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My online experience at the beginning was challenging because I tried to understand and navigate an experienced system very new to me. SUM teachers and faculty made sure that I not only understood the process. But also helped me navigate the system and online classroom experience.
My experience so far with SUM has been rewarding and very helpful. They are very good with academics. Teachers are helpful. And advisor is beyond wonderful and willing to help in any area needed.
SUM is an online accredited private christian college. Some people say they can’t learn online, or it’s just not the same as being at a physical campus, well let me tell you- I feel like I have not missed a single thing. The program and technology will leave you lacking nothing. I am so grateful that I found SUM and was able to earn my bachelors from this amazing school!
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If you are called into the ministry, SUM Bible College & Theological Seminary is where you want to be! My college works out of the five-fold ministry and is solely focused on propelling called men and women of God to where they are supposed to be. Our academic program is set up with ministry in mind and this is reflected partly in the cost of our terms. when followed, SUM's financial plan can help you graduate debt free! For someone who is headed towards the missions field, this is extremely helpful because I must be debt free before fulfilling the calling placed on my life. That is only one of many benefits of attending my school, so if you have a call of God on your life then look no further than SUM!
This is an amazing school for ministry, especially if you are looking into being in full time ministry.
I am very grateful to be a part of SUM. It has been years sense I have been to school and I couldn't ask for a better experience. I love the lay out as well as the Professors. It's been pretty hectic getting going, but the more I keep showing up, the better it's getting. The personnel who are involved are absolutely wonderful. They do everything that I ask of them. It would be a blessing to get this scholarship. Thank you for the opportunity. God bless!
I love my school. The students and staff help me with everything.
I never want to lose touch with any of them.
The professor's are equipped and trained to be able to teach all students and set them up for success in ministry.
I love it because I have grown so much here.
We have great internet and a nice library with computers and Kindle Fire's for students to use.
We have all the basic things you need to succeed academically.
Our school is top notch when it comes to Bible college because the Spirit of God is thick in this place!
The school I attend allows you to prepare yourself for ministry right away.
Academics and professors are solid, however the administration is difficult to contact and several members will completely ignore attempts to contact them regarding transfer of credits, financial aid, etc. While this is a problem in colleges across America, one would expect a Christian college to have a better reputation in this area.
Academically, the school is up to par with reputable Bible colleges
I am at a Cohort Location but I hear the campus is excellent.
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I am not located on the mail campus ( Cohort Location)
For the field that I am in (I'm a Pastor) the academic experience is very good. The curriculum is Bible-based and the professor teach from a Biblical perspective.
The online classes are simple and the teachers really are relational.
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