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Sullivan College Of Technology & Design is by far the best design school i had ever visit, the staff and teachers are so nice and educated the campus is beautiful the dorms are wonderful everything about the college is great for designers. i love the campus because it has small class and if you need extra help then you wouldn't have to wait forever to get that special help. the school and dorms are safely secured with cameras so students will always be safe. Sullivan College of Technology and Design is a private, for-profit post-secondary school in Louisville, Kentucky that is owned by the Sullivan University System.
I have had an excellent admission experience and look forward to attending the university in the fall
Waste of time and money!

An initial error on my administration officer's part of enrolling me in the wrong program(AA HVACR) which btw is ill advised should've warned me, but I was naive and believed college was to help.
After graduating the HVACR certificate program with a 3.8 GPA I've been refused my transcripts and certificate. They want me to pay $5,000 directly to the school for "sitting in class" on top of all my student loans ($23,000).
They've refused to help in the employment process and have in fact made me out as a horrible candidate to numerous employers.


-Kevin Bruce
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I love it and it's a great learning center. Since I have been there the whole staff has made me feel wanted and accepted to be there. I was skeptical at first being a older student and out of school for 16yrs but I'm glad I'm here.
They have been more than helpful & encouraging during the registration process. I'm very thankful to have found this school. I'm ready to start school in a few weeks.
Currently, I am studying Criminal Forensics/Computer Networking at SCTD going into my second year. My overall experience at Sullivan College of Technology and Design has been a great learning experience. The classes are small (no more than 6 to 10 students per class) which gives you more of a personal connections with the instructors and your peers. I feel that having that 1:1 contact which makes the college experience for someone in their 40's or higher less stressful. In regards to; any questions or clarification on certain subject matters'. The instructor give you that "Open Door" atmosphere. No question is a stupid question. Because everyone there no matter what their learning curves are; can do anything they put their mind too. The campus is small which makes it easier to get to your classes.
There are morning & night choices for classes but they're usually taught by the same instructor, & sometimes it's hard to figure out how to switch classes because many classes are prerequisites for other classes.
Most all classes require a book but most don't require regular reading, just as a tool for learning topics in class. The workload can be considered quite a lot considering most includes planning & creating projects, which is very time consuming & it's likely that if you don't have Adobe creative cloud you'll have to spend extra time at school completing projects. If you love designing you'll love it.
There are many ways career services helps students after graduating to find jobs. Job postings, career fairs, etc.
For the most part professors seem very willing to help students & decide grades fairly. Some are better at that than others though. Much of most classes are spent working on projects & building a portfolio.
I don't have much to compare this to, but they have career fairs plus job hosting on the website. There are many ways they help students start their careers after graduation.
I've enjoyed my experience so far. The classes focus on topics of my interest & I've definitely learned a lot since starting. The school is pricey but nice. My main complaint is a lack of student amenities. The lounge & break rooms could be nicer.
The academic experience is pretty good I'm a geeky nerd that loves school and there has not been much frustrations from going to this school so far.
There are alumni services but I don't know to much about them yet as I'm focusing on my studies right now.
There are a ton of super great teachers while there have been two teachers I really don't care for. Most classes are hands on creative.
It's great could be better but it is definitely the best in this area. You can get careers with many tech business in the field and we also get externships to help push us into the real world.
It's great sometimes can be tedious but that workload for the most part is easy to keep up with, there are many job opportunities for jobs and internships. You just have to be outgoing and apply.
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Its fun most teachers make the classes really enjoyable while there are a few that are text book teachers that make the class boring for the most part its a great school!
I can usually move my schedule around easily.
The career is very in demand at the moment
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