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I had no problem transferring my credits from another school. My experience at Strayer as far as flexibility of my classes I had enough time to do my school assignments and work as well.
Did have a bad experience with professor/student relationship in regards to one of my classes, that I had the wrong syllabus on, which was no fault of mine, it was the schools responsibility to post or send me the correct syllabus for the particular class that I am taking. Which they failed to do and because of this mistake I received a "D" instead of the "A" I was submitting my assignments from a old syllabus instead of the new updated one. So online classes can be very challenging. I would recommend to any student starting out to always check all the classes with enrollment, beginning of your class, read over everything because it can be costly if you don't.
As far as the career center, I am not on campus. The alumni network I will be experiencing in the near future with hopefully some job prospects in the near future as well.
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Strayer need better instructors. One course I took that was not within my major, was the worst experience I every had in school. Strayer sent me the incorrect syllabus for this class, which caused me to submit information that had nothing to do with this particular class, instead of Strayer doing something about this error from them. They had me submit a complaint to that department, but that dept. did not do very well with helping me. The professor would not change my grade that I should have received if I did not have the incorrect syllabus, but nothing was done and I received a lower grade when I actually would have gotten an "A" out of this class. It was truly sad that they did not care at all, the professor or the school. What made it so bad I submitted all the proof and they just simply did not want to be bothered with it. Very Sad ! Very Sad ! if I was not in my last year I would have changed schools.
Students prospects can be rewarding from Strayer or any school, as long as the student stay focus on their goals. Do the job internship if it is available because this would really help to have the experience once school is completed. I do look forward to submitting my resumes with my BA degree listed along with my job experiences. I personally have not experience any career center services on campus mainly because several years ago this school went to online only from the city I live in, campus was no longer available.
The workload with my major in business has been challenging, but well worth the studies. A business and finance major will increase my job opportunities for promotions with city government, which I am really looking forward to. I enjoyed reading and learning on topics that were new to me.
If I were a student just starting school, Strayer would not be my choice. My experience has been to me, they make it obvious that they are only concerned about money the school can make from each student, less concern about the true education for the students.
Everything was very convenient for me when I start your school because I did not have a job so everything was a flexibility far as the classroom and the classes. I have no trouble with any of my curriculum.
My experience with online classes were great because I had a whole week to get all of my homework in and I did not have to rush. I could stay warn because I did not have to go out in the cold to get to school. I just love staying home doing my homework. I think this will be how I do all of my schoolwork at home. Everything was processed over the telephone and the computer. I must say that going to your school was the first time I learn how to used the blackboard. Most of the classes I went to I set in the classroom most all day and all week.
Strayer University had a lot to offer the students and that was one things I like about the school. There were so much information's that a students could look up on there website.I like a school where you can look up any information you are looking for. I really like all of the extra knowledge that this school offer to a student.
I have been going to school there for sometime and I had not got into the career prospects yet. I am so close to graduation that I will have my coach to send me some information on how they assist the students. All of the topics on the prospects I lists Iwill be getting some information to help me get a job.
The experience that I had with the professors were all great to me because if I did not understand something I would e-mail them and they would get right back to me as soon as possible with the answer I need to know. Since I have been there I have never wrote up any of my professors. I must say that when you first start a class the teachers can really be very strong with what they want you to do in their class. But after the class start the teachers is nothing like the beginning they all turned out to be nice. I feels that the professors in my classes was really there to help me with the entire course. They all had different styles of how we had to do our homework. Some of the class had a lot of students but the teachers still e-mail me back with whatever questions I had. Someday I would like to be a teacher.
The academic experience in this school was much different and what I like most was having your only personal coach to help you all the way. They were very helpful because they always made you feel like you can do if even if you did not feel like going on in the class. When I would sit and listen to them it really gave me the strength to do as best as I could in the classes.
Yes, I would chose this school again if I had to because it was a difference experience for me. I learn a lot and I was very comfort with my teachers they were all professionals and were very helpful to me in your school. This was a school where you could not play around if you want to get your degree.
Strayer university is very understanding with their students to get the best of there education. Thery call and check up on their students to see if everything is fine, or if you need help in other areas. Which to me is exllent for others to have so much underdtanding adout others education and maintaing it.
In 2012 I attended on-line courses at Strayer University and had excellent service and communication with teachers and advisors.
I feel that obtaining my BA will open many doors in my future career opportunities. I have experienced the fact that not having a BA can be a limitation in advancing in a job and/or being considered for certain opportunities.
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In my past experience with classes on-line at Strayer, the students have been educated and engaged in the topic of the subject of the class.
I am going to my BA so I have not received post-grad services. I am sure that Strayer will provide the same excellent service that they have for me so far.
Advisors have been so helpful and have made things happen so fast in regards to getting me back into classes.
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