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I have recently transitioned into a full online course schedule. To say I am satisfied with my online experience would be an understatement. The Staff at Farmingdale really did a phenomenal job of adapting to the current state in which we are living, and have provided myself and my fellow classmates with the most interactive, enjoyable and beneficial online learning experience ever!
I am in my final year at Farmingdale State College with the intent of going on to Chiropractic School. Farmingdale introducing their Health Promotion & Wellness program changed the trajectory of my future. I have made many life long friends through this program, we learn about all aspects and dimensions of health and wellness, and I never thought I could enjoy learning as much as I am now! I think the only way Farmingdale can improve is too start more new programs to create more options for future students, other than that FSC is an amazing college experience.
Farmingdale has offered me a superb education and at an affordable price. The professors at Farmingdale create rigorous course plans but always ensure that the students are well prepared for all exams and assignments. The other staff who are employed here are equally as important to the campus and experience. There is not a person here who is unfriendly and they too care about the students.
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All of the professors I had for online courses were great. They stayed organized which ultimately helped me stay organized. The professors were in constant communication with their students through email and were quick to respond.
Farmindgale College is a very diverse place to be in. Students and Mentors are always there to assist others.
My experience with online learning has been smooth. Most of the professors are pretty straight forward with the assignments due dates and lectures are reasonable and helpful.
This semester will be my first time experiencing online classes. So far so good. Of course, it isn't the same as face to face learning but for now, with the current state of our nation, it will have to do.
As a transfer student to SUNY Farmingdale College, I've come to enjoy attending. The professors are empathetic, and the location is great. It is right near essentials, like my gym, Target, Starbucks, and some other fast-food chains.
The online learning experience is quite flexible and the professors really help. This college makes it possible to even learn online which is really hard at most colleges.
I love this college because there is a lot of diversity and the professors are very respectful. I enjoy coming here. I feel like everyday is a new experience. I make new friends and everyone is really considerate.
online classes are amazing and the professors provide clear expectation on what information is required for the given class work. great experience on and off campus.
the college staff and faculty are welcoming and nice. from the initial encounter they make you welcome with a smile and always willing to assist with any questions.
All of the professors here are hands on and communicative. If I need help Ive never had an issue with reaching out and getting support to make sure i pass and do well in my courses. There are many platforms and resources to make communication easy in these hard times and I would say that I still have received the best education possible.
A school that really cares about its students. With consistent campus events and opportunities being at school is always a fun experience. Every professor is hands on and there are numerous resources to ensure every student has the chance to excel
farmingdale has a nice campus, very safe community. the food is not top notch, class size is good, the professors are very helpful for the most part. depending on your area of study. overall a great experience .
blackboard classes online are a breeze , the professors are very lenient when it comes to online work.
I didn't take any online classes at this college but have heard from my friends that their professor have been very cooperative and understanding with assignment deadlines due to connectivity issues. The only issue was few of their professors increased their curriculum workload of the semester which stressed them out.
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FSC is a great diverse college with unlimited opportunities to grow and expand. The advisement counselors really go out of their way to help you out and work through everything even if it takes multiple meetings. I got accepted into the Dental Hygiene program which was insane as I was going for nursing but with this sudden change of career, it didn't make me question myself as the head of Dental Hygiene department told me straight out what I needed to do to get into the program without having my previous prerequisites of nursing going to waste. The FSC crowd of extracurricular activities has been welcoming. They don't make you feel like an outsider or out of place. All in all, I can't wait for new experiences here at FSC.
I happen to do online classes due to the difficult times were in, but overall it was a good experience and somewhat challenging since not all the tools are at your disposal like at the physical college instead.
My experience coming to Farmingdale was different. I met new people, branched out to new horizons and explored a lot on my own. Coming in to college was very new to me, but Farmingdale made it simple to interact and be apart of something. I felt that its prepped me so far on my future ahead and hopefully I see more success to come.
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