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Suny Delhi has Veterinary Science Technology major (associate and bachelor degree)
Campus is located countryside.
What I like about SUNY Delhi is that the staff there makes sure that everyone is or can be included in something. No one is ever left out. The department of activities always makes sure that there is something for everyone to be apart of.
Everyone is very welcoming and overall pleasant. The views are beautiful and it is a simple campus. Everywhere is easy to get to. Overall amazing.
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If you're looking for a place to focus on gaining knowledge that will help you in your future, SUNY Delhi is the place. The campus offers you many benefits such as a quiet area, professors who care and are willingly ready to help you achieve your goals. My first year experience was great, I got help from various staff members and even upperclassmen who genuinely care about not only their education but your own too. SUNY Delhi is a small community that cares for each and every one of their students. They have a wide variety of clubs and organizations that fit the needs and requirements of students if you don't want to only focus on your school work. Get Involved with the community and it will be beneficial when you graduate.
I liked the atmosphere, the students, and the teachers. SUNY Delhi offers help with learning and finding jobs.
It's a really neat environment. Students interact with professors in the daily especially in small classes. These professors treat you as if you are their own. They want to see you exceed in life. They do everything in there power by calling different work places to come in for a day so students are able to meet them. They call up past colleagues as well as send out your resume this way you could have more options
Best school to go to for Veterinary Science Technology! Lots of hands on with the help of great professors and staff. I highly recommend this school.
I like the friendly professors and staff that work there. I like having professors I can always go talk to when I am having any kind of problems or need help with something. I love the atmosphere and environment. I love the beauty of nature that surrounds the college campus. I enjoy open campus that allows my friends and I to walk around campus when the weather is good. I like that there are always activities going on over the weekends to entertain the students and families that come visit our school. I like that my friends have the opportunity to get jobs on campus as a way to make money.
SUNY Delhi is a great school that offers many opportunities to students who are interested. There are numerous clubs, organizations, and student activities that anyone can take part in. The overall vibe here is very laid back, but the academics demand hard work. Overall, I would recommend this school to others.
I enjoy attending this college because the professors are good at teaching and making sure the students understand the material. I think the school is good at providing for each student whether it be physical disabilities or having different diets. The weather in upstate is something to get used to because the winter here lasts very long and snows a lot, but in the buildings there is heat and when there are snow days they have activities for the students.
SUNY Delhi is a beautiful university in the foothills of the Catskill mountains. Some of the views are even breathtaking. The academics are what count, and the professors really care to see you succeed. Many of them were even students themselves here. They are all original and dynamic people that you will be glad to learn from.
The student body is relatively diverse, and there is a good mix of various ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. There is a surprising number of different clubs to join, and you will love living on campus. The food is pretty good, especially considering it is a pretty small school. There is its own culinary school, so that definitely helps the quality. 0The town of Delhi is pretty quiet and small, but there is a number of restaurants/bars and events that take place.
Whether it is for nursing, golf, construction, vet tech, or many other options, SUNY Delhi is a beautiful, inexpensive and quality school that you won't regret being a part of.
Smaller classes sizes allow for a close bond with the teachers. All the teachers are looking for their students to succeed and will always help if one asks. The town is small, not much to do. But that's not a problem if you know how to entertain yourself. Dorms are okay. Riverview is the best of them, but it is still group living.
Campus life is great. Classes are engaging are the professors are very helpful and willing to help. The school has many sources for help. Overall a great school.
Awesome college. There is a great selection of majors from Business to Professional Golf Management, Nursing, and Veterinary Science. Great culture and atmosphere. Great student opportunities from Greek life to investment clubs, SUNY Delhi is a great place for each individual student to find something their passionate about. As a senior at SUNY Delhi I can say the college offers a lot of great opportunities and the staff that will help make those opportunities come true. The staff is all about the students and at the end of the day the students success is what they care about.
I chose SUNY Delhi because it was one of the only schools that offered an all-online RN to BSN program. I appreciate the flexibility and the fact that a class in this program only takes 6.5 weeks.
Professors very Inbolved. Clinical time for RN to BSN program is a bit excessive. Overall it’s a good program and the timeframe for achieving an assignment is great. Email communication is very good and office hours are reasonable.
I love the communication with the teachers. The food has gotten way better. The dorms are pretty good overall as long as youre not in russell or murphy hall. People are very helpful and friendly. Beware of townies.
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SUNY Delhi is a perfect balance between partying and working, coming here is a good choice. It’s fun and the people here are amazing
I love this school! I met some of my closest friends here. I really enjoy the program that I'm currently enrolled in, I get so much hands on experience that has proved to be useful in the real world.
Pretty big campus size. People including teaches and staff are helpful and nice. It feels pretty safe and the food isn't terrible. I'm excited to start.
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