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Summit Salon Academy - Gainesville Reviews

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The curriculum is extremely disorganized and on Monday night theory class, students are often left alone in the classrooms with no instruction for hours on end. There is a lot of turnover with instructors so they are often short staffed. They keep students here for 6-8 hours a day and we used to get a guaranteed lunch but they took it away when they restructured everyone's schedule (breaking our contracts). It is very clear that this is a for profit institution, they try to milk students out of every penny they have. They very suddenly, with less than a month's warning, decided to change the curriculum from the textbook based Milady program to the digital Pivot Point program, rending our textbooks that we spent hundreds of dollars on useless and forcing those of us who do not have a laptop or tablet to shell out even more money to buy one. There some great instructors here, but for the most part the experience has been disappointing.
It's sad that the school either had to post fake positive reviews themselves, or get students to do so. This place is Hell on earth. I am not being overly dramatic. Don't go here. It's too expensive, they tell you it won't affect your credit score much but it tanks it. Barely any of the instructiors care about teaching you- they care more about what the latest student drama is. Also, most of the instructiors are racist. One against most white people and the others against most black people. Other students will treat you like garbage and are able to get away with it because they're the "valued students". The owner, Mrs. Jonie, has at least three lawsuits against her and she'll be lucky if I don't file one against her. If you're a student- don't consider going here at all; if you're a parent- DO NOT take a chance on this. This living Hell has ruined peoples lives and they don't care because at the end of the day they're getting paid.
I love it! I've learned so much and I know I will be able to pass the state board because the teachers have prepared me.
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my school is very convenient there are many ways to make up the time that you miss.
My workload at school isn't to much the homework is enough to get you ready for the test and during the day we are with clients.
all of the educators are awesome and willing to help all the time, class registration only happened when you first enroll with us and our advisor is great.
everyone that I go to school with is always there to help me when I need help. They are so friendly and outgoing they are people who could be long time friends or maybe business partners.
My campus does't have a computer lab but if you need to use a computer or printer for something for the school they are willing to let you use the educators computers
there is a student conference room/ library that is always available to us. Also ll of the materials we need are kept in a student and educator only area.
I have been at my school for three months now and I love it. I get the best help from all of my educators and fellow students.
My school is a open Salon. the best way for someone to learn is hands on ans they give us all the best tools to help us get the hands on experience. They also do everything that they can to prepare you for the state board.
Are admissions advisor Mrs. A.C is very well at taking students out and networking with them.
Mrs. Kat are financial aid advisor is wonderful. She is always there to help us with anything and answer any questions that we have. She is really easy to get a hold of and always gets back with us very quickly if she is busy.
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