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The small class sizes guarantee that you can get attention from the professors. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with research in one of the many labs. A few things could be more user friendly, like how to print in the library.
I really like the diversity this school has, because it reminds me of home and it has a very calm atmosphere.
What I like about Suny Buffalo state is that the environment very interactive and Engaging in areas your unfimilar with so very helpful so to speak
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Honestly, Buff State is where it’s at. Classes are easy to get into, the academic advisors are usually always available whenever you want to go visit, there’s diversity, people are friendly, staff around the campus are friendly as well, etc. & If you’re looking for a lit party school, you’ve come to the right place! The only bad thing is the food. But other than that, I love it here.
the campus is big and diverse. there are also so many clubs and activities to join. I dislike the dining food.
If you want to well diverse campus, plenty of opportunities, and the parties are wild. Then buffalo States is your option!
I have just completed my first year. It was overall a great experience but like many things it has its pros and cons and may not be for everyone
At first I felt like Buffalo State wasn't the college for me because I didn't make a lot of friends and peers. However I was doing great academically. The teachers that I had my first year with were good. They were never in a hurry for us to learn something if an individual didn't understand the teachers would take the time to explain and even make sure they stop by during their office hours to get a better understanding. However as I progressed during the year, I started going to more events, meeting more people. I joined an Organization called the Caribbean Students Organization where I feel like I learned a lot regarding the meetings and events they had. There is always something happening on campus whether it be a party or a get together. Its good vibes.
Well rounded teachers
Amazing reasouces
Fun culture
Parties amazing
Food on the okay side
Clean dorms
All the students I've met we're really nice and easy to befriend. The campus is not too big, so going for walks is fun and the city is fun to explore.
I've had a good experiences while attending Buffalo State. The professors have been excellent. It"s a diverse campus. The only negative is the parking.
After attending Buffalo State for my freshman year, I could not take it and had to leave. I'd rather spend a year at a community college before transferring than to stay there one more day. I just couldn't take it any longer. I will just say this. It is hard for a student to succeed in anything if there is no sense of support and community present at the school. I don't recommend.
I've had nothing but an amazing experience at Buffalo State College. The Dietetics program is full of knowledgeable inspirational instructors who care about your future every step of the way. I am not involved in campus life because I do not live in campus, but the students who live on campus seem content. Thee are different opportunities to join sororities or frats, clubs, honor societies, etc. As a transfer student this is the best experience I've had at a college.
Buffalo State is good school to attend. The curriculum and professors are good. Housing is very difficult to deal with at this school. They accept too many students for so few spaces available.
I have not yet attend Buffalo State, I will start my first year this fall. Though there I hope to expand my passion for teaching.
The best part of Buff State is the diversity. I love how seriously in every one of my classes there's just a total mix of people. Also, some of my professors really make classes as interesting as possible and fun. I loveeee the bookstore Starbucks; it is my happy place. Most students in my classes have honestly been friendly. On the downside, the library is a little weird. It is very broken up and doesn't make sense. In addition, this may sound bad, but there are a lot of older students. It just kind of makes the experience weird having so many middle-aged people mixed in with the young college students. I'm a transfer student so I want to get into the party scene, but being in Buffalo the bars are pretty convenient!. There are too much sexual assault and crime reports. Better security is a must. I like Buff State so much more than I thought I would. The education department is awesome!!
It is a very welcoming environment. Many activities and evens go on there to interact with one another.
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I'M an undergraduate freshman and believe me when I say this college is going to be the best experience I ever had
I love how the people at Buffalo State creates everyone. They are so nice when I first got here. It was a little scary at first but when you get to know someone its fun after a week.
Buffalo State is a good school for certain majors, such as Education. Many other majors struggle because of the lack of motivation by the professors. Buffalo State wrings you out dry for all your money, then turns around and kicks you off campus as a Senior, leaving majority of their Senior students stuck with a SCAM for off-campus student housing as a last resort option. The diversity is great, but the food, some dorms, and the campus scenery needs to be worked on. SO much construction is being done at once, making the campus look very unappealing.
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