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I absolutely love this College. After many yrs I returned to school and went straight thru as a full time student gett8ng my Associates degree and then a Bachelors. Loved most professors and my mentor was the best.
I recommend this school to anyone who is returning back to school. My son also left Kingsbury and attended Suny Empire State. We graduated together. Twice!!!
After attending 1 year of community college as a nontraditional student, I transferred to SUNY Empire. My overall experience was good. One objection I experienced was the different expectations each professor required for discussion boards. For example, one would issue a 1-paragraph requirement while a second wanted MLA style with citations and no less than 500 words.
SUNY Empire State College is a great school for a non-traditional adult student like me. I have been accepted for an online Associates Degree program, and have been assigned a professor-mentor to guide me in planning my courses. I am excited about the challenges of taking courses online, and the flexibility to integrate the classes into a busy life with adult responsibilities. I am looking forward to the Spring 2 term that starts in March, and also to learning the information and skills that will empower me to make a career change from retail to marketing.
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I just finished my first semester and am having a great time learning at SUNY Empire. It has been a wonderful and exciting experience!
Faculty are very helpful. For mathematical students the used of Maple software is required in most courses of precalculus level or higher. There are many wonderful teachers at this school. Distance learning allows an additionally convenient option for working students. A lot of courses to choose from in many subject areas including science and mathematics.
SUNY Empire State College gives you a variety of learning options unlike other schools. They make it possible for you to be able to get an education while working. You can either do in class study, online study, group study or independent study.
I was enrolled with SUNY Empire State College while I was in the Army. The professors I had were good, and easy to reach when I needed them. I didn't take many classes while I was enrolled, but the few I did take left me with a good impression of the college.
given my recent diagnosis of stage 4 cancer the staff at ESC across the board from admissions to Bursar Financial Aid MY Mentor and professors have been more than supportive and helpful in anyway possible to helping me reach my goal to obtain my degree
As an adult learner working a full time job with a wife, 2 kids, and a mortgage...this online residency program is a perfect fit. It doesnt have dorms or cafeteria or any other unecessary overhead expenses. I am really liking it so far. My first two classes i received an A and a B
SUNY Empire State College features a unique concept of allowing the student to build their degree to their own convenience. The options of choosing how to take classes, from online, group study, and independent, provide many options of how a student can complete their degree.
Great college for adults with jobs. Flexible classes and your own mentor to guide you through your time here.
As a new enrollee, I have been very impressed by the genuine concern and caring nature of the staff in their efforts to assist in my enrollment to the college. From the beginning, there has been constant and continual follow up with me via all methods communication, such as email and telephone calls, to ensure deadlines were made, and any questions answered. Every member of the staff has been wonderful to work with. The application process was clear and uncomplicated, and the approval process efficient. As a new student to the campus community, I have to experience the environment, but I am sure
I love the professors at Empire. They are attentive and understanding and good at communicating, especially the center for distant learning. I would not change a thing about Empire. It is a wonderful school.
SUNY Empire State College GVC is an excellent place for higher learning. The staff is incredible. The new facility has everything you need.
Empire State College is great for the working adult going back to school. Be it that you have a family, work lots of hours, or have other commitments that take your time and attention, Empire State College works well with your schedule. The instructors are very understanding of students having a life outside of the studies they are taking. You will get a challenge and learn new things, but without the stress of a structured classroom and schedule.
The class sizes are small, so the professors have time to focus on the needs of all the students. Everyone is friendly and has a more relaxed approach to furthering education. The only complaint I could possibly have is the content some of the professors have you read. Not all of it is very exciting stuff but what's college if not a challenge.
There are always security guards are each entrance of the buildings on campus.
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I have had a tough time finding work through my school. I am early on in my degree but would still like to start working in some capacity in my field.
I love going to The New School. It is perfectly located in Manhattan, the Professors are wonderful, and all the students are so creative and ambitious. I am having a hard time paying tuition, however, so that is the downfall.
I am not aware of any problems
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