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Summit is a vocational school so transferring to a community college would not be applicable unless you finished your licensing and you have more a probability bridging to the RN program at community college. My schedule needed to be moved very often because of the clinical rotation which should not have occurred. Since they give you contract in the beginning on what day you will be in clinical but did not inform you that changes will occur throughout the course which left those who had jobs in a conflict.
Not very interactive individual, many student again took the responsibility to network and seek jobs themselves.
A few instructors that I had were amazing and I learned a lot from by their experiences. The class was 75 people and those students will become colleges you will see for next 2 years so everyone got to personally know each other. Many instructors also taught other certification such as IV, Trache and Vent care, and CPR so it was very small.
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The recruitment , networking, career center services were okay but you were better off doing it yourself. Many student networked within facilities and made colleagues who would eventually help them with their career seeking after graduation. Not many student went through these services.
LVN program I attend in Summit College was unique because you got to engage personally with your instructors because you see them 4 days out of the week for 8 hours probably even more, so you create a bond. Its Nursing school so expect some workload but tutors are available for you to help minimize and understand the information. As the the term goes the workload just piles up. Anatomy, Critical Care, Math, Disorders, Medication and more has to be covered within 2 year and trust me not all of the information will grasp but that why are instructors are there. Curriculum personally varied, if you were skilled at a certain subject it will later become an interest to you. Every test you must pass with an 85 which is reasonable because Nclex you pass with an 95% which made a challenge but prepared us for the most important test of all.
Overall, It was a great experience to endure. Even though we had to push for more clinical setting I enjoyed the few we were able to go. Mrs.Puttachart and Mrs. Graves are great instructors for clinical settings in OBGYN. I remember actually first helping out with a Ceseran Section and helping nurses in the nursery preparing newborns to their families. I really loved this clinical setting. San Bernardino Community nurses taught me a lot on how to be a good nurse and how one becomes a burn out Nurse by examples. Whats unique about Summit is all the instructors in campus have faith in you because they once were at the same spot as us nursing student. However the Director of Nurses faculty not so much , they are unorganized, not very informative, basic information, which it downgraded personally in my eyes. I need to go to an institution where any staff can be a resource of help, especially the Director of Nurses.
Various options available. They work with you.
very helpful in helping find a job
Very informing, instructors take their time in teaching you and making sure you know whats going on before moving on.
Overall I had an easy application process with different options to choose from. They gave me different options that will better accommodate my personal life schedule.
This is my first semester, but so far the staff have been amazing!
The education I will receive is worth the tuition fee. And being able to use financial aid is also very helpful. Other schools I was considering had no financial aid assistance. Also tuition is lower than most vocational schools. Education is very important so whatever expenses due is well worth it.
for the most part the complete admin. section of summit college is great however the gentleman that was submitting my financial aid paperwork into the school's system did not know everything that was going on and i had to kind of walk him through it with the knowledge that i already knew from attending another college previously.
from my experience the school is doing a great job managing the flexibility of classes and offers 3 different schedules per day for the course i am taking, as well as offering full-time and part-time schedules.
The financial ladies were very helpful. Even tho they lost my papers a couple of times :(. Besides that they gave me a lot of info i needed to know.
I love how this school is really flexible with hours it allows me to still keep my part time job.
I give it an A because this school has a good variety of programs. Most of the programs offer part time for those that can't do full time.
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I'm currently attending the Lvn program. It's an accelerated program so naturally its tougher than a regular program. The reason I'm giving a B+ is because the staff needs to be a little more organized and teachers need to be on time to their class. They have us scheduled to be in class by 8 a.m and they are the ones most of the time arriving half hr.late. Internships so far are great! They are really local to the school we don't have to drive a far distance.
do to only being one class tought all day frm 8am to 1pm. it does not really allow you to have like an office seting job, beccause takes most of that time. so if you need a job it has to be some thing that will work after those hours. i work part time so it works pertty well for me but i am on a strict schedual.
every one in my class i can say are grate they all try to help each other. being in a smaller class gives you the ability to learn better and more attention from the teacher when needed. some have jobs and trying to get better ones, other are getting there education first then working at the same time, and you have more mothers trying to make a better living for there kids.
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