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If you are looking for a good party school this is one. you can go to the bar multiple times a week and there are always tons of frat parties. Greek life is pretty big but if you don't want to take part in it its still insanely easy to get into parties. The way the campus is set up is annoying basically every academic building is up on a hill and the dorms are spread out all over the place. The surrounding area of cortland is a crap hole. its really sketchy and gross (watch out for townies). The campus food is average to below average. theres a lot of gross healthy food. the breakfast is really good though. If you're not involved in athletics your a minority at SUNY Cortland. It's a huge part of campus life. Overall, I had a fun time at Cortland and I met friends for life.
I love how helpful the professors are and the facilities are great! The dining halls are clean and the food is amazing. There is such great diversity and SUNY Cortland is welcoming to all. I highly recommend this college!
I love the diversity and social buzz since Cortland is close to other larger colleges you can meet new people every day. The sports and athletic department is great and so are the professors.
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I'm a sophomore Musical Theater major and I love it here, the staff is always so friendly whether it be janitorial, employees at dining halls, or professors!
Not at all diverse, lots of racism among students. There were blackface parties. The school is really good and does a lot for its students but if you're not white you should think really hard about coming here. The town is very trashy and racist-don't feel safe there. Good academics, campus, activities, but social culture is horrifying. You better like drinking and sports.
What I loved about SUNY Cortland was that everyone that went there was very similar to me. We were all interested in sports and very outgoing. I liked the social aspect and the campus very much.
I am now a sophomore and have met many great people at Cortland University. My professors are amazing and am getting a great education!
SUNY Cortland is a great school. The dorms are great and the people here are all so very nice. It isn't the best with helping your college expenses.
As part of the executive board of the Student Government Association, I have have the opportunity to be involved as a leader on campus. This experience has highlighted SUNY Cortland's activate student body and campus pride. I transferred to the university two years ago and since then I have been supported by professors and peers to accomplish my goals. Additionally, I was placed on a 'transfer floor' within my dorm building which made my social life much easier. I feel safe on campus and the University Police make a huge effort to build relationships with the entire student body. Almost every student I know is actively involved on campus which motivated myself to join the Student Government Association last year. My position in the organization has given me self confidence, a sense of family, along with morals and values. The decision to transfer to SUNY Cortland was one of the best decisions I have ever made because I found my home away from home.
The classes and food are good, campus life is thriving. However the advisers frequently make mistakes that end up hurting their students.
The atmosphere is great, it feels like a home away from home. There are always activities on campus, which is a great way to open up and meet new people.
Cortland is a great college. I have only been here for a year but there's no place i'd rather go to college. I found an amazing group of friends, a place I feel welcome and a home away from home.
SUNY Cortland offers many resources in order to help students achieve their goals. Students are welcomed to a friendly environment when they move in. The professors help each student by offering extra credit, office hours and resources. Students can also join numerous clubs, sports or greek life to meet new people and create networks and relationships they can have after they graduate.
SUNY Cortland is a great school. It helps form relationships that will last a life time. Cortland however is not very diverse and the weather does get pretty bad. The overall quality of life on Cortland campus is very good.
I had an amazing experience at SUNY Cortland where I learned from experienced and helpful professors, was able to become very active through an array of students clubs and organizations and really felt like my campus was a tight knit community. The school does however, lack diversity, but is making strides towards improving such.
I love how much SUNY Cortland has to offer. Being an exercise science major I feel that I have a plethora of resources to use and am receiving the best education to further my career
I enjoy the atmosphere of the community. Cortland is a school with a lot of diversity and it is shown by the large support of the student body at campus events. Classroom sizes are on the smaller side and teachers are committed to helping all students succeed in their classes.
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Teaching is average. Professors are not anything special some terrible professors and some nice and helpful professors. Everyone is sporty and most like to party, but that doesn't mean that there aren't those who don't. Pretty average experience for me. Has some really weird rules such as for signing up for classes or requirements for some degrees. The college does not run efficiently or logically. But offers some opportunities. SUNY tuition definitely is a plus.
I like the campus. It Is easy to navigate around especially with campus shuttle busses always driving around. The parking lot is a far walk so that is annoying at times. The dining halls and the student life center are very close to the dorm halls which is convenient. There are printers in every class building which is helpful. The night life is alright. There are frats/ sororities to join or many club/ intramural sports teams available.
great State school, definitely worth return on your investment. Over student life, dorms were neat and clean but food could be better. Felt safe on campus, awesome gym/fitness facility and plenty of choices to choose an athletic path or join a club.
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