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Campus life is great. Classes are engaging are the professors are very helpful and willing to help. The school has many sources for help. Overall a great school.
Awesome college. There is a great selection of majors from Business to Professional Golf Management, Nursing, and Veterinary Science. Great culture and atmosphere. Great student opportunities from Greek life to investment clubs, SUNY Delhi is a great place for each individual student to find something their passionate about. As a senior at SUNY Delhi I can say the college offers a lot of great opportunities and the staff that will help make those opportunities come true. The staff is all about the students and at the end of the day the students success is what they care about.
I chose SUNY Delhi because it was one of the only schools that offered an all-online RN to BSN program. I appreciate the flexibility and the fact that a class in this program only takes 6.5 weeks.
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Professors very Inbolved. Clinical time for RN to BSN program is a bit excessive. Overall it’s a good program and the timeframe for achieving an assignment is great. Email communication is very good and office hours are reasonable.
I love the communication with the teachers. The food has gotten way better. The dorms are pretty good overall as long as youre not in russell or murphy hall. People are very helpful and friendly. Beware of townies.
SUNY Delhi is a perfect balance between partying and working, coming here is a good choice. It’s fun and the people here are amazing
I love this school! I met some of my closest friends here. I really enjoy the program that I'm currently enrolled in, I get so much hands on experience that has proved to be useful in the real world.
Pretty big campus size. People including teaches and staff are helpful and nice. It feels pretty safe and the food isn't terrible. I'm excited to start.
Delhi hasn't given me any spectacular experience. I've been going to sleep away camp and visiting family in the south my whole life so the environment wasn't anything new. The school as a whole doesn't come together for sporting events but they do support the greek life.
I love the fact that everyone is close and connected with each other especially the staff as well. When i went to visit SUNY Delhi i felt real comfortable fast. The staff were nice individuals and they welcome colleagues with respect and kindness. As a freshmen entering Delhi I would love to blend it with the community and programs as well. What i think should get better is the community in the area outside of the campus. There barely any activities that i know of that can help us enjoy ourselves for people that are far from home.
SUNY Delhi is a great school. It has diversity and a variety of school activities and sports. There is also a good amount of majors to choose from.
Suny Delhi is in a very small town with not much to do; however the school itself is a great school to gain an education. Suny Delhi has been ranked as one of the better small schools in the nation.
I love SUNY Delhi. The Construction management program is very diverse with, hands on labs, lectures, computer and technology classes. They are great at making sure you have access to computers to do homework on. The campus is small and easily navigated. All of The professors are always there for help during office hours and through email. The only thing I would like to change is the food.
While my experience with SUNY Delhi has been strictly through online classes, it is an excellent university with supportive and creative professors. I really appreciate how the classes are completed in 7 week periods, allowing me to focus on one class at a time yet fit in 2 classes each semester. The required text books are always appropriate and utilized throughout each class they are required for. The SUNY philosophy is for students to be self driven learners, yet I have felt supported in each class with quick responses from my professors when questions arise. I am fortunate to attend SUNY because it is the only way I could fit classes into my irregular and busy schedule. Finally, SUNY is affordable; even though I am out of state, it is less expensive than other in-state colleges I have considered (Vermont Tech for example).
This school is only good if you're a culinary arts, vet tech, nursing and artitecture major. If you have a major besides the ones listed then don't waste your time considering this school because those are the academic interests that they really focus on and pay a lot of attention to.

From my experience, I didn't think that my professors really cared or showed interest in their students unless they were fond of you. For the most part they were gonna get payed regardless. My classroom environment felt worst than high school, there was no togetherness or unity. If students knew each other then they just stick with who they knew.

As for residence life and food, my dorm room had no heat for the winter. I had to go to bed with two blankets or always had a jacket on when I'm studying or doing homework. You only have two options of places to eat from. Both were disgusting as a result of most the food being packaged or canned food.
I am a freshman in SUNY Delhi and so far i am enjoying my experience. You have multiple choices of food. For example, in a dining hall called "MacDonald", there are new options almost everyday. There are also places that stay open late at night such as "Treat Street" and the " C-Store"
I am a freshmen college student that attends SUNY Delhi and I major Criminal Justice I enjoyed the beginning of the semester because there was so much events and I was just getting used to being a college student which included learning new things and new people. I would like the school to have more fun activities because freshmen are always looking for something to do that interacts with each other.
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My classes are okay. My professors have been good too. The coursework is average, sometimes difficult, but I always manage to get all of my work done. Whenever I have questions or concerns about assignments, I always look for help with my professors, or go to tutoring.
I took a St.Joseph's College Writing course in my HS. I did good in that class. They gave me 3 credits, which I was able to transfer to SUNY Delhi. I did not have to take freshman comp. My AP Spanish credits also transferred to SUNY Delhi.
I do not think many will value a degree from SUNY Delhi, but I'm working on getting my associates here and then plan to transfer to a more well known institution. The quality of the career center/services on campus are good.
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