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SUNY College of Agriculture & Technology at Cobleskill Reviews

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This is an excellent school for agricultural programs and the biotechnology program. There are some issues with it though.
Coby is very much farm life with a hint of people coming up from the city to study culinary or early childhood. If you like going to Walmart and hanging out with farm animals, coby is your school. The food on campus is okay, lots of different choices and places to eat.
I just completed my first semester at SUNY Cobleskill and I have had a great time. It's definitely hard to get around unless you have a car and being from the city, I don't. The year started off with a lot of fun activities for us to do but as the semester went on the activities got really boring and they started to restrict the things we were allowed to do over campus so that was frustrating. Overall though, I have had a pretty positive experience with the professors that I've had so far. Also being a part of the soccer team, the athletic department is very good and thorough and strives to make sure all student-athletes are committed and have the recourses that they need.
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SUNY Cobleskill is a great college. They accept many cultures and their student life is very focused on making the students feel comfortable and have a great college experience. There is many different majors such as the Animal Science Business Technology with a concentration of Canine. The canine program is a great program. All the people that are included or sponsors are like family. They can talk to one another about anything. This college is great for meeting people that care about your future and success.
Some aspects of SUNY Cobleskill that I like is the friendly staff and that diversity among the campus. However, I would like to see improvement on communication between staff and students/residents.
My time at my SUNY Cobleskill was spent well. I was given the opportunity to meet people from all over NY and some other states. The professors for the most part were all excellent at their teaching. It is a beautiful campus with immaculate scenery. If you don’t like small towns then I wouldn’t suggest Cobleskill, it is very small and everyone tends to gather at Walmart.
The food at this school is really good, a lot of it is homemade. The classes are very hands on, the professors are caring and understanding, and the animals on campus are fun to visit. There are fun places nearby such as Howe Caverns and a discount movie theater.
I am a frist year sudent and it has not been that bad. I enjoy the wildlife classes and that the classes are small and you get more out of the class cause they are small. I would like the dorms to be better but they are ok.
It is not that great. Only go to Champlin for breakfast. Prentice is good but they are closing for a year for renovations. Twisted Whiskers is like a subway.
Not that much homework, but I feel like I am getting a great education.
The professors care and they are really easy to talk to.
Freshmen dorms is not that great but there is more community because everyone is new. In the upperclassmen dorms, the dorms get better but because everyone already has a friend group, no one really mingles with other people outside of said friend group.
UPD makes sure that everyone is safe. You can go to them for any problems you may have. The blue light system is great as well.
I love cobleskill. Everyone is so nice and friendly and willing to help and theres a lot of fun things on campus to do but it is in the middle of no where and nothing to do off campus. The next big city is 40 minutes away.
I like my school, SUNY Cobleskill. You can take the bus to the town (ex. Walmart) and to the mall in Albany. Also, there are many great programs to helped me, with those programs, I got a great score on my papers. There are many professors who help me a lot.
It's a great place if you love the out doors and fresh air. Very smart and experience professors. The classes are unique and very hands on. This college is not a party school but still many great activates to do. The professors are very helpful and nice. The courses are very flexible in learning.
Not the college for people who are unsure what they want to do after graduation however, very focused and results based education environment. Even if you do not end up in a career directly related to your major (as I did) you still walk away with transferable skills. For example Ag Economics (AGBU103) will give you the same entry-level economics knowledge as any Econ course, just it will have an Ag focus on the application of economic theory.
I like how I feel at the school which feels like home. I also like how much there is to do around the college. I also like how it close to the stores and food places so there is options of exploring the town. I would not want to change anything at the school.
The campus is beautiful, the diversity of programs offered is remarkable for a small, country school. The tuition is reasonable as well, and so far students and faculty seem welcoming.
I love the small size of the school and how it is very hands on, I was out in the field my first week of classes! I love how there is a campus farm and you can smell the farm from across campus. It really makes me feel like I am still out in the country back home.
Great college for Agricultural Engineering. Helpful and dedicated professors. Classroom theory combined with hands on practical labs gives me the ability to develop my trade, understand the mechanics of a job, and demonstrate my knowledge and aptitude.
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SUNY Cobleskill has a lot to offer from classes to campus clubs. Its located at one end of the town of Cobleskill. The town is small but has everything a college student would need with in walking distance or you can just take the bus. The town offers different restaurants from Justine's to pizza shack, which are rather affordable when you get tired of campus food and your still a poor college student. The area surrounding is very scenic and safe. It's a wonderful school whether you are coming from the city or from a rural setting it is very easy to integrate and before you know it the campus becomes your home away from home.
The school has many agreements with other schools to further careers. They offer clubs to help you further pursue your dreams.
It's small, the teacher student ration is 1:2. Growing up in the area I already know a few of the professors.
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