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SUNY College at Brockport Reviews

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The campus has a very good vibe, it’s positive and a clean campus. The professors are great ! A change in class sizes would be a good change for some courses due to a high student to teacher ratio
Brockport kind of really sucks. Professors are sub par with a few exceptions. It’s not a learning experience, it’s more of just being talked at and then homework. Not much preparation for careers. I transferred here from another school and had zero guidance or help in registering for classes and was sent from person to person for a month just to get some advisement (which you can’t do on your own because you need an “advisement key” to register). Advisement is the worst I’ve ever experienced and administration doesn’t seem to care about the students’ best interests. They just want your money. An unfortunate situation and an unfortunate school. Hated it after the first semester and will certainly be transferring out after this year.
Very accommodating for nursing professionals who are working full time and trying to complete their bachelors. RN to BSN program is almost entirely online, which is conducive for working professionals.
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It’s a nice place to find yourself, away from parents to see how can you do by being on your own.I came here a shy person my first year here and now I am an out going person that loves to go out and meet new people. I play on the rugby team and they teach you how to be a team player.
I am a Criminal Justice major at SUNY Brockport. Anyone considering Brockport for CJ, DO NOT COME HERE! I've only been here for one semester and so far both of my professors have no clue. One is extremely sexist, and the other one grades papers unfairly and then tells you he doesn't care if you're right when confronted. The department is no better. After explaining the situation with a paper to the department head and the dean, both are refusing to help me and have given me absolutely NO SUPPORT. I will be transferring as soon as this next semester is over. This university is a waste of money, spend a little more and get a good education.
I absolutely love SUNY Brockport. The administrators, professors, and students are so friendly and willing to help with whatever I may need. It's an amazing school.
It's a pretty good college overall. You're granted access to good sources help you may need, may it be academically, physically, health-related, etc. It's a bit of a walk to get to local stores though, however, the walks aren't too long and it won't take long to get to your destination depending on where you want to go. For markets and malls, you're going to have to drive or use uber or lyft.
I just finished my first semester and it was awesome I enjoy all the activities, clubs, and organizations that brockport has to offer. Living on campus is fun and it’s easy to meet new friends within your same housing area . Classes on campus are maintained well with excellent staff willing to help you with whatever need you have while attending the college.
I am an older student returning to college, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience. The professors are excellent, the coursework is appropriately challenging, and the tuition is low.
I enjoyed my undergraduate studies at this college, but not my master's program. I felt very let down by the staff in the department of education. I had my advisor switched on me several times while I was trying to write my thesis, and ultimately that lead to me never finishing, because I was passed off so many different times and never had steady help or communication.
I have enjoyed my experience at Suny Brockport. I am in the Social Work program, and all of my teachers have been very informative, and they have inspired me to be a great social worker.
Everyone around here is friendly. I really like the environment around here. And the food is not as bad. Dorms are pretty nice for the newly constructed ones.
I can only speak to the Psychology department, but I have never met a faculty as open, accepting, and kind as I have at Brockport. So far all of my professors have taken the time to get to know me, will happily talk to students outside of class whether for extra-help, or just to say hello.
I absolutely do not recommend this school. If you are a local student, perhaps a B/C student in high school, and want to stay local after graduation, you may be able to find a place at this college. Even if you find a group of people, all of Brockport's inadequacies will be staring you in the face. They attempt to discuss the value of the school, and all you're getting is a cheap degree, and employers know it. As a grad, nothing from this school has prepared me for a job in my
desired field. Your education is important, I urge you to think twice before considering this joke of a school.
When ever I visited Brockport, I was greeted with great energy. The students there are full of energy and seem to be enjoying their life on campus. I have not met any professors yet because I am a senior in high school and I am looking to be accepted into the college. However, what I have experienced from the people,food,and education, it is a great school to attend.
All the teachers are very helpful and they are all wonderful professors. They finally finished construction to help make going from one side of campus to the other which they installed more and newer sidewalks.
SUNY Brockport is a standard state college. It has a small town feel despite being only 20 minutes away from Rochester NY.
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I like the people in the journalism department a lot but everyone else on campus is jocks or nursing students. That's not necessarily a bad thing but they're not really my sorts of people.
My favorite thing in the dining hall is on Sunday and Wednesday nights they give out ice cream in the dining halls. Brockport has lots of great sport teams and its very easy to be involved.
Lots of construction and walking around but it's a nice campus with plenty of friendly students/staff. I really enjoyed my time there.
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