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SUNY College at Old Westbury Reviews

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SUNY Old Westbury is pretty much a commuter school. Lots of diversity. Professors have low standards, receiving good grades is not that hard. Classes are small. Must be prepared to work regardless of the college you attend.
SUNY Old Westbury is a great college. Since being their I have learned so much and it has opened my eyes to many different cultures and ways of learning. I love how it is affordable and still gives you an excellent learning environment. I would like to see changes in programs and food.
Thus far, I've had a pretty balanced experience at this school. The professors are pretty invested in your future, as much as you are.
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SUNY Old Westbury has been a very productive transferring academy. They make it very possible to receive assistance for books and supplies
Old Westbury campus life sucks, this college does not carter to the residents at all. Definitely carter to the commuters.
Ver good staff, faculty are knowledgeable, nice large campus, good variety of majors and degree programs. Nice and affordable
Went to SUNY College at Old Westbury open house this weekend and this college is very welcoming. Everyone greeted me with open arms, and was very polite. The open house was set up in a creative manner, with different presentations going on in classrooms based on different majors. These presentations were very helpful, for instance the business school presentation open my mind up to how it would be for me going into an accounting major. The presentation also stemmed out of just the business school, and Old Westbury in general. Amazing experience!
SUNY College at old Westbury has a beautiful campus , you almost forget that you are in long island by all the nature surrounding you . However there are several things that they lack in , there is really not a big diversity of professors in the science department. The only food you can get is whatever is on campus and they only have 4 main places where food is available , other than that you have to drive off campus to buy food and hope you find a parking spot when you return and are not late to class. I have enjoyed the diversity observed in this campus because I have met many different people and have learned to appreciate their culture.
Old Westbury is a great commuter school with night time classes for anyone who needs it. Great school to go to if you are working. Parking is terrible. Either have to follow someone around for a spot or park far away and walk. Professors are overall good. The School Of Business is good as well. I enjoyed my time there. The offices, like financial aid etc. will not answer the phone so you must go there to get anything done. Overall an average experience.
Very boring school. Half of the students are commuters, very difficult to meet people. The school is predominantly minority, while all of the professors teach at a community college level.
It’s a beautiful school with a wonderful campus. However, there are things that can make the campus better such as more student involvement, sports, attractions. The school is very boring and I find that most students feel bored on campus and have not much to do which makes the university dull. The food is very bad and not enough options.
The staff is friendly and very professional. They make it their priority to ensure the student body is satisfied. It is easy to find your way around and you become apart of the school family as soon as you arrive
SUNY College at Old Westbury is surround by a beautiful woods. The teachers give a lot of attention in the smaller class setting. The food is good but could use a larger selection. The campus has large dorm rooms. The school does a good job supporting students who are the first of their family to go to college.
e SUNY College at Old Westbury is that it is worth the money it costs to attend this school. The pros include the class sizes, professor accessibility and of course its affordability. It's a small school with a cozy feel .
This college is a good college and everyone believes that this college is the best place to go to. Old west bury is a place to chill and get to know and experience knew things with new people. This college has a many major such as Business and etc. I want to major in Business because later in life; I want to own my own shop and make good things in life for people to buy. I also am interested in photography for my clothing line that I am making . I feel like I can do this in my dream college called Old West bury. Like i said from the beginning; this college Old West bury gives me a chance to be me and enjoy myself. This college provides many people to interact with and many activities to keep you involved in the campus. Now I am telling all of you that Old West bury is where you want to go. That is a place I want to go.
I like that SUNY Old Westbury has a beautiful campus and it brings opportunities for young adults to learn responsibility.
Professors are lacking not only basic clear spoken English but the teaching abilities are seriously lacking
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I have felt welcome at SUNY College at Old Westbury since summer orientation. Within the first hour of being here for orientation in August, I made 3 friends, whom I am still friends with today. The dorm life even though it was hard to adjust to it, all of the staff and RAs here were welcoming and helpful in the transition from living at home with parents to living with a roommate who you never met before. With the professors each and everyone of them were helpful in my transition from high school to college. they were very helpful whenever I needed help with an assignment and office hours were worth going to.
what I like best is their academic programs, History in particular. their campus is very accessible, Old Westbury has wonderful teachers.
Well when I visited Old Westbury, it was okay. The new architecture was cool. The fact that all the classes were held in one building was nice. The dorm rooms were bigger than I expected. But the one thing I didn't like about Old Westbury is how slow and not connected the administration departments were with getting my financial aid stuff together or responding to emails when I needed their help the most. Also the tuition prices are misguided because they are totally different from what I actually have to pay and nowhere near it.
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