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SUNY Farmingdale may be a commuter school, but I have really enjoyed my time here. The professors are phenomenal. There is free tutoring for almost every class. The food is just like home cooked meals. The other students are helpful and very nice. I feel very safe at this campus. I always see state police patrolling and maintaining the peace. I dorm at this campus which is very convenient because I can see my family on weekends. The resident assistants are very kind and patient. They always create fun activities for their residents. There are many opportunities at SUNY Farmingdale that will help me become successful. I am grateful for being a ram-the school mascot and a Farmingdale State College student.
Farmingdale state college is an awesome school and I would recommend it to any person that wants to pursue their education. There are lot of great professors and they are all willing to help if needed. This school is also very affordable to anyone compared to the other schools tuitions.
I wouldnt change anything about FSC. The staff is great. The campus feels safe and the classes are flexible.
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Absolutely love this college. Very diverse, good professors, good food. Small classes. Many clubs and activities to paticipate in.
I have really loved Farmingdale State College ever since I first stepped foot on the campus. It’s very easy to make friends that will last a lifetime. The surrounding area is very convenient, as there are several supermarkets and places to eat if you don’t want to eat on campus that day.
I would like to see more student-involved activities advertised around the school. Perhaps e-mails, flyers, text messages, posters, and other things. I am currently unsure of anything that goes on at Farmingdale.
I have throughly enjoyed my time at SUNY Farmingdale State college. It felt like a seocnd home to me. The food is great and has a very good variety allowing me to eat healthy. It is home with independence.
I like how the classes are small and confortable. All my teachers so far are helpful and they seem like they actually care about my education. I would like to see improvements on the contents the stores on campus offer.
Farmingdale was a great school. I felt like my education was amazing and not expensive at all. Having transferred in from another school, I felt like I was finally on the right track towards something. Would recommend to anyone.
As in terms of education and resources I have absolutely no complaints about this school whatsoever. I do seem to have problems with the workers on campus or over the phone when I need something that needs to be done it is horrible customer service that they have given.
SUNY Farmingdale is a commuter school. It definitely doesn't give the full college experience, so one shouldn't come to this school looking for that. The school's students are all local. The campus is nice and offers a food court area inside the campus center. The library was recently revamped and updated. The school of business building is the newest one on campus. The rest of the buildings have been there for quite a while. There is an abandoned building that used to be the horticulture building. Some see it as beautiful but others question why it's still there. The school in general offers a wide array of majors for all students who have different interests.
I've been a student at Farmingdale for a year and a half now. Most of the professors are very helpful and want to see their students succeed. Many professors make themselves available outside of class to answer any questions a student may have. The dining hall's food is fairly decent, although over priced. They usually have some reasonably healthy options to choose from. The campus has a decent club selection. As a former board member of the theater club on campus, I can say that Farmingdale's administration puts a lot of effort into providing support to the clubs on campus. One big issue with Farmingdale is inadequate parking. Many times students will have to drive around for a while just to find a place to park.
SUNY Farmingdale is ranked one of the 10 best schools in the North East. The campus is gorgeous, the classes are not overloaded and so far all my professors have been spot on.
Everybody is so open to getting to know you and making your stay at Farmingdale college safe and enjoyable. There is endless amount of support.
SUNY Farmingdale is great because the tuition is affordable compared to private schools and the quality of the education is above average in my opinion. Also, the professors are considerate of students who work part-time. I cannot comment on the dorms since I was a commuter. The food is not bad but it is relatively easy to eat off campus as well since there are many restaurants near the school. The college is best known for aviation and nursing. Both programs have very reputable professors. However, many students that I have spoken with were generally content with their programs of study as well.
The most important aspect about a college experience is knowing that you have a support system along the way. Professors like Ms. Amanda Lavery, continue to deliver exceptional guidance outside the classroom. Whether it may be within extra office hours, one-on-one study sessions, or even providing letters of recommendations. Farmingdale State College possesses great qualities within their staff members.
Farmingdale has been a great experience for me. The advisors are amazing and have been there for me every step of the way. Class scheduling is easy, and many classes are offered at many different times.
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SUNY Farmingdale is a very diverse school with excellent academics. The schools environment and professors are tremendously good and everyone who decides to attend Farmingdale College will be successful.
I didn't want to travel to queens after work to return to school. I enjoy coming to Farmingdale 2 nights a week as a part time student.
The gym and recreational center are very exceptional in spacious and provide different areas for specie things. The campus is located in a town where other Amusement centers are located as well. The auditorium is splendid. school is very affordable especially for in-state tuition students
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