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SUNY Dutchess Community College Reviews

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Very affordable yet small enough to not get lost in the pack . Great professors, excellent academics with credits that transfer . Great bang for the buck !
The collage is so nice so many people are they to help it’s very organized I always got helped with anything I needed never had a problem with any of Staff can’t wait to continue to go to dutchess and get my degree
I cannot recommend Dutchess Community College enough as an excellent college for undergraduates. My professors supported me in every way a college student needs to be supported, in terms of generous office hours, special project and internship opportunities, and excellent approach to teaching. The state of the art gym and library facilities gave me plenty to do and see when I was not occupied with studying and field experience. Furthermore, Dutchess Community College completely covered my financial aid needs during all two years of the program: because of my high school grades I received full tuition for all semesters I attended. I hope more students will consider attending DCC!
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DCC is a great school and learning experience. I would recommend this school to anyone . Some of the current professors can be hard , some can be easy, some can be disoriented . They can be organized or disorganized depending.
My experience at DCC was incredible. I just graduated this year with my Associate's of Science in Engineering and my time at DCC has taught me so much. The teachers are incredible and helpful, and the community of students there are really nice. The clubs are also really fun, just make sure to balance studies and fun effectively. Overall, the classes are difficult but prepare you greatly for your future. DCC all the way!
I am currently a student attending dutchess community college. It is an incredible school that has tons of students drom different backgrounds and the campus is full of diverse students as well. The campus it's self is extraordinary and well kept. The professors are amazing and are alwaya their to help their students learn and thrive. It's been one if the best decisions that i have ever made in my life.
I enjoyed the general atmosphere of Dutchess Community College. There is an extensive amount of diversity, and the instruction I received while attending thus far has been nothing short of phenomenal.
For a community college it is great, if you are looking to save money on school DCC is a great place. The classes are very good I myself am a History major and the History program at DCC amazing and the teachers are very knowledgeable not only about history but about transfer options. Another good thing about DCC is that it is easy to get involved with the amount of clubs that the school has as well as Student Government.
SUNY Dutchess Community College is a great place to start your journey into higher education. It is an affordable, close to home option that offers a variety of classes and activities. Professors and staff are kind and very helpful, and students seem to enjoy their time here.
I enjoyed attending Dutchess. It had all the classes I wanted to take and attending there gave me the chance to decide my future. I have no complaints
I attended dutchess right after I graduated high school. Dutchess might get a bad rep among high school students because it is a community college. This is undeserving, I have had a very pleasant experience in my two years attending. The campus is actually pretty nice and the buildings are modern feeling. The staff is full of accomplished and capable professors who are able to apply their subjects with real world applications. Every professor I had really cared about the success of their students. Although many professors are adjunct professors they still make themselves open to their students on their off time. Dutchess is one of the best bang for your buck colleges out there. It is perfect for students who are looking to transfer to a four year school after words. The credits you earned at dutchess will almost certainly be accepted by other universities. By choosing this path you could save yourself thousands of dollars.
SUNY Dutchess is great for commuting students, but could add some amenities to make it a better overall experience. As someone who has graduated from another local private college and is coming back to DCC for a change in career, the classes at DCC rival those at the private college. For the most part, the professors are engaging and thoughtful with their classes. However, the one area that DCC could improve is with their food. I find myself not wanting any of the food at the cafeterias and having to leave campus. More healthy options in addition to the salad bar would be ideal.
I am currently attending DCC and I think it is a good school to go to if your not quite sure of what to do. It is very affordable to attend and the professors are great. You really get to enjoy going to classes and to gain knowledge in the career field you look to study in.
The food is Eh. The professors are Eh. The housing is Eh. Overall this school is kind of Eh. But what else can you expect from the cheapest school in NY?
Dutchess was wake up call for me. I had way too much fun in high school and if I decided to go away to a big school I definitely would’ve failed out. Seeing all the kids I graduated with going off into the sunset while I’m driving to Poughkeepsie everyday humbled me. Gave me the motivation to get out of there. It’s a commuter school. But your hood up and earphones in and walk to class go to library study and get that paper. Honestly what’s more Important? Having fun now or having fun later when you have that Benz in driveway. I don't always drink beer. But when I do, I prefer Dos Equis. STAY THIRSTY MY FRIENDS.
Amazing environment, amazing professors, amazing advisors, decent food selection at the cafe. Awesome library access and other helpful sources from tutors such as the Academic Student Services Center, the Writing Center, etc. The only thing I would change is to have longer hours for science labs, art studio labs, and computer labs.
I have spent three semesters at Dutchess and currently enrolled in my fourth semester. I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes I have taken. The teachers at Dutchess have been a great help and really want the student to learn and eventually transfer on to a four year school. I am truly grateful for my decision to attend Dutchess for my first two years of college.
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Life at DCC had its ups and downs. Some day's the teachers felt like teaching, other days they just showed up to pass out unexplained work and collect a paycheck. I suppose I can say I can understand where their coming from, but I really cant. They chose the profession of teaching. They chose to teach in an inner city community, that has its fair share of problems. Granted, there are more problems in Poughkeepsie than most cities, it doesn't give teachers the excuse to be lazy about doing their jobs. They should be educating students, not coming to school to kill time and wait for the next check.
I took two dual enrollment courses here in Spanish. They were very informative and fun, with many interactive projects. If you want to learn Spanish and do it well, these are the classes to do it! (P.S., I got my credits for free. Very generous school!)
Dutchess Community College is a school that doesn't characterize their students in a way that makes one feel inferior to the other. All the professors I've had so far have been worth the while, giving great lectures and making the learning environment as comfortable as possible. The resources given to us are above what I expected and are available whenever needed. The adjustment to the life of a college student was an easy adjustment especially with the advisers provided to you.

The only thing that I would like to see change about SUNY Dutchess is the time frame that you have to edit your class schedule. This year, there was a snowstorm that impeded a lot of classes from being held because of the school having to close or professors cancelling class. That took a whole week away from the two week window students have to evaluate whether that professor is going to be beneficial to their education or learning style and change their class.
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