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SUNY Cortland was my dream college I did everything I could to get into this school but was admitted for the spring semester freshman year. I knew coming halfway through the year would be hard but it was unbearable. All the students are rude and snobby so its hard to make friends. I suggest joining a sorority but dont get your hopes up because it is EXTREMELY exclusive and hard to get a bid for no reason. The housing is awful sophomores and junior transfers in freshman dorms what is up with that. The food is ok, if you eat at bistro your basically eating nothing, it is all gluten free, salt free, vegan and meatless meat whatever that means. I came back to this school to give it a chance during fall semester but im probably transferring. The town is boring theres nothing to do and the townies are scary. The parties arent that much fun and the cops always come, the bars are also impossible to get into. One positive I do have is the work and classes are very manageable.
I love the amount of things to do in and off campus. There are many sporting events, clubs, shows, and other things to stay involved on campus. Off campus there’s many bars but also tons of food to enjoy. All the grocery stores and local markets are also very close to the college. There’s even a shuttle that will take you to Walmart. The classes are nice, could use more AC in the buildings but the professors do their best to help be involved. The campus also offers many tutoring resources such as SI sessions, classrooms with TA’s, the tutoring center and a night owl program to help students online during later hours.
I love the learning atmosphere in SUNY Cortland. The teachers are amazing, and they offer lots of one-on-one experiences. The library also promotes floors for different talking levels so you can do work in peace.
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SUNY Cortland is a great school to excel academically and socially! The professors are willing to work with students to ensure that they are understanding the course material and getting the best grades possible. There are also resources such as tutoring, the library, and study sessions available to students who want to go the extra mile to do well. In addition, there are numerous amounts of clubs and organizations to become involved in on campus. One draw back is class space is limited, so when registering for classes, a lot of students may not get into the classes they need to take. Also, there is a lack of diversity, but it is going to increase with the incoming classes. I suggest visiting the school/ talking with the admissions office/visiting the school's website for more!
SUNY Cortland is an exceptional school. With diversity and opportunities at every corner, it's hard for people to not like it there. With the help of the close-nit dorms and the passion to make new friends, students call this place home. Outside of the campus can be deceptive but down the one-way main street is where people often see different. With many student friendly restaurants, bistros, and coffee shops people seem to find the small country town quite comforting. SUNY Cortland has many unique factors about it but the one thing that stands out is the student life. Many are passionate about what they do there and what they are trying to accomplish whether it be academics, athletics, clubs, music, or groups, students strive off each other and are willing to learn from each other.
My overall experience of Cortland was great. I enjoyed my classes, the campus, and my peers. There was a great balance between my academic and social life. There were many social events, clubs, and organizations to be apart of. The only complaint would be that over my four years being there the campus dining facilities changed drastically - which was not very appealing. But overall Cortland is a great environment to learn, get your degree, and have fun while doing it.
I enjoy SUNY Cortland because It's a smaller school then most other 4 year colleges. It has off campus housing available after you have lived on campus for two years. There is also parking available for freshman which I thought was nice because most other colleges don't allow freshman to have cars their first year.
SUNY Cortland is like a big family. The facuilty and professors go out their way to know students and build a relationship with students. Their are so many clubs on campus to keep to busy.
Wifi/cell phone reception is terrible. Freshman have to park in the D lot, at least a mile from dorms. bus/shuttle system is inconsistent. Cortland has three, below average, main dining options on campus run through ASC. If you plan to go out to the bars or parties, plan on the local police joining you in the festivities, giving out tickets like they're throwing dollar bills in a strip club. Academically workload is easy and manageable.
Great place to be! Wonderful people, beautiful campus. Dorms are great! I would prefer to be in a double rather than a triple, but I have no other complaints. I enjoy the overall atmosphere of the people and scenery. The school has a way of making learning very enjoyable. the teachers are great and very easy to understand. My one real problem with the school is the area around the school. The area is very quiet which in way is a good thing, but I would prefer the area to be more commercial.
SUNY Cortland is a school that everyone's an athlete. I find it very interesting to see how many people go to the student life center to play sports and workout. SUNY Cortland Also provides a large variety of different sports to play during the school year. SUNY Cortland's teachers are also amazing they have treated me amazing in my transition form high school to college helping me further my intelligence and move further on in life with a better understanding of different subjects.
Cortland is know as being a bar school, in the first few weeks of the semester there are open frat & house parties but after that you need to be part of a frat or sport to attend parties. Downtown has a great bar scene with great deals but they can be difficult to get into because of how strict the cops are. Overall Cortland is average for academics but is know for its night life.
The professors were very knowledgeable and helpful. Many professional opportunities as well as campus activities were available. All offices were friendly and efficient in response to questions. The campus is very diverse.
My experience at SUNY Cortland has been good. The professors are amazing, most people are nice, and the parties are fun at first. After a while, you begin to outgrow them. SUNY Cortland has a lot to offer, you just have to be willing to take advantage of opportunities. One thing that I would like to see change is the food on campus. The food isn't that great at the dining halls and they serve the same meals over and over and over again.
SUNY Cortland has a very tightly knit student body, and a tremendous group of professors and educators. Through my time here, I’ve learned, grown, and been pushed closer to a career in the field that I want
SUNY Cortland is an awesome college! I studied sport management and all the professors in my department have real-world experience in the industry which is important. We have a state of the art fitness center which has anything you can imagine, and probably more. Going to varsity games is fun and the dining halls are decent. If you like to party, youll love Cortland even more. There is always a reason to go out and drink with your friends and the bar scene is legit. If youre not a partier, thats cool too, there is always SO much going on campus youre sure to have fun without drinking. The city itself is a neat, they recently received a 10 million dollar grant to renovate downtown. Huge economy boost. Syracuse's Destiny mall is a half hour away and SUNY Cortland sponsors trips to go there so if you or your friends dont have a car, you’re good. Ithaca is 25 minutes away and is a very cool town, theres trails to hike and its great if you just want to get away from Cortland for the day
I love the huge campus, the welcoming staff and students, the food, and everything else that comes with it! The only thing I would change would be the parking situation. I would add a parking lot or two because many times it’s hard to find a spot. I think SUNY Cortland has excellent professors and offers many different types of classes for everyone.
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I have just finished my first year at SUNY Cortland and I LOVE IT there is so much things to do on campus and the on campus activities and the campus culture is really great. The advisors are very helpful and the sport teams are very competitive we've won against Ithaca 6 years in a row! GO RED DRAGONS! My only suggestion would be there should be more diversity but they try to make it up with the Black Student Union.
The school is a very good teaching school and for many other things, you get to meet great people and learn a bunch of things to prepare you for your future. Even though, it is cold the campus and parties are not hard to get to. The professors that i have had my first semester here were excellent, they were all very helpful and would go over things with you during their office hours if needed.
Cortland si very large and beautiful. They have a lot of opportunities to join clubs, greek life, and other extracurriculars.
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