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SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry Reviews

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It is a very environmentally focused school with many options for many types of biology courses. Overall the courses can be overwhelming but there are options for success in the classes. Located right next to Syracuse University it offers the small school experience next to a large scale well known school. ESF uses many resources that SU has and is a cheaper alternative than larger schools.
I went to visit SUNY ESF and fell in love with it! The campus is gorgeous and the facilities are up to date. I have a friend who is currently a freshman at the school and he only says good things about it. I was very pleased with the tour and everything was wonderful.
I ended up transferring from this school. Academically, this school is great with very passionate professors and students. It's well recognized in the environmental field and the price is great. However, if you're looking for your typical exciting college experience this isn't the place for you. The school is very small and cliques form fast and are very exclusive. There is no party scene. The surrounding area is terrible especially for someone who enjoys the outdoors. People are so desperate to be in nature many people end up hanging out in the graveyard nearby. Unless you have a car your trapped in the falling apart, garbage filled city with crime all around. Highly recommend joining the Syrcause's outing club if you go here and like to be outside.
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the culture of academic rigor is counter productive. ESF's idea or rigor is giving the student's an intense volume of information without context or assistance with conceptualization. the student body is a mixed bag; some people are really cool and nice, but most are standoffish at best. the location is only OK. there's plenty of parties and house shows and a nice art gallery downtown. there are also a lot of cool events that happen at Syracuse University; my favorite was when they brought in classical Indian musicians for a free concert. Fall semester is usually nice, but prepare for six months of winter in the spring.
I loved the experiences that I had at SUNY-ESF. The students and teachers are both passionate about saving the environment, and there are many options for both hard science and creative classes. The teachers are up to date with current happenings and legislation, and knowledge taught is both detailed and comprehensive. There is also the option to take any Syracuse University classes due to their partnership, which is basically getting private university teaching at public university cost.
I love the atmosphere of ESF. Everyone is so friendly, and it is so close to Syracuse University, yet it still has it's own private area with a beautiful view.
All the students and professors are nice. The campus is beautiful and not to big. It is right next to Syracuse college, so you can interact with the students and you can take courses there. The dorms are wonderful, just big enough for two people and it has a bathroom.
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry provides several opportunities to get involved on and off campus, whether its community service, clubs on campus, or events on campus open to everyone.
People there were very friendly and inviting when I went to one of their open houses. The tour guides were current students there and were very informative.
This school is incredible, the academics, the campus, the professors, it is all so amazing! This school is rigorous with its freshman, so don't expect to sail though classes easily. After that, the doors are wide open, and with all kinds of natural science going on, you can never be truly bored. Science heavy, but that is how I like it.
Awesome student and learning atmosphere. The faculty and staff genuinely want you to succeed. The food at the Trailhead is quite yummy too!
When I visited the dorms were really nice, all the kids and teachers seemed really positive and enthusiastic about the environment. It seems like a hard school but the hard work will pay off for anyone going to ESF.
SUNY ESF is overall a great school. Everyone is generally enthusiastic and the atmosphere is always optimistic. It lacks in diversity, but this is slowly changing (SLOWLY). Administration actually listens to students and genuinely tries to improve things. Campus is small and can be cliquey, but not competitive. Students are always willing to help one another. The school has a good reputation in the science community; some majors are definitely more difficult than others.
SUNY ESF has been nothing short of bliss. Every professor on campus is so knowledgable and intelligent in their field, and are willing to extend a helping hand. Any interests and questions I have outside of my major can be answered easily by other faculty.
I thoroughly enjoy my experience at ESF so far. Everyone; students, staff, and professors alike are very enthusiastic to teach and share knowledge. Almost everyone here is on a first name basis even our president. The small size of the campus makes it very easy to get things done and have your concerns heard. The coursework is challenging but not unfair most professors are really understanding.
Very nice small college located in Syracuse, the course work is demanding but the atmosphere on campus is excellent. The student body is active and engaging, and the faculty genuinely seem to care about their students. There is a great deal of opportunity to work with instructors on projects during the summer and internships and coops are encouraged.
SO far, from numerous visits, I am very excited to attend this school. Everyone is friendly and like-minded!
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The dorm rooms are new, and you and your roommate receive your own bathroom. Their is also a thermostat in every room. Their is also an indoor bike garage in the dorm building.
Their isn't a Greek Life at my college but most students are not interested.
Since SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry is partners with Syracuse University all the students are very associated with Syracuse sports. Syracuse is known for their athletics. The SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry does not have many sports teams but the programs are growing more and more each year and receive a lot of support. Their soccer, basketball, and cross country teams are the most popular.
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