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I had a hard time adjusting to SUNY. They were, of course, very friendly and willing to help, but a new student never knows what to do because nothing is explained very well.
I studied online for most of my courses. The design of the programs allowed me to study at my own pace and earning four credits per course resulted in the early completion of the degree. Most of the professors/facilitators were engaging. The school could improve on the program design for the online degree programs. Professors do not teach, students have to learn on their own through research and reading of texts. It would help to have professors impart their professional knowledge and skills on the various topics covered.
I found SUNY Empire to be extremely student focused when I completed my A.S. They have mentors for students in every major and and the professors are excellent. The cost to attend is not outrageous and the school offers scholarships to help. I can't say anything bad about SUNY Empire and will choose there when I complete my B.S.
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The profesors are very helpful specially Donald Nicosia. He was awesome. . I wish there was more peer to peer interaction for the Old Westbury campus. Most astivities take place upstate or in the city and that is too far for me. We have all these great things we could do right by the campus like the stables. How about horse back riding for the students?. The anouncemnts for programs or plays available or even grants seem to be short notice. I find that things are sold out or closed the same day I get the emails. Why dont we see activities from the clubs?no announcements no welcoming or introduction of the club members to new students as of yet for me and I just finished my first semester . We should have a laboratory for science and chemistry. What fun is chemistry with no lab? OPEN A LAB.
I like the idea that I can take online courses while working full time. I can fit the classes into my schedule. The professors are quick to answer questions and counselors are helpful in answering any questions that I have. This has been a postive experience for me and I would recommend this school to anyone who would like to take classes at their leisure.
The class availability, awesome advisors and constant communication with professors has made my time at Suny Empire absolutely amazing. So much so that I’ve helped 3 others enroll.
Great school to learn as an adult. I am returning to college after a lengthy absent and the school, staff and faculty have made it an easy and rewarding return.
The one-on-one support here is pretty great and hard to beat! My advisor is fully on-board w what I'd like to accomplish and understands my perspective.
I admit that I wish that registration part of the website were designed a bit more intuitively-parts of it are difficult to navigate.
They go above and beyond to help alumni achieve their highest success. I've never felt more support from a college before. The professors accommodate their students and will work with you as along as you put the hard work into the class.

The students are huge on team work and building others up around them. Everyone wants to see you do your best and with that said we all help each other.
GREAT school for those exploring non-traditional options. Can convert life experience into credits, can do 100% online school, at a campus, or a mix of the two. Lots of specialized degree programs, with the opportunity to customize your degree to EXACTLY what you want to do. Want to specialize in a program or degree area that doesn't exist? You get to create it. All staff I've dealt with have been friendly, positive, and dedicated to seeing students succeed.
I work and attend school and the distance learning that is provided by Empire State College is easy to understand and taught by professors that genuinely care about their students. I would recomment this school to anyone who asked.
Diverse degree planning, excellent for full time workers, parents, older students. I finished my BS in one year.
This school has a wonderful online program. It is very straight forward and easy to use and navigate. I have been enrolled in other online programs and this is by far the best. Staff is wonderful and they have a great mentor program that they take very seriously.
I learned so much at this college! They offered a wide variety of courses, and I thoroughly enjoyed the diverse courses they offered. I love SUNY Empire State College!
This is not an easy college. You have to put the work in. I had studied more for these classes than when I attended CUNY many years earlier. Many teachers are involved and some are not as much. The class discussions are key to the most successful learner. I highly recommend this school for 100% MOOC online learning.
It is a great school with great faculty and professors. The degree selections are great and they have a wonderful distance learning program.
If you would be open to attending an affordable college, working with a mentor, and open to attending classes through an online experience then SUNY Empire might just be what you are looking for. (Especially if you live in New York State) SUNY Empire has many satellite campuses across the whole of New York State, with its main campus in Saratoga Springs, New York. I personally took classes online through the college; even though I lived in Rockland County, NY, there was a satellite campus right in Nanuet, NY (only 15-20 minutes from where I live.) The college is usually very good for working people, who possess a job and still want to take classes and earn their degree at the same time. The professors of Empire State are very helpful with all kinds of questions as well, according to my own experience. Overall it is a very good school of higher education.
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This is a great college for non-traditional students. If you are a working adult or parent with kids at home this school is designed for your convenience. I was both of these types of students at some point while attending and the flexibility to attend courses online or in a mixed classroom/online setting was the best!
The College allows you to personalize a degree plan to meet your needs, but the professors aren't as involved in the education process as most schools.
I am excited and happy with my experience so far with SUNY Empire State college. Though I haven’t started classes yet; talking to my mentor alone has helped me become more excited. I found SUNY Empire State College through a co-worker who loves going to the school online. I am excited to begin my future
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