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The classes and everything are very flexible and if you think you are not able to meet the deadlines that are requested, contact the professor, they will work with you.
In my opinion I prefer online classes because I am actually able to learn more and also work at my pace.
Job prospects and career center are awesome. People are willing to help in all areas.
Review Strayer University - Global Region
The quality of the courses and professors is above and beyond amazing. The styles of the classes are awesome.
I think that the value of the degree from Strayer is great and highly recognized.
The workload is not hard at all. The Professors are great!
I love the fact that I am able to take the classes online and at my leisure.
This school is very easy to apply to. It is a great school for working mothers, as I am both.
this school is wonderful they take credits from other schools and if they classes are compatible they will give credit for the courses
The online classes are very education but you do have to be organized and manaage your time wisely to make sure you do not get behind
no experience with that yet
have not gotten that far yet
For the most parts the Professors are great. Sometimes they are alittle slow grading papers but overall they are very good teachers
The education i am getting at this school I feel will prepare me for a great new job
I have tried to get a degree at other schools this school go out of their way to make sure you are suceessful and because of that i know i will succeed
Blackboard is very user friendly and fit my schedule perfectly. I can log on from anywhere at any time to complete homework or assignments. Even though I have never met Amy other students or professors face to face, the discussionsame and coffee house chat offers a great way to connect with everyone.
My first professor (English) did not post any grades for several weeks or return any phone calls or emails. After bringing this to my advisors attention the school did a great job in quickly replacing the professor. The new professor worked with the class to revise assigments, offered extra credit and was extremely helpful for the remainder of the class. I am now in honors classes which offer smaller class sizes and it has been fantastic. The professors really put great effort is connecting with the class in discussions and offeres a lot of outside resources to help with lessons. All of my courses have been engaging and informative other than my current business class. My business class (into to bus.) Is very basic and I honestly have not needed my book at all and currently have a 99%. Strayer offered several ways to test out or skip classes, but I have yet to take advantage of those opportunities.
Review Strayer University - Global Region
I am currently an Economics major. Though Strayer no longer offers this program to new students, it has been exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a degree that combined all aspects of business, finance and the economy. With this degree I will be able to pursue a career in almost anything. I was however expecting the curriculum to be more math focused.
The initial phone call with admissions really have me to confidence to return to school. The online classes fit my schedule perfectly and my academic advisors have always been available to help with any questions along the way. Even though I have never met any of my classmates or professors in person, the way the classes are designed I am able to feel connected with all of them. I highly recommend Strayer to any adult looking to return or start college for the first time.
I enjoyed attend ing and was eager to go when it was time
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