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SUNY Adirondack Community College Reviews

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Most teachers give good opportunities to help students, along with office hours and other students to help in the library. Office administration and office workers are for the most part helpful. The financial aid office doesn't tend to answer to emails, but if you go to the office they do help.
My experience and SUNY Adirondack has been great I have made lots of new friends and the professors are very nice and kind.
NO ONE knows what they are doing or how to help students. Advisement will only push you through the courses you need but god forbid you stray from their preset path or want to ask question because they wont know how to help. Ask 5 people the same question get 5 different answers. Ask the SAME person the same question 5 time and get 5 different answers. The offices dont even know they are in charge of things. I once went to the billing office to take care of a problem and they said i needed the registrars office. That office sent me to financial aid who sent me BACK to the registrars who told me to go to billing who finally addressed the issue because it WAS billing i needed and after they took "care" of it they didnt even do it right!!!!
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I love SUNY Adirondack. I have been taking classes at this school for years prior to entering a program and I just truly enjoy all aspects of the college. The professors are great and really take the opportunity to get to know their students. The class sizes are relatively small and you are able to therefore get the more personalized experience you may need. The campus is in close quarters so it is easy to go from class to class.
SUNY Adirondack blew away my expectations for a community college. It is extremely student oriented and has a mass array of majors to get you ready for a four year school. The tuition is very reasonable and if you take advantage of student activities, you'll have a great time. However, i do not recommend living in the dorms...SUNY ADK is best for commuters.
While SUNY Adirondack has a nearly unprecedented curriculum rigor for a community college, the lack of community dynamic and comradery between students in isolating.
They are always willing to help people with anxiety and depression such as myself. The staff are highly understanding and easy to work with. The professors are great when you are turning in assignments and you need extra help are willing to put in the effort to help you get the good grades so that you can graduate successfully. The only thing I would like to see change is there should be more online courses offered.
It's very inclosed. In the middle of no where. You're probably never leave campus unless you have a car.
This is a very unique school and very diverse. They also have an excellent sports program including softball.
Multiple campuses incase you live closer to another one, there is a lot of things around the campus to go out and do with friends. There is always activities around the campus to do. there is a security office that is opens at all hours if you need help with anything or you feel threatened. Along with that there are RA's at all hours of the night available to help with noise complaints. Always many sports events going on to go and cheer on your fellow peers and have all the school spirit that you want, you wont be the only one.
The school itself isn't a bad option to save money, but it does not provide the college expirence. The teachers are good because they care but the school lacks challenging or advanced courses.
SUNY Adirondack was a great community for learning that is great for participating full time or part time. The teachers are dedicated and very willing to help. This school provides many useful courses that can be easily transferred to a four year school. My experience there was very positive.
SUNY Adirondack is very small which makes everyone have lots of close friends and everyone in general feels at home.
Large updated buildings with clean facilities. Food facilities are very, very good, professors make time for their students, and class sizes allow for adequate learning.
The professors at SUNY Adirondack are wonderful, but there are definitely ones to stay away from. I check RMP before I register for classes, which has been beneficial. While I enjoy the academics, I cannot give this school five stars. Those who work in departments other than education are not the most delightful. I have met some polite people in these departments, but overall my mood usually declines.

There were also issues with my degree requirements. SUNY had changed the specific requirements, without letting me know, and my plan had to be altered. I found this very unprofessional since I was not once contacted about this. I found out this information myself. Other than this, and one other credit issue minor compared to the first one, SUNY Adirondack provided me a great start. I have learned many invaluable things, both inside and outside the classroom, about the world and myself. I will be forever grateful for all I have learned, and I will definitely miss being a student here.
So far my experience hasn't been so wonderful. Registering for classes has been a bit of a nightmare because the registrar staff don't seem to know anything about classes that will transfer, and they push you really hard toward getting one of their 2-year degrees, even if they have absolutely nothing to do with where you plan on going or what you plan majoring in later.
The teachers I've had, however, have been great. Friendly, helpful, achievable (but still challenging) work load for their classes.
I'd recommend the school if you're trying to get some general education courses done, or if you're just interested in taking a class or two. But if you plan on transferring after a few semesters, be extra cautious. Have an idea of what you need and don't be afraid to push back when setting up classes. I think it's in their job requirement to get as many people to sign up for useless classes...
happy studying, everyone!
Due to a smaller college there is not a lot of choices to take required classes. However, one semester due to the number of students a second class was started. It is always a concern that if required classes limit students that I would not be able to achieve the requirements in order to graduate on schedule. So far all requirements have been met. Also been able to have a schedule which allows me to work on the days I was hired for.
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As mentioned before, the professors are full time employed in some aspect of Criminal Justice. This adds to the interest of the classes as they are able to bring their daily experience into the classroom setting. The classes are small which creates a great learning environment. In the general classes the instructors have been great as well.
The value of a degree from this school is a solid education in Criminal Justice. Also upon graduation I plan to continue my education to obtain a BS degree. Local 4 year schools are associated with Suny Adirondack so this is a great peace of mind when the time comes to apply to the next school.
Entering college has continued my studies in Criminal Justice. My studies in this field started when I attended vocational school for criminal justice in my junior and senior year in High School. Continuing this field in college has been great. The adjunct professors are currently working in the field so they share current knowledge and experience. For professor is currently the Chief Of Police locally. The workload has been tolerable. The curriculum is comparable to other junior colleges I researched. The facilities are modern as the site I attend is a new facility branch of the main campus. I have been chosen to participate in alcohol stings with the State Police. I have had the opportunity to participate in this program for 2 years. I am currently employed as a Security Guard and was able to receive my license through the vocational tech program.
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