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The professors were very knowledgeable and helpful. Many professional opportunities as well as campus activities were available. All offices were friendly and efficient in response to questions. The campus is very diverse.
My experience at SUNY Cortland has been good. The professors are amazing, most people are nice, and the parties are fun at first. After a while, you begin to outgrow them. SUNY Cortland has a lot to offer, you just have to be willing to take advantage of opportunities. One thing that I would like to see change is the food on campus. The food isn't that great at the dining halls and they serve the same meals over and over and over again.
SUNY Cortland has a very tightly knit student body, and a tremendous group of professors and educators. Through my time here, I’ve learned, grown, and been pushed closer to a career in the field that I want
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SUNY Cortland is an awesome college! I studied sport management and all the professors in my department have real-world experience in the industry which is important. We have a state of the art fitness center which has anything you can imagine, and probably more. Going to varsity games is fun and the dining halls are decent. If you like to party, youll love Cortland even more. There is always a reason to go out and drink with your friends and the bar scene is legit. If youre not a partier, thats cool too, there is always SO much going on campus youre sure to have fun without drinking. The city itself is a neat, they recently received a 10 million dollar grant to renovate downtown. Huge economy boost. Syracuse's Destiny mall is a half hour away and SUNY Cortland sponsors trips to go there so if you or your friends dont have a car, you’re good. Ithaca is 25 minutes away and is a very cool town, theres trails to hike and its great if you just want to get away from Cortland for the day
I love the huge campus, the welcoming staff and students, the food, and everything else that comes with it! The only thing I would change would be the parking situation. I would add a parking lot or two because many times it’s hard to find a spot. I think SUNY Cortland has excellent professors and offers many different types of classes for everyone.
I have just finished my first year at SUNY Cortland and I LOVE IT there is so much things to do on campus and the on campus activities and the campus culture is really great. The advisors are very helpful and the sport teams are very competitive we've won against Ithaca 6 years in a row! GO RED DRAGONS! My only suggestion would be there should be more diversity but they try to make it up with the Black Student Union.
The school is a very good teaching school and for many other things, you get to meet great people and learn a bunch of things to prepare you for your future. Even though, it is cold the campus and parties are not hard to get to. The professors that i have had my first semester here were excellent, they were all very helpful and would go over things with you during their office hours if needed.
Cortland si very large and beautiful. They have a lot of opportunities to join clubs, greek life, and other extracurriculars.
In my personal experience, I felt like I was forced out of a major I started out indie to the environment of the class room and the students. Professors are decent, you get the good and the bad like everywhere else in any major. There isn't much to do if you aren't into physical activities and sports or drinking on the weekends. My current major has a very small department which is good because you get to know your professors but also can effect you if you do poorly in one course because you'll most likely have that professor for multiple courses.
Coming into Cortland, I had no idea what to expect, but I have come to love the college, my major, and all my professors. The student life is great and there is always something happening on campus that you can join in on. The surrounding area is not the best, but we are very close to Ithaca and Syracuse.
SUNY Corrected is unbelievable! The professors are great and the student-life and atmosphere is awesome.
Very comfortable campus and kind people in town. The food is good, and there's a lot of variety. If you're from a big city like I am, the town will get very boring fast since all there's only parties and nature based activities. Very quiet area, you could study in the forest if you really wanted to.
I was tripled in a room with two best friends. How awkward is that?!! It was a horrible experience I left after a few days. I felt so uncomfortable. It's a party school full of jocks and more than half the freshman are tripled. My dorm room was in the basement and it was dank and dark and dingy. My professors were nutty. Buildings hard to navigate. The #1 reason I had to leave though was the room. It was tiny tiny tiny. These girls had been best friends their whole lives it was so uncomfortable, they just wanted to talk to each other. Cortland is notorious for tripling and when I say that I'm not kidding. If you want a regular dorm room don't go here. Half the population is from Long Island, seriously. The food is AWFUl!! You would think that you're paying $5,000 for a meal plan you'd get some decent food but I had to walk to town to buy food in a little minimart next to a dunkin just to get some crappy gas station food for breakfast.
Being a first generation college student, I felt a lot of pressure to be the best, but I feel like all my worries are gone! I feel like the staff and professors really have a drive to help the students succeed.
I transferred to SUNY Cortland last year, and it has been the greatest choice I have ever made. Cortland welcomes all students with open arms and endless opportunities. Going into my second year at Cortland, it has been the longest summer of my life and I just cant wait to get back to my favorite place in the world.
The staff is caring and understanding, and I have never had a negative experience with the institution. I have attended two other universities, and SUNY Cortland is by far the best one. I'm proud to be a Red Dragon!
I like SUNY Cortland, but I come from a town on Long Island that holds such diversity, that I became home sick once I went away from college because I missed the diverse environment. I feel that students on campus aren't very accepting of people different from them, but of course, there's always those types of people anywhere you go. But, this school does have it's share of very sweet students and the faculty is amazing. Each professor I've had I felt that I could go to with any problem I had and they were always available, as well as very understanding.
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SUNY Cortland was a great environment for anyone looking to be involved in school spirit, sporting events, greek life and extra curricular activities. There was always a lot to be involved in, whether that was academically or outside of school. I was a transfer student which was much harder to adapt to, because most people already had their groups of friends or were already settled in their houses, etc.
The full on college experience with living on your own and having to go through the phases of friendships and career. Diversity is a huge deal at this school. Don't get me wrong they are accepting more African Americans but it is still a huge gap that is slowly closing. President bitterbaum though is AMAZING!
SUNY Cortland is a great school. I'm a biomedical sciences major and you get the opportunities to know your presentations. Campus life is great as lon as you try to be involved. Winter is very cold though
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