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Strayer University - Alabama Reviews

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So far the experience that I have experienced is great. I feel like everyone is trying to help you to be a success. There are lots of references to help you to be your best. I wish they would have a better payment plan for people who have financial problems and really want to be a success. Love the fact that you can get a free laptop computer or they can help you with a discounted one. Flexible classes and also on-line classes make this school work out for students that have a busy schedule but want to still go to school. Help 24/7 also helps for the busy adult.
Strayer staff has always been there for me with any questions that I have had. They are always courteous, insightful and extremely helpful; especially with consulting about financial aid.
They are very helpful with providing you with information and scholarships. I have had a great online experience with my classes.
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as a student at strayer university, i have achieved a lot more at this school than most others because of the poor customer service and registration they had unlike strayer they actually keep up with your paperwork and help you through each semester.
I Love te flexibility of online classes and working.
I enjoy the flexability of the online classes and the peer to peer interaction in discussion and the course shell.
I enjoyed the courses and how well the professors explaned each lesson plan.
I have learned a lot in my Business classes.
I have learned a lot from each course I have taken.
Except for math not good online
Great career fairs really top companies
The instructors I have had are awesome
It's good for a career person
If I had to do over I would choose another one because of cost.
My experience so far is pretty good. The online aspect is making life easier.
I think that the quality of courses is great. Class size is not much of a factor due to being online.
Strayer University appears to be a career based school, and I like the prospects of acquiring a job after finishing my classes.
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I personally enjoy the online aspect because of the lack of interaction with other students and being able to work at my own pace.
Everything is straightforward and clear. I believe it makes things easier because of this.
The professors seem energetic and passionate about their classes, even in an online setting. This makes me more active in their classes due to their passion.
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