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SUNY Canton has been one of the best experiences of my life. The classes, even in the first year, are hands-on which helps the students after graduation in getting a job. The professors are, for the most part, very good, and help you with just about everything they can. Being one of few colleges with technology degrees in specific areas really sets those students out from others when applying for internships as well.
Suny Canton is a very interactive college. There is plenty of extracurricular activities to do. The campus is not too big and not too small, so you have the opportunity to meet a lot of people. When it comes to classes the professors are generally very good at their job and the class size isnt too big so you can ask many questions if needed.
Suny Canton is such a beautiful campus with such a wide diversity of people! I attended numerous online classes and toured the campus a few times as well.
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Canton is a very small school which makes you feel right at home. All the professors are very open and willing to help you in whatever way needed.
Food is expensive and not that great, financial aid office is rude and doesn't help. Not a good college experience. Rarely parties on campus
SUNY Canton is awesome! Especially for students like me with a learning disability. I can't say enough about the accommodative services. They make sure I get everything I need to succeed. Awesome tutoring center too...#1 in NYS last year! The dorms are ok. They do this stupid thing where they renovate in the middle of the semester. If your wing is may have to move and go into a 3 room. It totally sucks! Don't' know why they can't do this in the summer! It is stressing kids out! The academics and teachers are fantastic. They take time to get to know you. My advisor is awesome too. The food is good when you come to visit...but not too great when you get here. There is a shuttle to sure to have a microwave and have snack foods in your room. Canton is really small. It's a cute town but not much to do.
The people at this school are awful and no one seems to care about academics. Most of the teachers are okay, but some should not be teaching. I had to teach my lab professor how to do several labs because he didn't understand the material. I am a sophomore and I feel like I haven't learned anything at this school. The food here is literally inedible and there aren't any off campus places to eat because the school is in the middle of nowhere. Due to the college's location, there is never anything to do here so weekends are long and boring. There are a few parties around town, but it is not a big party school. I cannot express enough how mean, rude, and flat out obnoxious the students here are. The walls in the dorms are paper thin so be prepared to never sleep again. Most students will stay up until 3am screaming or blasting music and the RA's do not care. I'm finally transferring next semester and I couldn't be happier to leave and never look back.
My first year in Canton was not so exciting, there is nothing to do because there is not much to do. also this school is too small.
My schedule was very simple and fell into an easy pattern. As a commuter, I didn't want to take any 8am classes nor any late classes. Because of the many available hours, I was able to get the perfect time slots for every class I needed. Transferring credits was a complete breeze since everybody worked together and communicated well. My credits were transferred very quickly.
I get distracted pretty easily so taking notes has always been a challenge. The ability to access archived classes and replay them is a blessing for me. Despite being many miles away from my professors, I always felt acknowledged and welcomed. While I never interacted with any other peers, I still felt fulfilled by my online class as I came to learn and did exactly that.
My school is one of the only schools around my area with nursing as a major and so most if not all of the nurses in our local hospitals graduated from here. Our career center provided many opportunities for me as a future nurse and I'm very confident I'll be able to get a job with my degree within a few short months of graduating.
My courses thus far have been relatively simple and engaging however my professors seemed to vary. I had two professors who got the point across and kept the entire class focused. Yet, two of my other professors seemed to be a little absent minded. They didn't answer questions, didn't respond to emails, didn't give syllabi, and just didn't seem to care whether we learned anything or not. Despite them, I still feel passionately for my school and the courses here. I noticed a Comic Book Literature class which sounds really interesting. The variety of courses is huge.
My school is great for it's location. Since we have a limited number of hospitals around us, we have limited clinical locations and intern locations. Personally, I have to drive an hour away to the closest clinical location and wish it was shorter. I also don't see many, if any, recruiting employers. However, our career center is extremely helpful. Despite being very new to my field, they've made me understand everything I need to know to jump-start my career after college.
I love the hands on approach of the nursing program at SUNY Canton. I had no prior experience but within days I already felt I was up-to-speed with the students around me who were previously skilled in our field. I appreciate the patience the educators have in addition to the understanding nature of all the staff who were previously in my shoes.
Amazing people, engaging classes, sociable teachers. I've only attended SUNY Canton for one semester and I haven't had a single problem worth mentioning. My advisors went above and beyond to make sure I was always on the right path even when I thought I needed something different. Every single peer I've come across has been helpful and kind. My classes both challenge me and intrigue me. Oh, and the food was great until they closed Taco Bell.
There are many programs pertaining to that exact major, for those in the major and for those who may want to just join. It allows you to really enjoy what you're doing and expand your knowledge.
The fact that Canton is a school where you earn a degree in technology makes the courses a lot more hands on learning. It allows you to understand and feel the major that you intend to make a career with.
Review SUNY Canton
Helps make time management a lot simpler than expected.
I find the online courses to be a bit easier for students because it is more responsible than in-class classes.
At my old school, the career services were fantastic and guided me in the right direction.
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