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I love the campus atmosphere and the location of it! Have not started yet, start in the fall, but I can already tell that the professor are really helpful just by emailing them any questions.
I attended ECC before Buffalo State. Buffalo State has made me regret ever returning to college. Most of the staff is incredibly rude, their favorite response to questions is "It's on the website, you know" even if you've already mentioned not finding it on the website. I'm a junior and all I want to do is drop out so I never have to return to this hellhole again. You'll literally never see a security guard, even when there's a fight or screaming coming from somewhere on campus. The professors are unhelpful at best. They will spring charges on you at the last possible second. I applied in July, they told me in September that they didn't think I was a resident, despite receiving TAP and having proved residency at ECC 3 YEARS before this. I had to scramble because I couldn't use any financial aid to get a bookstore loan, and when I went to get the loan, they tried to tell me I was too late and it was my fault.
My program was seriously understaffed, facilities are underwhelming and outdated as is a lot of the available technology. I got food poisoning from on-campus food stops TWICE, and the general culture is in no way scholarly or in the vein of a higher education institution. It felt like an extension of high school. I really enjoyed the library though... Any class I took outside of my major was significantly better in quality than any that I took within my major.. so maybe that's the problem.
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Buffalo State is a solid Division Three college in Buffalo for those looking to gain an encompassing college experience.
SUNY Buffalo State college has overall, a great help in everything! There are many things and activities to do on campus. The campus is very modernized. The students are very diverse and very excited about everything. However, the one major thing that should change is the food options.
I chose this school because of the school spirit and the variety of programs for the very uncommon major I wish to study, which is to be an Art Therapist. Buffalo State was definitely the school for me because I feel safe and focused while taking part in recreational activities on the campus!
I would like to be accepted by Buffalo State College because I had very good reference and also I researched about how is the life and relations in this college and is wonderful.
My experience at Buffalo State was an amazing experience. There's nothing I would change about that school. I've enjoyed my time there as a freshman, it was a whole experience. It was something I've never done before, something I would do a million times over and with a different mindset. The student body practically make up everything. Without the different organizations and clubs, there wouldn't be a Buffalo State. I've learned so much while attending this school. Even though I was 8 hours away from home, I still felt at home. I meet some pretty awesome people who have experienced things along side me. People always say to enjoy my college years, I'm glad I got to be exposed to a different atmosphere.
My husband is a student here and is very successful. He is currently studying Education on line and doing well. He is currently employed with the Buffalo Board of Education and has been for the 25 years. He decided to expand his education, since this field is most fulfilling to him.

We are empty nesters and we now exploring new horizons.
The fact that there’s a lot of different ethnic backgrounds is what makes me feel at home. I would like to see Buffalo State expand it’s campus because I feel like it’ll be able to do a lot more that way. Also, like many schools, there are good professors, really good professors, and then okay ones. Then we have the not so good ones, the bad ones, and then finally, the terrible professors. So, I don’t think that something they need to work on. Since Buffalo State College is so diverse, it doesn’t make sense to have food that only satisfies a low percentage of the students that goes there.
This is a very interesting and diverse school, I am almost complete with my first year and I am completely thrilled to finish the rest of my three years and earn my bachelors degree. There are so many fun programs and events always happening around campus, there’s never not anything to do here.
Buffalo State's Mechanical Engineering program is the worst. This is the only program I know where you passing a diagnostics test determines if you can actually graduate. If you take a pre requisite for a specific class be sure to take that specific class the following semester because they give pre exams at the start of the semester in order to continue taking the class you have to pass the pre exam. I was a transfer student and hadn't taking statics in 5 years and I had to take a pre test on statistics the first week of dynamics class. This program needs some serious fine tuning.
SUNY Buffalo State has a welcoming environment. The students and professors are accessible. The campus is clean and safe. The price of attendance is very reasonable.
SUNY Buffalo State College has a great fashion program that includes its very own runway show. Students are encouraged to utilize their creativity and unique talents.
SUNY Buffalo State College is a Great 4-year college to attend. it's very diverse, the living areas are clean and the help provided to students are effective and efficient.
I have been fortunate to have received the one-of-a-kind oversight and devotion the faculty and staff at SUNY Buffalo State College afford to their students. My undergraduate experience at Buffalo State has been a transformative one, thus far. Within the history department, more specifically, the professor's serve as a constant source of inspiration and are always pushing students to actualize their full potential. Moreover, in working with such an exceptional set of professional's serves as a reminder of just how much one can develop – as a student, as a person, and as a member of their greater-community – when they apply themselves and when they can access the one-of-a-kind mentorship that I have been fortunate to receive at Buffalo State College.
Overall the School is great and has a great CIS department. There's a lot to do from various of programs they offer. The college has lots of activities and it doesn't exclude Commuters. They have a department called the Career Development Center wich helps student fro Freshman- Grad students to find jobs on and off campus.
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Buffalo State College provides day, evening and online classes. This makes it convenient especially for students that have full time jobs. The campus is very clean and well lit for anyone walking to their vehicles in the evening.
SUNY Buffalo State is an overall great college if you’re willing to do the work and are motivated about your future. I do believe some of the professors act is if the outcome of their students are not In their hands. I would like to see the professors more involved with their students.
The small class sizes guarantee that you can get attention from the professors. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with research in one of the many labs. A few things could be more user friendly, like how to print in the library.
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