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Strayer University - Utah Reviews

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Dont have opportunity to have review on professors and syllabus before classes start
There arent any work study programs that was mentioned
The classes I take is pertinent to the career field I am interested in,but more teaching on specifics are needed.
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Discussion questions can be overwhelming when having to concentrate on completing essays in addition to responding to more than one question. The Business Advisors are not helpful at all when you need help in trying to apply for financial assistance. They rely on students to complete themselves even after knowing you need help with resources.
When I called the first person I talked to has been very helpful, understanding, making sure that I understood what needed to be completed. She explained everything in great detail.
My academic experience has been good until now, I need help with financial assistance such as scholarships and grants and the help is extremely limited.
I have had some great instructors and they were able to assist me when needed.
I take online classes and do not utilize these centers
I am close to getting my B.A. degree and I am having extreme difficulty in getting the additional financial help to complete my goals. I have 9 classes to complete and no financing to get it done!
I am able to study on my schedule as long as I meet the time allowed for the class
I have learned a lot pertaining to my field and it is important for my career goals
I am not sure if I will change jobs I would like to stay with my current company if they offer me a job in my current field.
I have had some great professors in some of my online classes
I take online classes and do not have any interaction with them
we are online so we cant judge eachother off appearance or race or religion
Everything is well organized and your education plan is only classes that are necessary for the degree
everyone is very helpful and there is free tutoring available subject soecific
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Full of excellent online resources which is very beneficial for me being an online student
From the responses online most of the students are either married and seeking to better themselves in the career that they already have or are seeking another type of career. Some students are coming back to school in order to brush up on different aspects of the job force.
The education I am getting is worth the tuition and financial aid that I have received. I liked the fact that I could get my books out of my financial aid with a voucher. It is so important to apply early in order to make sure that all paperwork is in order and on time. If their is a problem you have a chance to try and solve it before classes start. I like the fact that all financial activity is on line where you can see it.
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