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Strayer University - Mississippi Reviews

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It is a very and warming when you walk in to the place. It has changed a lot and they are willing to help you in any way possible.
It's a great University to go to, I take online classes and it's a good thing I can talk to my professors at anytime. The classes are great the resources are amazing. Love this University
This school is awesome and it opens your eyes to so many different opportunities.
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The academics are great because of the concertartions. Professors never rush student but make sure they have a full undersatnding of their workload and if help is needed they are at your service. Class registration is very simple and easy. Administration always assist if they can not find the answer they will get the next professional to give you the answers. Students usually form study groups to help one another.
The Acquisition concerntration is designed to develp the additional competencies necessary to effectively navigate the federal government acquisition process. The workload can be challenging but also exciting. I like the curriculum simply because you have several options in the field you want to be in or master. Facilities are adequate and not crowded. job opportunities are always posted for other graduates and alumini to apply for. Lots of networking.
Jobs are posted on the Strayer Online website (Stryaer feed). I think it is a good networking system.
Computer labs are open with high speed internet capabilities. As a student I have access to get online o complete my coursework.
The resources are great. The administration are very helpful and guide you to the right direction.
Online programs are very flexible. They require active participation and collaboration multiple times a week. In class is more personal interaction with peers.
Strayer provides aid and assistance Options such as grants, loans, USA Funds, a variety of scholarships and credit based funds.
I found the right business program I always wanted. Strayer has developed the courses and curriculum to address the global contect of business today, and with the goal of developing skills that will translate to global markets.
I enjoy the classroom enviroment and the great participation students have with peers when it comes to discussions.
Facilities are small but the building is not owned by strayer. They are currently looking for a larger building to purchase because of the growth in student numbers.
I am majoring in business and so far have enjoyed the classes.
Classes consist of working class trying to further themselves. I am one of only a few white people in the school. The rest are african american and seem to all be extremely motivated and hard working students.
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