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The full on college experience with living on your own and having to go through the phases of friendships and career. Diversity is a huge deal at this school. Don't get me wrong they are accepting more African Americans but it is still a huge gap that is slowly closing. President bitterbaum though is AMAZING!
SUNY Cortland is a great school. I'm a biomedical sciences major and you get the opportunities to know your presentations. Campus life is great as lon as you try to be involved. Winter is very cold though
My first year here at Cortland and I love it here. Nice people and everybody is helpful and the school have great food.
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The classes are challenging while keeping you interested. However, I had bad experiences with advisors not being able to provide me with answers I had due to not knowing the information I was looking for. Also, I was made to take additional math and science classes for a psych major, when I had previously been told that the math/science requirements were completed through the college courses I took in high school. Overall, I have had a good experience at Cortland, with a few minor set backs.
The professors are very caring and the staff is generally friendy. The student life center is an athletes definition of absolute heaven. The meal plans are WAY over priced though. At cheapest, $2000 per semester. The bus service is almost falsely advertised too. They talk about it like there is a bus every 5 minutes, but thats only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 7:20-3:00 and then it goes down to 1 every half an hour at West Campus. If you are a Physical Education major, this school is perfect for you though. A lot of resources and opportunities over all.
SUNY Cortland offers a great small town feel as well as beautiful facilities such as Dowd Art Gallery and the Student Life Center. The professors are wonderful and genuinely care for the success of their students.
This is a smaller school without much diversity. A lot of people from Long Island go to this school. It is very sport oriented. It has an amazing life center for working outo, swimming, playing basketball and has a separate multiparty court. The biggest down fall is the layout of the campus with it being on a hill.
SUNY Cortland has been an overall great experience. It has helped me grow as a person and become more responsible as an adult. All of the course I have taken haven been beneficial for me and the professors are extremely helpful. They want to their students to succeed and will try to help you be successful if the effort is shown.
Wide variety of clubs, intramurals, and activities to be a part of. Very accommodating to transfer students and the professors are very approachable and helpful!
Cortland is a school for a specific type of person. If you visit and say wow these are the same annoying people I hated in high school then stay away from Cortland. The professors are pretty good and there are a lot of programs to choose from. The dorms are dirty and loud and many are outdated. If youre looking for high quality dorms from a SUNY look at Bing. Athletics is a major part of Cortland as it should be (one of the top PE schools in the country) If you're looking for a very modern and updated school, try other schools. The acceptance rate might seem low but you'd be surprised when you get here.
I love the academics at SUNY Cortland--we have one of the best faculties in the entire SUNY system. All classes and clubs are small, so people who want to get involved can do so quickly. The school itself, however, does not pay attention to diversity, and the Multicultural Life Office does a poor job of putting representation in the right hands.
I absolutely loved my department and professors. My major complaints involve the set up of campus itself. It is a very long campus with very little student parking. Majority of the parking is in one area of campus and you must catch a bus in order to get to class at the other end of campus. If you miss the bus or there's no room then you're sure to be late to class. Cortland needs a car garage! MORE STUDENT PARKING!
Good school overall. Everyone is willing to be there for you when you need help. Everyone is friendly and supportive of who you really are.
Cortland is always sending emails on new opportunities that students can take part in.
The professors really care about seeing their students do well in their classes.
I feel very safe on this campus.
I love living on campus, I just wish the people in my hall were more social.
Review SUNY Cortland
Many non-Greek students are not really fans of Greek students.
Our school is very focused on sports and being spirited to games, this is one of the reasons why I love Cortland so much!
What I love so much about my school is that we are a very high spirited community.
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