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This is gonna be fun. First off, the professors. They can not teach for the life of them and many of them make the student to be the villain. Their teaching has led me to possibly being on probation after this semester and has delayed my graduation significantly. Next up, school safety and security. I lost my phone one time and someone took it, guess they’re too cheap to get security cameras to catch who took it. As for safety, people get sexually assaulted all the time on campus. But they don’t care since they are too busy going after people without parking permits. Now student life, there is no time to do anything fun since the classes require countless hours. If you want a party school do not come here. Next, contacting them. Whenever you have a question they just transfer you to another department and so does the next. Can’t write this review much longer since I have, you guessed it, even MORE homework.
The departments are very communicative, from the financial aid to the admissions department. I receive answers and polite service
The SUNY College at Brockport is located in the small town of Brockport. It really is a gem. They have a local shop called Jimmy Z's which has the best milkshakes and craziest plates are so tasty. The college it self is small-medium and the school spirit is felt everywhere. One of my biggest enjoyments of going here is the student to faculty ratio. If you ever need help in your academics the faculty is ready to help. Lastly, I am a transfer student and one of the reasons I left my old college is because I felt the money used "for" the college wasn't being put towards the students. At the College at Brockport there are many events a week from fashion shows to creating zen gardens.
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What I liked about the college at brockport is some of the professors and courses and event hostings. what I however did not like was the failure to inform from critical resource persons of the impact of making certain financial decisions, professor inability to grade in a timely manner, the poor student government to student communication, the tardiness of maitenance staff during critical seasons, the niche specificity of scholarships.
This school has made the transition to college very easy. Staff members are very helpful and want you to do your best.
I love the physical education program and how everyone in the major is so close. The professors are also there to do anything you need. The gym is amazing and the campus is beautiful. There was a brand new dorm building built last year and it feels like you are living in a hotel. I would recommend Brockport to anyone. The athletics teams and coaches are wonderful. I played field hockey here at Brockport and loved the coaches. The athletic training room for athletes are top notch and they are all there to help in any way that they can.
I'd like to see more diversity on this college campus but overall, it is a very good school. There are many clubs/organizations that are all assessable to everyone. The campus isn't very big, it is a medium sized school where you can run into people you know and get to know anyone you would like.
I like that we have tutors for most of the subjects which really helps when it comes to studying for quizzes and exams. Also teachers have flexible schedules so making an appointment with them is easy. I also like how they have a lot of on campus activities through out the week.
SUNY College at Brockport is the place to be! There are many resources that the school provides to their students to succeed academically and professionally. In addition, they School is always giving back to their community with the help of their students. The school is perfect and away from too many distractions.
The College at Brockport has many attributes that help students achieve their career goals. Many of the professors at Brockport are willing to make extra time for their students and help them in any way they can. Most go beyond what they are expected to do. Students have many opportunities to make new friends and apply themselves in many activities like sports or clubs. Though in the winter, walking to your classroom can be hard since you have to walk to different buildings for your classes. Brockport does do the best they can to make sure you have a clean and safe pathway to these buildings. The campus food is very diverse in that they have a buffet, a dining hall, and little cafes throughout the campus. No matter where you are on campus, you will be able to find something to eat or drink near by. Overall, the College at Brockport is a great college for people to attend to due to the great staff and the atmosphere.
What the college has to offer both academically and socially has exceeded my expectations. At Brockport, I have made forever friends, as well as people I know I can go to when I need help. The staff is amazing, the Residential Assistants in each building care for their residents and their success at this college. The classroom environment is inviting and safe. There is not a time when I did not feel comfortable approaching a professor on campus for help. The campus is beautiful and there are lots of events going on so the students can meet new people and explore new things. The clubs at Brockport are amazing and there is something for everyone to join. Whether it is attending an athletic event, a club, or some volunteer work, people always find things to do in their free time to get a sense of Brockport's amazing environment. I feel safe, comfortable and myself at this college and that is all I could ever ask for.
With the little experience I have with Brockport, they have already managed to make this my second home. The professors want you to succeed and push you to do your best. It is diverse and welcoming to all. They strive to always make changes to better the school and themselves. They are open minded and welcome people and things that are out of what is ordinary for them.
The campus is clean and pretty. Staff and students caring and understanding. Sense of community while there. Some old buildings but updated buildings are fantastic. Gym is available to all students. Brockport has a huge list of resources for help. Help options available for school and mental health services. Professors are pushing for student to succeed and want us to ask for help. Other students are super nice and fun. It is great to meet new people in the same housing building. Campus has a lot of options on food. The bookstore has snacks and great apparel. The golden eagle family is strong and connected.
SUNY Brockport is a great and exciting experience with wonderful, friendly staff. If the food was better this place would be great!
A lot of the Professors that I have dealt with go off the syllabus and barely teach you what they are meant too.
I loved the College at brockport. It brought me to my best friends and it showed me a major that fit just for me. I absolutely loved my overall experience. If there was anything I could change it would be to make the dorms a little bit cleaner and nicer
Brockport is an amazing diverse school that loves their students and want to see them succeed! The professors are amazing and are great at what they do!
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was able to customize my education plan to how I wanted to complete my bachelors degree in less than 4 years
Brockport is a great college for any student. Everyone is welcome at Brockport and differences are embraced. There are many inclusive clubs and the campus is spectacular!
The friendliness of the staff. Beautiful serene environment, very conducive for study with good security and safety measures. In terms of academics, i will rate them excellent because their achievement history both on research and field work. true manifestation reflects on their students.
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