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My experience here started very challenging . Over the year sit has become a home to me. Yet, i want to fly away from it because i am hungry to grow in my education and as a person. I would change some things about my school and that may be how small the town is. I know it is suppose to be a small town, but as most of the popularity comes from the students and we need something more attractive.
This is my 2nd year attending Sul Ross University. I like that it is a smaller school. The food is not bad. The classes are average in attendance - the professors are great. There is tutoring available at all time. I play football and need to keep my great good. So, with the available assistance they provide is awesome. I plan on attending Sul Ross for 4 years. Great experience.
Sul Ross State University is a small campus but full of fun and learning. The staff here has been wonderful to work with and they really care about your college degree and for you to be successful. From the Lobo Den to the classroom they are always there for you. The students here are here to learn but have some fun doing it. They have so much to do and you will only be home sick for maybe a week. I love the place small town but fun town. Just remember a large school might be to big look at schools like Sul Ross and you can be just as happy at a place like this then at a D1 school Go Lobo’s
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As a coeducational, comprehensive, public institution of higher education, Sul Ross State University offers certificate programs and associate, bachelor's and master's degree programs. The main campus is situated in the unique environment of the Big Bend region and is the primary institution of higher education serving a 19-county area in West Texas
I had just finished my first semester at the school and my overall experience has been great, it's a small but productive school. What made my experience great was the friends I've made, my roomate is awesome and so are her friends that she introduced me to. They involved me in everything that went on during school and wouldn't leave me alone since I was new. The only flaw Sul Ross has is participation, whenever the school hosts events or activities for students to join not many would show up.
I like the peacefulness of the school and how close people tend to get since we are the only ones there. I also like how we tend to me more focus since there’s less distractions in the area. It is a small town but it’s beautiful and the school is the heart of the town. I would like for it to have more activities for the students.
I like how the teachers can be more one on mone with students. I would change the price so I can afford more.
If you are considering Sul Ross, I would strongly advise reconsidering your choices. The professors here are average and the classes are on the smaller side. This makes it easy to get one-on-one time with professors if that is something you need. However, the campus food is terrible. If you are looking to begin working out or getting in shape, the cafeteria does not serve an adequate amount of protein to sustain an active lifestyle. On-campus living here is a joke. The elevator has been broken the whole second semester and RA's have no control over any of the residents. The amount of noise heard after midnight in the hallways is ridiculous. The library and rec center are both very limited on hours. If you want to study a little later into the night(after 9) or before 8 am, you'll have to find somewhere else to go and it isn't open on Saturdays. Also, all athletic teams use the rec weight room and basketball court, so you have to attempt to schedule around them.
Great place with friendly people. The town is small but really comes together for university event. The place around the university is great if you love mountains.
I applied and they text me regularly to let me know where in the application process I was in. They even text me the day I was accepted to congratulate me.
Sul Ross State University is a smaller school that allows you to gain one on one learning with the professors. Also excellent hands on learning experience.
The adversity of the school is very outgoing, I really enjoy the campus how close everything is to each other, the dorms are very good for having your own space. I loved the Gallegos Arena the basketball gym is very beautiful. Although, the city is very small hardly having anything to do the university keeps you going and focused on your academics and other activities or sports you may be in.
I am currently in the Rio Grande College campus at Eagle Pass. There are very few degrees offered and I had to often wait semesters for a course that was a requirement for me to be available. Summer is only online classes.
Sul Ross State University is a descent college to attend in order to receive a degree students are hoping to obtain. The campus shockingly leaves the students alone and does not force anyone to participate in activities they do not want to do which is great. The things I would enjoy see being changed are having the employees who work in the admissions office tell the students everything they need to know and turn in all of the paperwork that is required for the university to have and not leave anything out, provide much more effective security, and have professors teach what is in the textbooks not what their opinions on the material.
It's a very nice and quiet college with teachers who are, for the most part, very interested in helping all of us achieve our goals and move forward. The only thing that is bothering me is the lack of staff. Unfortunately, Alpine is a very small town (as picturesque as it is) pretty much out in the middle of nowhere. This means they have few students and even fewer teachers. I don't mind the small amounts of students, but the shortage of teachers really annoys me because that means that they pretty much only have one teacher for each class, so if that teacher decides they don't want to do a class, the students are stuck waiting for another semester, or maybe even another year for the teacher to teach it again. This is very frustrating as I want to finish college and get my bachelors as soon as I can, but the schools lack of teachers means that if for whatever reason one teacher can't teach the class, then I would have to wait an entire year to see that class again.
Sul Ross is a beautiful campus with small classes and great professors. The one-on-one teacher to student education is outstanding.
My Sul Ross experience has been amazing I am an education major that has accomplished so many things. This student to Professor ratio is amazing and the classes are small enough where the professors actually get to know you
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The campus itself is absolutely beautiful and everyone that i have been in contact with are so helpful. I plan on playing softball and my coach is a great person. Definitely one of the best places I have ever been to.
It is an amazing school! It is great for my field of study, as well as different people or different places. Professors are great at teaching and helping students learn the material. There is the one on one teacher, student ratio that helps the students learn better. Campus is beautiful and has amazing weather. I am on my own but not too far from home. I have made friends that are becoming family and they are my family here at Sul Ross.
Dorms aren't very great. Signal is terrible. Their website always goes down. Food isn't good. But the school is in a good location.
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