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professors are great but it also depends on who you have. food is ok but they separate the people who dorm and the people who commute. always have the same options for lunch. could be more clubs that are special interests.
Farmingdale is an amazing growing college. I love it here from the professor to the students to the faculty. Its a very inviting and pleasant atmosphere. So many new programs and an amazing new business building with some amazing lounges for students to comfortably study in peace.
This is where education comes to die. Farmingdale State college is awful in every sense of the word.
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I transferred to Farmingdale during my sophomore year of college. I am so glad I did. I have had such a great experience and feel as though I am receiving a great education. I love my program and all of the professors.
The MLT program at Farmingdale is great. The professors are some of the best I've ever had (came here as a transfer student). The campus is beautiful and peaceful. Wish campus life was better for resident students but overall if you're planning on focusing on your academics and are not strongly interested in partying or a highly active social scene then Farmingdale is great for you.
The Professors at Farmingdale State College are all wonderful, they care about their students and want to see you succeed. The thing that I would like to see improve at Farmingdale state college is the campus life, I feel like they should offer more things to do on campus.
I like that it is near my home. The campus large. I can travel the campus with ease. The classes are not too big.
The student life staff was very nice. They were all willing to help us in any way possible. They asked the students to talk to us, the students listened to questions and they gave us advice that was good advice. The library was up to date and they have built new dorms which seemed really comfortable. There is also transportation from the train to the campus which is helpful for students without a car.
Farmingdale is a really good start to find what you want to do. The teachers are super cool and very helpful. Recommend using rate my professor for most classes. I've met some of my best friends who will be in my life forever!
SUNY Farmingdale is a great commuter University that offers various majors and degrees. It’s one of the most inexpensive schools on Long Island.
SUNY Farmingdale may be a commuter school, but I have really enjoyed my time here. The professors are phenomenal. There is free tutoring for almost every class. The food is just like home cooked meals. The other students are helpful and very nice. I feel very safe at this campus. I always see state police patrolling and maintaining the peace. I dorm at this campus which is very convenient because I can see my family on weekends. The resident assistants are very kind and patient. They always create fun activities for their residents. There are many opportunities at SUNY Farmingdale that will help me become successful. I am grateful for being a ram-the school mascot and a Farmingdale State College student.
Farmingdale state college is an awesome school and I would recommend it to any person that wants to pursue their education. There are lot of great professors and they are all willing to help if needed. This school is also very affordable to anyone compared to the other schools tuitions.
I wouldnt change anything about FSC. The staff is great. The campus feels safe and the classes are flexible.
Absolutely love this college. Very diverse, good professors, good food. Small classes. Many clubs and activities to paticipate in.
I have really loved Farmingdale State College ever since I first stepped foot on the campus. It’s very easy to make friends that will last a lifetime. The surrounding area is very convenient, as there are several supermarkets and places to eat if you don’t want to eat on campus that day.
I would like to see more student-involved activities advertised around the school. Perhaps e-mails, flyers, text messages, posters, and other things. I am currently unsure of anything that goes on at Farmingdale.
I have throughly enjoyed my time at SUNY Farmingdale State college. It felt like a seocnd home to me. The food is great and has a very good variety allowing me to eat healthy. It is home with independence.
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I like how the classes are small and confortable. All my teachers so far are helpful and they seem like they actually care about my education. I would like to see improvements on the contents the stores on campus offer.
Farmingdale was a great school. I felt like my education was amazing and not expensive at all. Having transferred in from another school, I felt like I was finally on the right track towards something. Would recommend to anyone.
As in terms of education and resources I have absolutely no complaints about this school whatsoever. I do seem to have problems with the workers on campus or over the phone when I need something that needs to be done it is horrible customer service that they have given.
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