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The campus itself is absolutely beautiful and everyone that i have been in contact with are so helpful. I plan on playing softball and my coach is a great person. Definitely one of the best places I have ever been to.
It is an amazing school! It is great for my field of study, as well as different people or different places. Professors are great at teaching and helping students learn the material. There is the one on one teacher, student ratio that helps the students learn better. Campus is beautiful and has amazing weather. I am on my own but not too far from home. I have made friends that are becoming family and they are my family here at Sul Ross.
Dorms aren't very great. Signal is terrible. Their website always goes down. Food isn't good. But the school is in a good location.
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I attended Sul Ross in 1998, right after high school. I did not complete my studies and after 18 years decided to go back. I do not live in Alpine and moving back was not an option. They have a great online program and have been very accommodating. They made it easy for me to go back and finish what I started.
Sul Ross was an awesome school to visit but to go here is hard. You are about an hour away from the nearest Walmart. the people in town are very nice but the students on campus and in the dorms tend to be a little too rowdy. On the other hand if you are looking for a high easy GPA for your basics then this is for you.
Great school. Some professors don't like student athletes others are willing to work with you. Really small town lacking some a lot of options but great community feel if you love small towns.
I really enjoy this school. I have been here going on 4 years now and I can't imagine being at any other undergrad school. I have learned a lot and I have enjoyed my overall experience here!
Sul Ross is a small school but that means that you get to know your classmates and they get to know you.
One of the many things that I like about SRSU is that you can have a lot of one on one time with the professors. That was one of the main things that really drew me to SRSU. With that being said the professors are really understanding and they are willing to work with you. The campus itself is amazing, with beautiful scenery and the company of some wildlife. The students here are also very open to making new friends and it is rare that you find someone who does not talk to anybody.
Sul Ross State University is a great college. It’s small size and supportive staff foster character building and academic success in the student body. The rural, small town, historic atmosphere of the Big Bend Region are a great backdrop for students who enjoy th outdoors. I highly recommend Sul Ross!
Thus far, I have had a great experience with Sul Ross. The teachers are very knowledgeable is in their fields and display this in the classroom. I am taking part in a distance learning program Midland College. This provides a great education at a great price without me having to relocate.
My semester here at SRSU has been very good to me. They make sure you are taken care of and give you all the help you need. Transitioning to college was not difficult because srsu makes you feel welcomed and secured.
The campus is beautiful. Everyone is so friendly and always willing to help and make you feel comfortable.
This year it's my third year at Sul Ross State University. Since it's a small college the teachers pay more attention to the students. Everyone is real nice, the teachers help a lot on their office hours and even after office hours. It's a quite campus in which you can study in the outdoors.
Students & Professors are super nice! This school has a strong agricultural ranching program. Many students are future ranchers, horse breeders, rodeo ranchers. The location is extremely isolated with a two hour no cell coverage drive to the nearest Walmart. The local area is a Texas tourist destination as Sul Ross is next to Big Bend National (Desert) park, the Marfa Space Alien Lights, Marfa Fine Arts District, the famous Terlingua Chili Cookoff, McDonald Observatory and miles of Texas Desert. The town caters to students that make up 1/2 the population. This is a lovely place to live if you don't shop much & like sunset old west vistas. Restaurant are barely edible stick with the Sul Ross Cafeteria or cook. If you have a good air conditioned car there are a lot of fun Desert Tourist locations to visit.
Sul Ross has offered everything I wanted and more for my college experience. The campus is big enough in which I keep finding new interesting places to hang out or study, but is small enough to where it is very comfortable and familiar, unlike those gigantic colleges that seem as though they were a city of their own.
For food, both the University and the town it resides in, are very generous. In town, across from the school are the fast food joints and a local food pantry. In the school cafeteria, the staff is very friendly as they remember our names and even make certain sauces if you ask them to.
Sul Ross and Alpine, the town it is in, are simply astounding for me. Homesickness has still not reached the level I expected it to be because of how the environment is so cozy. I can truly say that I am happy.
I am happy going to college. This college.
Sul Ross State University offers a top-notch education with a small town feel. Faculty are leaders in their areas of expertise. The University offers degree programs that lead to advanced careers. A great rodeo school too!
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So far going to school at Sul Ross is amazing, the teachers are just great and are always ready to help. Everyone from students to teachers are very exceptional, willing to help, and easy to make friends here. Sul Ross itself is a school full of history, and the sceanory around the school is something you would find in a beautiful painting. The town of Alpine may seem small and boring to some, but to others its a great town with many sights to see. If I had to think about one thing the school could change it would have to be that, the school should build a school bar. Where students after midterms and finals can blow off some steam by enjoying a nice cold glass of whiskey, and perhaps a smooth cuban cigar.
To begin the Campus is not such a big campus in my opinion its way better for any student to go to a campus where you can get a one on one with the professor. I went on a tour and its such a different world you don't have your mall your big places but places where people like me are filled with adventures. You don't need to have to travel across the world for it to be an adventure. I truly think people also can get away its a great opportunity to just focus on school , just worried about school. I'm a Student-Athlete and the way the coach and professors welcome you is so great everyone is really kind and outgoing.
Sul Ross State University is a small university but it helps to keep you out of trouble. It is a beautiful town and there are very friendly people. Overall the classes are based on how you pay attention and follow directions. It is not difficult at all as long as you do what you are supposed to. However, if you feel like you would want to go to college out of town then Sul Ross is the best University to come to for out of college experience. What I would like to see change is for the town to expand a lot more. I feel like there is a lot of free space in Alpine to create a lot of things to get people out of their houses and even students out of their dorms.
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