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Dutchess was wake up call for me. I had way too much fun in high school and if I decided to go away to a big school I definitely would’ve failed out. Seeing all the kids I graduated with going off into the sunset while I’m driving to Poughkeepsie everyday humbled me. Gave me the motivation to get out of there. It’s a commuter school. But your hood up and earphones in and walk to class go to library study and get that paper. Honestly what’s more Important? Having fun now or having fun later when you have that Benz in driveway. I don't always drink beer. But when I do, I prefer Dos Equis. STAY THIRSTY MY FRIENDS.
Amazing environment, amazing professors, amazing advisors, decent food selection at the cafe. Awesome library access and other helpful sources from tutors such as the Academic Student Services Center, the Writing Center, etc. The only thing I would change is to have longer hours for science labs, art studio labs, and computer labs.
I have spent three semesters at Dutchess and currently enrolled in my fourth semester. I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes I have taken. The teachers at Dutchess have been a great help and really want the student to learn and eventually transfer on to a four year school. I am truly grateful for my decision to attend Dutchess for my first two years of college.
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Life at DCC had its ups and downs. Some day's the teachers felt like teaching, other days they just showed up to pass out unexplained work and collect a paycheck. I suppose I can say I can understand where their coming from, but I really cant. They chose the profession of teaching. They chose to teach in an inner city community, that has its fair share of problems. Granted, there are more problems in Poughkeepsie than most cities, it doesn't give teachers the excuse to be lazy about doing their jobs. They should be educating students, not coming to school to kill time and wait for the next check.
I took two dual enrollment courses here in Spanish. They were very informative and fun, with many interactive projects. If you want to learn Spanish and do it well, these are the classes to do it! (P.S., I got my credits for free. Very generous school!)
Dutchess Community College is a school that doesn't characterize their students in a way that makes one feel inferior to the other. All the professors I've had so far have been worth the while, giving great lectures and making the learning environment as comfortable as possible. The resources given to us are above what I expected and are available whenever needed. The adjustment to the life of a college student was an easy adjustment especially with the advisers provided to you.

The only thing that I would like to see change about SUNY Dutchess is the time frame that you have to edit your class schedule. This year, there was a snowstorm that impeded a lot of classes from being held because of the school having to close or professors cancelling class. That took a whole week away from the two week window students have to evaluate whether that professor is going to be beneficial to their education or learning style and change their class.
DO NOT DORM HERE. YOU WILL REGRET IT. You are treated like you are 5 years old. RA's & student desk workers are rude & nasty. The two guys in charge are only nice to the kids that they smoke pot with and play basketball and ignore everyone else. I feel like they purposely intimidate everyone living in the dorms, making me feel uncomfortable. Unfriendly staff & loud & rude students. There is nothing to do at all on campus. The campus shuts down after classes and there are no activities. You are trapped on campus with nothing to do unless you have a car and can drive yourself somewhere. But its a small town with nothing to do anyway. Mostly everyone dorming is from the bronx, and are extremely cliquey and nasty. If you don't fit in and act like them, they give you nasty looks and make comments. The atrium (food) is only open for a very small window of time so all the students act like animals while its open and take everything and make a mess. Very unpleasant people and experience.
I'm a 1978 graduate of DCC. I am married to a student that I met on campus. I still have friends that I met on campus. The professors were great and I loved have fond memories of my campus experience.
This is a small college and with all schools you have good and not so good professors. The bus system is not the greatest so to get around can be pretty hard. Sometimes you have to wait an hour or two for the next bus. Not much around the school so transportation is very important. The food is basically the same meal everyday but you can survive on it or order out. Safety is great on campus.
I've only experienced one semester of Dutchess Community College, but of what I've seen so far, it's great. I loved all my professors of all classes. They all brought they're own interesting style and were all very caring, intelligent people who I look up to and respect in many ways. All of them showed a real desire to help out the students who showed the motivation to do well. The campus is gorgeous, beautiful scenery, and the diversity in people makes it so that everyone can feel at home or have an adventure with learning a new culture. I like that I'm taking classes right on my path of career in my first semester ever in college. I'm very impressed and pleased.
I got to DCC by way of the Bridge Program through Arlington High School. All of the professors that I have had throughout my time have been wonderful. My advisor is great because he makes sure that I am taking all of the right classes. The downside is that the food is a tad expensive, but well worth-it! Overall, DCC is well worth it if you want to get requirements out of the way at a cheap cost and slowly transition into college life. The year and half I have spent at DCC have been some of the greatest moments in my life!
I like how dedicated the professors are, but a lot of the students are always slacking off and in some classes its really annoying
Honestly this is a great school, A lot of people from the area have always looked down upon it for being just a "community" college as if attending dutchess was only for failures. This school has great academics and faculty willing to help as long as you put the work in. The only downside to dutchess is its primarily commuter based students and the opportunity to meet new people isn't always present. Nevertheless, great academics for anyone whos undecided or needs a good stepping stone.
As a current student, I find that DCC is a great place for all sort s of different people. Dutchess Community College attracts people from all over the area. Just from attending the school I have met all sorts of different people I've never met before as well as had many new experiences. It is a great place to learn, work, live and connect with others.
My first semester at Dutchess is fairly good. I wish campus was smaller so my walks between classes aren't like mini-hikes. I also wish we had more sports to offer, I would love to see some sort of basketball football teams, especially a cheerleading team.
I wouldn't come here if you're looking to party, but if you want to save tons of money then I would highly recommend coming here!! Like any school, you have your good and bad professors, but the majority of them are willing to help. Certain classes fill up quickly, so be sure to register asap. Also, some are only offered in the spring, others are only offered in the fall, etc....
My professors here have been the best I've ever had, there are millions of free student services to pick from and a club for everything!
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My experience at Suny Dutchess was very memorable. From the courses to its professors, to the more than helpful student and academic services, there isnt anything that I would change.
This community college is an awesome school. The professors are very great. The most amazing part of going there is their cultural arts programs. The student atmosphere is highly engaging. Everyone there goes above and beyond to make sure the student utilize every resource necessary.
DCC has a great campus and professors. It has very low tuition as well which helps in a time like this where 4 year universities are so expensive. It was also great as a starting place. It got me used to college-level courses while still being at home. The academics are also great for a community college and so many courses are transferable to SUNYs that it makes transferring an easier process. There are also many on campus jobs available for students. The staff here are nice and mostly helpful. DCC was a great experience for me as my freshman year of college.
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