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I like the small campus size. But the food on campus gets old and there aren't many club or activities you can be involved in unless you are in a frat or sorority. The professors are so amazing and helpful through your whole journey.
I started off as a transfer student a bit unsure of the school and the young population. The young adults are very productive. The professors are great. They care about the students and are willing to help the students achieve their goals. I personally am in the Nursing program and transferred from another nursing program and couldn't be happier with this college.
I love alfred state. There is always so much going on and all the staff is so supportive. I went Greek and it changed my outlook on Alfred completely. Greek life here is unlike Greek life anywhere else. Go Greek!
Review SUNY Alfred State College
More activities to do in the area would be nice, if you dont drive it can get boring around campus after some timw.
Alfred state uses a specific program to register for classes.
Alfred State has a great career center and an alumni network that connects alumni with the Alfred State events and community
Class styles and size are very good. Most of the classes don't have a lot of students and professors are able to personally know you and your weakness and strengths. Professors are willing to help any student with any questions.
Alfred State uses JobLink to connect students with opportunities to get a great job during college and after. Alfred State also has Career Fairs in which many companies and organizations come to meet students and to have interviews with them.
Good curriculum, facilities and also internship/job opportunities for anyone that is open-minded and works hard to live a better future with loved ones.
My overall experience at Alfred State has been amazing. I have been able to meet different people and grow as an individual. Alfred State is unique because there is a balance between hands-on and learning in class. There are just schools that you only read and no hands-on. Alfred State does both and really helps when students go out to get an internship.
Even though i was able to adjust my class schedule to fit my personal and family schedule, time is still very hard to manage because of the distance between buildings.
The classrooms are really cramped and really warm. Although it has easy access for every student to hear the teacher and learn.
This school has a very interactive alumni network that is always willing to go out of their way to help students.
My courses and professors have been great, overall. I have learned much to improve my skills and also learned many different ways to brand my self and get my work noticed. However, certain professors do not care about the students success.
I like how the school offers a plethora of internships and job opportunities that are all convenient and on campus.
Really get to learn a lot due to being concentrated on your skills to help improve your progress in that major. This is especially good when you are planning to get a career in that field.
Experience is ok, the teachers can be more active.
Review SUNY Alfred State College
My professors have been amazing. They give you every tool you need to get the most out of the courses and make every effort to be an active part of your success. I feel blessed to be in this program
My major is Baking, Production & Management.
I believe the Baking, Production and Management program is totally on point for obtaining future goals and financial security. I am excited about my future!
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