere on campus in a 5min walk. Feels like home, and even off campus downtown feels safe, and comfortable. There are a lot of things Fredonia excels and they are moving toward future improvements as well.
I have really enjoyed my time here at SUNY Fredonia. I love the small campus and the community environment it captures. I chose Fredonia because I wanted to be in a classroom where I was not just a number, but a personal and individualized student. I feel like Fredonia has 1000% provided me with this feeling.
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I like Fredonia for the most part, I live off-campus, and I think the student life seems rather dull, outside looking in. However, the academics are decent and it's a good school. I feel like some facilities could be improved, like Thompson Hall. I believe the latter houses the History, Psychology, and Teaching departments, but the building itself is rather dreary. They recently repainted the walls which is nice! The diversity is also very good, as an LGBT student, it's very accepting here and I appreciate it a lot. As for race and socioeconomic backgrounds, it's diverse in those aspects as well! I really like this school, but as a local, I can tell you that Fredonia itself is a pretty boring town, however I've noticed that many students from NYC appreciate that.
Very welcoming with many majors and minors to choose from. There are also a variety of clubs to join. It is nicely sized and I have had great experiences with professors.
As a first year student, adjusting was very easy. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. There is always something to do on campus, whether it be a performance, club or party.
The main reason why I stayed and love Fredonia is because of my professors. I would like to see more diversity on the campus but overall it is a very socially open school.
If you're from a small town, you will love Fredonia. The campus is small. You can walk from your dorm to the other side of campus in literally 10 minutes.
I just transferred here and I love it. The professors help guide you to what you should do and really ensure you get the most out of your education. I recommend coming here!
I was initially recruited to play softball there when I was just a freshman. I wasn't at all interested because I thought I was better than a Division III player. But after I realized that I wasn't going pro for softball (which took a while to realize), I decided to look into SUNY Fredonia. I always wanted to become a math teacher and when I found out Fredonia had one of the best mathematics program in New York, I stayed in contact with the coach and immediately visited the campus. I did an overnight stay there and I immediately wanted to go there. I have applied there and was accepted within a few weeks!
I liked how small it was. But I did not feel that prepared or advised well enough for the workforce.
Great professors. Tutoring help in library very helpful. Dorm life was successful. Met my friends there who are now my family. Fun atmosphere on campus. Would recommend Fredonia to any student looking to join a SUNY school.
I graduated from SUNY Fredonia in 2014. I believe that I got a lot out of my time there. I expanded my knowledge and world view a lot. I also met my husband there, so bonus points for that. The culture there is very student oriented. They do their best to keep costs down and give students what they need from college. I believe the higher education system in the US overall is in need of a lot of work, but this university does very well compared to the general standard.
I enjoy how small Fredonia is. If you live on campus everything is within a 5 minute walk and the professors are accommodating and know your name.
My experience has been okay. It would be a lot better with friends which I'm having a hard time making. There are always events and clubs to be at which is my favorite part. The professors I have are unique, great teachers, friendly, and inspiring.
People get along with each other, the school supports people's sexualities, everyone is nice, and the professors help the students a lot with any issue.
It has been a good experience so far i have made many friends and i like the school and the places around it.
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I loved all the professors! You can tell that they love the job and that they care about students success. The food isn't great, except Starbucks and Tim Hortons.
I'm currently a freshman at SUNY Fredonia. My experience so far has been average. I definitely recommend this school for anyone that is interested in art, music and dance. The one this I have a issue with is the food, there isn't a lot of various dinning halls.
I found SUNY-Fredonia to be OKAY. The professor to student ratio was good, the campus somewhat cozy, the ticket price, affordable. However, although things may have changed over the years, certain aspects of college life there were of significant concern to me. The overall course selection and extracurricular activities were lacking. The professors and support staff weren't terribly friendly, the student body, not so nice, either. I found the local villagers to be similarly negative in disposition, perhaps not coincidentally. Although I'm grateful for having had a decent, affordable education, I wish my overall experience was more positive.
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