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SUNY Adirondack Community College Reviews

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When you have professors that are communicating and teaching you the material it is really great and the virtual learning can feel personal like in-person learning . Without that you are lost just like the rest of your class.
My overall experience is that it is a great school with room for more and talking to the right people as well as being an advocate
I love the professors at this community college, they are all very understanding. I would like to see the financial aid office improved. I have gone to them and emailed them many times, trying to get them to help me understand what more I can do, and they are very rude and not approachable.
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Online learning has always been a struggle for me. Since COVID has happened the professors are very understanding and helpful if you need help with something.
Office personnel are terrible but the teachers are good and there are a ton of helpful resources on site
Online learning is extremely easy with ACC. Blackboard is used and it's universal and simple. Teachers are helpful as well.
It was okay. Very hard and teachers do not help you out. They have lots of tutoring but they do not help either. DO NOT GO. Waste of time and money.
I thought it was great at first, but classes are very hard, fast paced. Super annoying teachers and not worth it. Great food and people but I hate it. Advisors are nice but besides that not worth the money. Got kicked out because I had a below 2.0 gpa. Awful. And lots of older adults in classes.
I liked the classes they had and the advisors but the teachers weren’t the best. They normally weren’t the most available during office hours and made it obvious who their favorites were. The advisors, however, were very helpful with your schedules and planning your future out.
It was okay to take online classes at acc it the class was done through blackboard. If it was to send assignments over email, I would not recommend taking the class. The professor can’t always located your email and end up marking you 5 points off for it being late.
The professors I've had so far have been great and they are all devoted to helping their students. My favorite part about SUNY Adirondack is it's incredible student resources. My favorite resource is the Center for Reading and Writing (CRW) which is a free resource that helps students write anything from research papers to poems.
The college at first seems like a well kept and kind place to be but the longer you’re there I feel the image of the college gets worse and worse
Great setting...wonderful professors! I had a wide variety of academic experiences that helped me decide what I wanted to study in the final 2 years.
Perfect size! This community college is just small enough to keep the class numbers low enough for a close relationship with your peers and professors yet large enough to have a very active campus life!
Adirondack Community College is an interesting school. I personally am in the business division. Every professor I have interacted with seems to really care about their students. Making time when they have very little to spare to give you advice and answer your questions. They grade fairly, but sternly. It is up to you to complete the work on time and really put thought into it. If you are looking for a college that will just let you through with no effort, this isn't for you. If you show you are ready to do the work and care about your education, the staff will respond accordingly.
There is a wide variety of professors both good and bad so before picking one I advise you do some research first. Commuting in my opinion is the best option as I tried living in the dorms my second year and it was HORRENDOUS. The housing staff was more than understanding and helpful with the situation but my roommate was beyond disrespectful and refused to resolve the situation. Cafeteria food is good most of the time and the staff is very generous and kind with portion sizes.
I transferred to SUNY Adirondack last semester. First, I want to start off by saying the Academics are great here, especially if you don't know where you want to go just yet in your college career. There are many great classes that you can take, and the advisers are extremely helpful.
Next, and to the most important part of this review is housing and safety. Last semester just like any school you had your problems but nothing too bad that public safety couldn't handle. This semester the partying has gotten really bad to a point where it is 4am and you are contemplating why you are even dorming because you get no sleep. Public safety is nowhere's to be found. And there's nobody you can really call but the sheriff department which is frowned upon.
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Small Class sizes are a big plus. Instructors are knowledgeable and are willing to help if questions come up during the course of a semester.
I love the small campus and the caring faculty. They go above and beyond to make sure you understand the concepts and get the help you need. The food is good, but not many healthy options. The library has a reading and writing center which helps with any paper you have.
This is a small school that is working to give students the best possible foundation for the future. The engineering department is especially great for anyone looking to not go into debt but wants to get the first two years of an engineering degree completed.
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