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I liked the flexibility of taking classes online and on campus. The professors were knowledgeable in their respective subjects and each one I asked for help was indeed willing and helpful.
The pricing and the marketing tactics can remind one of a diploma mill.
I Love Strayer University I Have taken all my classes online. I absoutely loved all my instructors. I actually got to know some of my class mates a little better through our class discussions we have weekly.
I love Strayer from the time I started inquiring about the school I have gotten nothing but quick responses with the answers I was looking for. This is not your average school because they don't have clubs or sports you can get into.
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I go online so I am not qualified to rate all aspects. I love my professors, but that is about it. The financial aid process is so confusing. When you have questions, you can never get your advisor on the phone. When you can get somebody, they usually don't know the answer to your question and have to get back to you. I wish I had chosen another school.
The experience I have had with Strayer are both positive and negative. I have had the privilege of being assigned some very good teachers that are very helpful and work with you as much as possible to make sure you pass the class. There have been technical difficulties with their online courses not working and their support staff isn't very knowledgeable in resolving. They closed down my home campus and assigned me a new campus which is a good miles away. After my first year I found that I could have probably obtained the same education at a community collage for less than half the price.
I love the academics at Strayer University. I am an online student and my professors are great teachers. They are very collaborative and understanding. The only thing I would change about the university is the admissions process and the finance department. They are not very responsive and I am unable to reach out to them directly to gain a fair understanding of what is required of me.
Classes were flexible. I have not tried transferring credits but may do so in the future.
The registration process was quick and easy, everyone was professional.
The quality of post- grad services at my school are great.
Professors are easy to talk to and easy to reach. The class size is not numerous or too excessive. This is a business school and only business courses are offered with the exception of electives..
The recruiting process was nice. I didn't feel pressure. The career service center was awesome and they always posed jobs and sometimes have fairs at the campus.
The workload is not excessive to the point of stressing out. Facilities are nice clean and accessible, . I don't know about job opportunities yet
The school is pretty nice. Online classes are the best. Resources for assistance whether its tutoring, proofreading and being able to reach your professor has always been a helpful and awesome experience
It's a great school and they have some amazing professors that care for their students.
The curriculum has been easy to read everything is given to you step by step so you can understand the classes.

There are no frustrations when it comes to my class work.
I have not taken any online courses but April 4, 2016 will be my first time taking online classes. I hope it will be a great experience for my first time.
It is easy to access this on the strayer university blackboard, it has a list of alumni services and career center.
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The classes at strayer university are not over crowded, there usually 20 to 25 in a class. Which makes the learning experience great and it's easier to make groups for debating one on one in class about topics which are fun.
I know they do write letters of recommendation for the students and help you with your resume.
Criminal justice is my major and my experience that i learned from it I feel will take me far in my career.

I learned some interesting things about law that I did not know you can not do, and what you can do and how far you can go without getting in trouble.
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