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Very good, it's a smaller school, which I was looking for. Just about everyone I've talked to has been very friendly and willing to help if I had any issues.
All lectures were online this last semester. Professors helped in any way they could, but I don't think everyone is used to online just yet. Zoom meetings were offered for study sessions, classes or just to talk if we needed to.
The online classes were great because the professors understood the whole concept of and challenge. Although they were a bit of a challenge you still managed to get a hang of it after about week with dealing with all the classes.
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If you know how to manage your time and make time to have enjoyment, but be able to do your work it would be a great experience.
I completed my BSN degree through Delhi’s online RN to BSN program. This was a phenomenal program. The online layout was well-organized, the professors were top notch (with most being highly accessible) and I felt as though I received a quality education. At the time I went through the program, this was probably the least expensive program I could find. Don’t get me wrong, this program is a lot of work. I have friends who started the program and decided it was too much. However, I learned information that my husband (also an RN) didn’t touch on until his Master’s program. This is a high quality education with an amazing caliber of professors. My only critique would be this college leans strongly to the left politically, with subtle (and many times not so subtle) jabs towards those with other beliefs. I did not appreciate this. I came here for an education, not to be told how to think. With that said, I would still recommend the actual BSN program.
When I went through the BSN online program, they used the Moodle platform. I found this relatively straightforward and easy to use with the exception of a couple quirky things. The only class that was difficult from an online learning perspective was the Health Assessment class. They use a virtual patient, and obviously you just don’t learn assessment skills as well online as you do in person.
The classes were created to be in person. It is difficult to make a change like that. I also learn better when someone is teaching it to me in person. its harder to learn this way.
I love all of the professors and the campus life is nice. I was afraid to go to college but everyone here is so welcoming. the staff and professors are really here to help you and want you to succeed.
It's a wonderful school to get the full college experience and really get to know teachers/advisors. Everyone is very friendly and has a positive outlook.
I had to learn to take classes online due to COVID-19. It was very hard at first, but my teachers knew how to instruct me in the right direction.
At SUNY Delhi they use an online learning platform in all classes that allow for easy and accessible learning. The professors are very good at using this platform and connecting it into their courses. They are able to assign homework, tests, and quizzes as well as homework ,assignments and general information their students need.
Overall, SUNY Delhi has been an amazing experience academically, and personally. At SUNY Delhi they encourage everyone to be their best and do their best, and are always ready and willing to help. The atmosphere at this school is the reason I decided SUNY Delhi was the school for me. The course they offer are unique and are the best in making their students job ready. With hands on learning in labs students really get the experience they need to succeed in their career.
Yes , I took the rest of my spring 2020 online , due to covid-19. My professors did a really good job adjustment moving our classes to online, they were really helpful and did the best they could to make sure everyone understood the material.
I like mostly everything about Delhi, its a really nice and calm for a college setting. Everyone is welcoming and open arms at Delhi and it was nice coming in as a freshman.
took one online class during my previous enrollment in SUNY Delhi it was challanging yet i enjoyed it.
I enjoyed going to school at SUNY Delhi. as a local student I commuted, and having graduated from a small town school it was not too big of a size shock to go to SUNY Delhi. infact I loved it so much i am going back to attend nursing school.
I loved visiting the college and cant wait to go there. I am currently taking some of the online courses they offer.
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SUNY Delhi is a good college. What I like about it is that the school is very diverse. If I could change anything about Delhi it would have to be the campus food, the reason why I'm saying this is because I know the food can be better.
SUNY Delhi has a wonderful RN to BSN program. The instructors are very knowledgeable, and I am lucky to have an attentive advisor. This program has opened my eyes to other areas of nursing, and I feel empowered and ready to spread my wings!
The campus is small. It's a small college. Russell Hall has small sections with rooms with bathrooms with three sinks, two showers, and two toilets in them. Some of the showers work properly while others don't. For example, the left shower in the bathroom near my room only has hot water. Majority of the class sizes are small, so the professors get to know you on a personal level. They show movies that are currently in theaters in the Okun theater on campus.
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