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Since the accelerated nursing program is under a new director, it’s normal to see change and uncertainty throughout the program. However, with the support and help of faculty, the changes are miniscule and haven’t been hard to deal with.
SUNY Downstate all in all is a good school because it's affordable, diverse student population and workers are humble people. Administration can be a bit disorganized but I think that's a lot city schools. I think if you're looking for quality and affordable education, you can't go wrong with SUNY Downstate.
I am currently attending SUNY Downstate. The professors and students are great and motivated. However, the accelerated nursing program is missing organization. Schedules are not clear and it seems like nothing is set in stone. This can be frustrating for students.
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Taking the ABSN program at the moment; it's great! Hard work but I am loving it. The staff is friendly and helpful.
dont sleep on campus. just come to school to learn
dont know much about it i go to school to study and work
not a sports fan and dont participate in sports or extra curricular activities
suny downstate is a wonderful school and relatively affordable, being that it is a State University. the professors are approachable and the work is manageable. It would be very helpful if they shortened the RN-BSN program since I had the whole summer off (May-August) which was a waste of time and would have made it easier to get a job had I been able to graduate sooner. Thank you
My college is by far one of the best college's I have attended. The professor are extremely knowledgeable and are always willing to help you. I would recommend SUNY Downstate to anyone who is considering the medical field. Everyone on campus are extremely nice and always willing to help you. I wish I had found this school a little sooner then my junior year. My program only have 25 people in our class so, everyone is close to each other. We are a little family. I graduate in a year and a half; I can not wait to graduate but it is going to be hard to leave this amazing college.
The teachers really get to know you on a personal level. You feel cared about in your program.
There are many houses close to the school, where landlords rent out rooms to students. The location is very convenient.
There are a few Caribbean restaurants near the school that have good prices and great tasting food options.
There are many attractions in the surrounding neighborhood, as well as in other neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Also, a short subway ride to Manhattan provides more parks, shopping, museums, and other attractions.
It is not called an internship, but independent study, where we shadow an RN in a specific medical field of interest. This is not paid. While the experience is very meaningful and informative, the process to having everything finalized and set up is a hassle. It is very disorganized and as a result, some students had to take an incomplete for this class, and complete the hours over the winter break.
Since this is mainly continuing ed, scholarships are very popular. most people get the loans they need, though. The staff in the office are absolute gems and make the experience as simple and quick as possible.
There are 2 buildings for housing. The central air doesn't work so you will be miserable in the hard seasons. The space is good, and the residents are friendly enough. But that central air makes everything miserable.
There are no varsity sports. There is a basketball court and tennis courts on campus, which dont get heavy use. The gym is a nightmare. Small, no circulation, broken machines, and leaks. The cardio equipment is old and impossible to get a spot on. The benches are falling apart, wobbly, and need new pads. I would suggest joining the planet fitness on flatbush ave or just running in Prospect Park
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The campus hall is run by Sodexo. If you get there during peak hours its a frustrating wait and the salad bar will be empty. The wit for the sandwiches is long but usually worth it. They have a burger and fry station but the buns are usually stale and the fries are luke warm at best. the pizza is atrocious (go out for pizza, its brooklyn).
I am in the accelerated nursing program, which takes students with previous bachelor preparation and moves them through nursing courses in 15 months for a BSN. It is hectic a lot fo the times, administration can be disorganized, and faculty is not always the most keen, but for SUNY prices, it cannot be beat if you have a little self-motivation.
As in any school, some professors leave a lot to be desired. On the other hand, some professors will go out of their way to help with the smallest of things. It is a small cohort, so building relationships with professors is fairly easy. Professors do a good job sticking to their office hours or making students aware of changes. Clinical placement has proven to be disorganized and frustrating throughout the entirety of the program. Registration is pretty simple since the curriculum is so structured, so getting into classes is no trouble. The office of the bursar is very friendly and acceptable for any financial matters.
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