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SUNY College of Optometry Reviews

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This is a great school with security at the entrance. During any form of emergency, they are efficient, reliable, and quick to respond. We also have our IDs checked before we can go to any floor of the building.
The school is located in the middle of midtown manhattan two blocks away from times square. There is is virtually no parking at the school because the streets are too busy for anyone to park near.
Not Enough Money to Experience Everything. New York City is such a huge place and a hub for a lot of different events. You can go to any of the many museums in manhattan or catch any sporting event at Madison Square Garden or yankee stadium. There are plenty of college students because of the many college there. So many nightlife spots to go and check out. And all the food that is at a persons finger tips in the city.
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Strict Security for Those Entering the School – SUNY College of Optometry is located in a thirty story building in midtown manhattan. There is a lot of foot traffic and people outside the building. The campus security is very safe because they do not allow anyone to enter the building without prior appointment or badge for anyone to get into the elevators. This makes me feel very safe that there are plenty of safeguards to prevent intruders or anyone from going into the school without the school knowing.
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