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Great school and a small campus. The professors are nice people and the classes they have to offer are great.
I really liked their Building Construction program. There aren’t many colleges that have this hands on major. I would totally recommend this to anyone wanting to go in this field!
Alfred can be an overall great campus to attend. Some get distracted with the party scene due to it being in a rural area. But there are some who have succeeded well within their programs which lead to awesome job opportunities
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After graduation I had my pick of employment!
My salary 2 years after graduation was high 80’s.
They are rebuilding some dorms; there are always improvements being done to the campus!
A great college at a great price!
As an freshman of the 2 year Architecture Program, my education has broadened greatly. It makes me feel more confident in job possibilities, that would me feel secure and happy.
Most of the professors are very experienced and care. Be prepared for lots of homework from some of them. It's overwhelming at first, but it is to your benefit in the long run. I have made several friends just alone in my major and outside of my major. My dorm could be a lot better. They are livable, but old. They are in the process of remodeling the whole MacKenzie complex which is actually awesome so far. It was greatly needed. As far as the partying, you choose to do it or not to do it. As far as location, I was brought up in the country, so if your used to being in the country the location shouldn't be a issue.
It's a nice school. It's gorgeous. Unfortunately, it's far from the nearest town. And the pathways during the winter aren't shoveled well. The food's decent, and they have Taco Bell and Pizza Hut too. If you can, though, stay out of the old parts of Mackenzie Complex.
My first semester at Alfred State was pretty good. The academics is really strong. Most professors are well experienced and care about their students' education. Some dorms are good while some are horrible, and the same with food. So far, people have generally been nice and welcoming. I guess the only problem with Alfred State is how secluded it is from everything. There are a few restaurants and shops right outside campus but any Walmart or MacDonald's is at least sbout 12 miles away, though there are weekly bus trips offered by college.
The main aspect of SUNY Alfred that I enjoyed was that it is a very Social College. There is no way you can't make friends there.
Decent food but only 6 places to eat becomes old halfway through the semester. Most teachers are very competent and understanding. Small class sizes allow students to have a relationship with teachers similar to high school. Free tutoring is available. Students are taught well, people are very friendly, and the campus is safe. Only a few dormitories are sub-par. Overall, this college is very good for anyone seeking a thorough education in their major with many opportunities to land a job where they desire.
Great if you want to party, awful if you don't. A lot of the staff are not actually willing to help you. My major has a decent program together but some professors are very biased and pick favorites. Was also on a sports team but the coach was nearly recruited and refused to listen to advice from the students that partook before he was hired and was rather selfish. I can't wait to finish my last year here and never come back.
Off campus party life is amazing. Majority of the parties dont get shut down, GJ's is the main bar everyone goes too, i usually go to the frat houses first then make my way to the house parties which last like 4 or 5 in the morning. i've definetly have had plenty of nights walking home when the sun came up. Party life can be dull around plegding time but there is still always something to do.
The atmosphere of Alfred State University is very vibrant and calm. The people are really helpful and respect you like you're family. Alfred state is very technologically advanced while being in a rural area, so you always feel like you are up to the times with everyone else.
I like the small campus size. But the food on campus gets old and there aren't many club or activities you can be involved in unless you are in a frat or sorority. The professors are so amazing and helpful through your whole journey.
I started off as a transfer student a bit unsure of the school and the young population. The young adults are very productive. The professors are great. They care about the students and are willing to help the students achieve their goals. I personally am in the Nursing program and transferred from another nursing program and couldn't be happier with this college.
I love alfred state. There is always so much going on and all the staff is so supportive. I went Greek and it changed my outlook on Alfred completely. Greek life here is unlike Greek life anywhere else. Go Greek!
More activities to do in the area would be nice, if you dont drive it can get boring around campus after some timw.
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Alfred state uses a specific program to register for classes.
Alfred State has a great career center and an alumni network that connects alumni with the Alfred State events and community
Class styles and size are very good. Most of the classes don't have a lot of students and professors are able to personally know you and your weakness and strengths. Professors are willing to help any student with any questions.
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