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Strayer University - Pennsylvania Reviews

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My experience has been great so far. I haven't started my classes yet but I think that once I do I'm going to love it even more.
My experience with online couses have been great so far. I'm able to do the same thing everyday without the interruption of work or my busy life.
I didnt get there yet
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I do online learning so I don't really have an opinion on this matter.
I believe the value of a degree from this school will help me further my education and my jobs here on out.
I haven't really started yet so it's hard to answer this question, but I can answer it using what I want it to be like. I just want it to show me what real responsibility is when it comes to school and work life doing combined.
My overall experience with strayer university was amazing. I was able to get in contact with school administrators as soon as I had a problem. And I was able to change my major because it was entered into the system wrong.
I have been able to move past some credit requirements due to transferred credits.
I feel that my experience in these courses has been very informative and enriching.
Obtaining this degree will allow me the opportunityto move into a Financial department position.
My overall school experience so far has been satisfying.
My admission experience was awesome. Everyone was really easy to work with and they got me started swiftly with no issues.
My teachers have extensive knowledge to the subjects they are teaching.
I have had a great experience working with Strayer towards completing my bachelor's degree.
The criminal justice program is great!
My classes have been flexible, and I did not have any problems transferring my credits.
Online courses are good for people who like to be at home. I personally a classroom environment because I like to interact with people face-to-face. Fortunately, the courses I had to take online have been successful.
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I really have not had the opportunity to utilize the career center because my main focus is on getting my degree.
The services on campus are adequate for the work that needs to be done, and the staff in the Learning Lab is helpful.
The Professors at Strayer are willing to help students when needed. At the beginning of each semester classes start out large, but they don't remain that way because some students withdraw from the class.
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