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I just love strayer, the staff here is very helpful and if you ever need anything they will help. They have success coaches that help with the littles of things. I was planning on taking a year off after high school but this school checked in on me and I was like okay might as well go for it! The coaches are great and they help so much! I honestly love this school.
This University has been Great!! The enrollment process was very easy, this is thanks to the person who helped me. All the professors have been great! This makes studying to obtain my degree so much easier.
One of my favorite experiences with Strayer University is their versatility. If you have a full-time job, kids, or a crazy daily schedule you have the option to take online classes. Not only are they online but you can complete the work at your own pace. That allows you to either break down the work over several days or get all of the work done in one day. It works best to your study habits.
One thing I would like to see change about Strayer University is their Financial Aid. I had several issues with getting the financial aid that I needed to attend my classes. And they seem to have a lot of system "glitches" that delayed my financial aid which put me at risk of dropping my classes.
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The professors are easy to talk to, for those taking online courses like I am, it's great that the turnaround time for questions is usually within a matter of hours or at least by the end of the day. My particular curriculum covers many aspects of IT, however my concentration is in networking, it also covers relational database management, computer programming design, and web design. The workload can be tough if you're working full-time but it's worth it.
The workload is most certainly every bit of what they say to expect. Although I am attending online courses, there is not enough time in an evening to do everything that is required for even one class. Discussion postings are required multiple times throughout the week, plus video lecture, chapter readings, quizzes, outside learning activities and more will keep you busy all week long. For those in the classroom setting, the class size is about 25 and so you don't have to feel as though you're just a number or you're not getting the attention that you deserve.
The LRC has several computers on site, considering the small campus size, and the person in charge of the LRC is always willing to help out with whatever you need. Whether locating tutoring, performing a peer review or just helpful tips on research and/or studying. All staff members that I've come into contact with, have been very helpful and friendly.
Online class helps for students to go at their own pace.
Very eager staff.helpful, and caring staff.
Helpful employees with registration processing. Eager, helpful determined staff.
There should be more job opportunities available for students.
More knowledgeable about financial aid . scholarships should be available for students.
Website needs more information, and detailed info for students.
Professor s need to be mored caring to help a student get better grades. Etra credit etc...
My online class are very convenient, I can log on anytime.
Moing forwarded with my current job to help support my field.Lots of helpful staff.
Professor relly dont tske the time to communicate with their students. Also no extra credit work is given to help improve grades.
The student body at strayer is very diversed.All ethnic backgrounds in every class.
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The quality of the instructors is out of this world. They will help you, when you are struggling with the homework, labs, papers, and term papers. I have never attended a college where the students needs is number one. Keep it up Strayer, and remember you get what you pay for.
The academic work that is required for the Information Technology bachelors degree is challenging but put into real life scenarios.
Strayer provides post grad services but also career services to current students. They are on several social networks and alumni and current students can interact with each other. They have several job prospects and are available through the career services as well as posted in the student centers and libraries. The offer workshops for resume and cover letter building as well as workshops for interviewing tips.
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