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Your main contact is a success coach. If your taking online only classes it is hard to get anything done with school paperwork because nobody except your coach can help you.
I could not ask for a better college. The professors are all so great and they go above and beyond to step in and help you, offer you assistance and push you to better. Even after the fact their are staff members that take joy in helping and continue to check on you even after the graduations. GO STRAYER!
Since joining Strayer, I have had wonderful experiences. My classes were easy to navigate, and my overall average has been a 4.0; this is because of my determination to accomplish my goal of being a better business leader. Did I forget to mention that I am pursuing my Batchelor's degree in Business Administration? The instructors and staff at Strayer University are knowledgable and helpful, which makes it easy to want to learn. This year will be my second year at Strayer, and I look forward to finishing strong!
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I have had a fair experience with Strayer University online as a student. I love the fact that the professors are very clear and understanding of life happenings. I also love the fact that the career coaches are always consistent and prompt. What I didn't like was that fact that I exhausted my pell grants and student loan options before completing my degree. I guess this means that the school was a little expensive however, online education works for me being a single mother and a full time employee. Strayer has been a great experience.
i love how well committed they are about making sure you have everything you need to be successful and obtian your degree. the staff and administration stays on top of things and have it done it a timely fashion. they provide easy access to courses and material and to grades
I enjoy my experience at this school because I can choose to be online or go to class on campus. My professors are wonderful and and classes are fun to go through, I will always recommend this class to anyone who is looking for school home.
I love this school! Everything from the ease in applying to my counselor keeping in contact with me on any issue I may have and also providing encouragement to keep going. I would like to see more interaction with the professors and their students.
I really liked all the help and support from all the staff and professors. There is help whenever you need it. The students also help each other out. It's an excellent college for parents with kids and careers. The online classes are a great experience.
They could improve on how to submit FAFSA because I thought I had to submit taxes of myself and parents but you need transcripts, then you think you are done and they don’t let you know until you get an email.
I think this online program rocks. It's easy. I would suggest this school to anyone who could only attend online classes. All your assignments are easy.
I went through a difficult time while in school last year. I had a lot of support from the Dean, professors and staff! Now I am back in and my GPA is on the rise!
I love how the staff is so dedicated in making sure needs are met and always checking on you and with quick responses. I can't honestly say there is anything I would change. I absolutely enjoy this college
The professors are well prepared to teach the class and the online learning environment is great. We have an opportunity to share and learn from a diverse society which very informative when discussing different viewpoints and ideas. Also, the lectures and assignments are relevant to current events which allow discussions and opinions to be offered and the professors there to make any necessary corrections or teachings. Strayer's professors are the best which is why I am so committed to getting my BS degree from Strayed..
It's a good school for the working adult. The advisors are always willing to help when needed and provide encouragement and support!
Very professional fun learning environment!!! Online courses works for my very busy schedule. Staff always responds to any questions in a timely manner.
Great Quality University with many great options for various needs and awesome Professional Professors. They work with students and help with special needs. Excellent class work !
I feel that the staff are very helpful in meeting my needs for my degree. I have all of my answers met.
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I liked the campus. The LRC was a great help. The professors were very knowledgeable as well as helpful.
I have had excellent online class experiences
I enjoy my classes and professors
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