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SUNY Farmingdale State College Reviews

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The professors I had during the past year were very chill and taught well. Farmingdale is worth the money for your education.
From the brief time i was there i was very happy. Much of what i expected from this school was true. Only went because of my major and financial responsibilities but made the right choice.
I am currently a Junior who transferred from another college and also switched my major. The professors and advisors was so understanding and helpful which made my transition to the college much easier. The professors are awesome and very knowledgeable always willing to help the students. I definitely recommend SUNY Farmingdale.
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I go there for Saturday classes with professors. It is an amazing school and atmosphere. I would recommend this school to anybody. The location is very central and surrounded by a good ratio of entertainment and shopping necessities.
Really good school excellent teacher. I have no complains about the campus. A very friendly environment.
This university moves at a comfortable pace. It is a relatively small campus with many different opportunities. I like the fact that they offer many students assistance in job placement, academic workshops and flexibility of class schedules. The only improvement it may need is the availability of more classes in certain areas of study.
The canpus itself is good. I just wish there were more club activities and they were announced more effevtively.
The campus is beautiful, the course offerings are plentiful, and there are an abundance of staff and professors who are student focused and happy to guide students through the college process.
i feel like i am getting a good education but I am completely missing out of the college experience. Campus is awkward and students are not friendly.
Farmingdale is a great college. Excellent staff and students. You have to work hard in order to pass. You will have many friends in there.
Academically Farmingdale State College is a great school. Unfortunately as a student if you are looking to have fun Farmingdale State College is not for you. The Campus is also very safe despite it being an open campus.
Farmingdale State College is a great college overall! I would definitely recommend any student to attend! I'm a bioscience major and all of the professors I've had are very nice and have their own ways of teaching which makes each class memorable in its own way. The campus is also beautiful especially in the spring and summer and is constantly being improved as it is growing in popularity. There are people of different backgrounds everywhere you go on campus and a great appreciation of culture throughout the college. For food, the campus cafeteria has different types of food made fresh daily and the food has never disappointed! There are also options for vegeterians, vegans, or anyone who has preferences in the foods they eat. Located on the campus is its own police and fire department so safety is definitely key for all the students and staff attending. As a student, I never felt unsafe on my campus.
This is a good school. Most of the professors that I've had were very helpful and nice. I just wish that they could grow some grass or even lay out some turf on the campus so that students don't have to walk around on dirt/mud.
I like the place, very small and nice. I would like to see more food options though. They need to renovate some buildings as well. Overall its a good school with great professors.
There is a nice variety of clubs on campus which is nice for campus life but food can be better and some professors can do better in teaching their courses. Diversity is average and safety is really good on campus, campus police are constantly around keeping students safe.
Don't major in (Ornamental) Horticulture, you'll likely regret it.

This school does not offer mandatory internships. We barely learned anything in the horticultural program, and spent almost every lab session doing manual labor on campus which is ILLEGAL.

This school does not help connect you to jobs. There was a book filled with jobs on a table inside the horticulture building, but all of those jobs were essentially menial landscaping jobs paying part time, and they were all in Long Island. If you live in NYC like me, it's not feasible to drive out to Long Island every other day for a part time job. You'd think this school would help connect students with government jobs, but this is not the case.

I'm still unemployed one year after graduating with an Associates degree in Ornamental Horticulture. I wasted my time at this school and I seriously regret it. My family is generally not helpful so I had to learn this on my own. I should have went to SUNY Cobleskill or Cornell instead.
My overall experience with Farmingdale State College was great. There’s a lot of diversity at Farmingdale, such as career choices, culture, and lifestyle . Farmingdale urges you to express exactly who you are. There are many clubs that allow you to really liberate yourself and express how you feel, what you like and that you are supported no matter what. I met a lot of people at very different stages in their lives. Some were like me, who went straight from high school into college. Others were returning to college or starting college for the first time ever who had graduated from high school years ago. Not only did I feel I had great peers, but I had outstanding professors who not only filled me with knowledge but genuinely cared about me and my process. The only thing I would change is making clubs mandatory. So more students would attend.
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professors are great but it also depends on who you have. food is ok but they separate the people who dorm and the people who commute. always have the same options for lunch. could be more clubs that are special interests.
Farmingdale is an amazing growing college. I love it here from the professor to the students to the faculty. Its a very inviting and pleasant atmosphere. So many new programs and an amazing new business building with some amazing lounges for students to comfortably study in peace.
This is where education comes to die. Farmingdale State college is awful in every sense of the word.
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