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Stony Brook University, SUNY Reviews

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It’s so diverse!! There are so many international students from all over the world. My mind has broadened thanks to all the different cultures represented on campus. The location is not bad but you definitely need a car to get around. The food is also not that good. But the academic opportunities are endless and there are over 100 clubs to choose from.
A very nice and large campus, well advanced technologies. Interesting activities for students to engage in.
Overall, my first year at Stony Brook University was quite fun. Campus life was definitely something I enjoyed and it would've been extremely different if I were to have stayed in the city. I loved dorming with friends and having the freedom of a college student. Something I'd like to have changed would be the variety of the dining halls. I think that's something most students would agree on.
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I strongly believe Stony Brook is the best "bang for your buck" school. The school prepares you for the real world and has earned respect from employers and other graduate/med schools. The professors are VERY intense though. Most are foreign and struggle to speak English or have very poor people skills. That's probably one of the worst qualities of the school. One of my professors puts questions on the test that he says he is sure only 5% of the students will get right (and this was just a basic calculus A course). This is just one of the examples of how some of the professors do not have your best individual interest at heart all of the time. The school has great spirit and allows you to balance both fun and academics (you really have no choice at a school this rigorous).
I havent start it, I start in august 27 my graduate degree. I had a good experience with my administrative and paper work experience.The only bad thing is hard to speak to someone or hear a response
The classes can be a hit or miss depending on the professors. Food has improved throughout my time here. There are many clubs and organizations to join which is nice.
Though my majors are geology and computer science, I have to say that the history department is incredibly engaging and they've been my favorite classes. I have so much good to say about all of the departments I've had interactions with.
I have made great friends at the school. What initially drew me to wanting to attend Stony Brook University was the depth of their healthcare programs. Some things I feel that can be improved at the institution would probably be the conditions of the living quarters and the quality of the campus food.
SOLAR, it stinks, the program is from the early 2000’s and it doesn’t seem like they’ve changed a thing about it. The housing application process stinks, they have an 8 semester rule, if you are still in school beyond those 8 semesters it is very difficult to find housing on campus. The campus dining changes every year and it is getting to be frustrating. The average professor at Stony is usually very helpful towards their students, of course you are going to have some that aren’t as helpful. The dorms are great, if you live in Roth which has AC, otherwise, they are unbearably hot or cold most of the year.
I really like the curriculum, good classes, campus is nice just wish there was more commuter parking closer to the academic mall. Very diverse student body which I really enjoy.
I took a summer class at this university and had a chance to explore it to see what it had to offer. This campus is absolutely beautiful, the scenery is breathtaking and you will almost see activities going on. The environment is very lively and overall it is a generally busy campus. You will see people coming in and out of buildings so it never feels like you are alone. The only problem I had was the amount of construction I had to hear every time I came on campus. However, once you are inside building the construction sounds non-existent.
Although the university is large in terms of campus size and student population, they have really succeeded in creating a tight-knit community. Almost everyone is willing to help you if you ask and really look for it. They really focus on helping the freshman community in transitioning to college life. But again they want you to reach out more in order to help push students into adulthood.
I was a transfer student to Stony Brook University, and coming to this school was the best decision of my life. The people here are so nice, so friendly, and so just wonderful to be around. It was such positive energy on campus.

The classes were pretty good, some professors sucked but some professors were awesome. The food was great compared to other schools, I honestly couldn't complain. Housing was pretty good too, didn't have complaints from Roth living.

Thursday nights were party nights and there was a party every thursday for all of those who are looking for that life!
Stony Brook has an excellent repertoire when it comes to biology and other sciences. However, campus life is pretty lackluster. The campus is isolated from the town, to the point where it becomes necessary to have a car. Such is contradictory to most of the school's population, because most students are from New York City and neighboring areas with plenty of public transportation. New dorms are extremely expensive, and older dorms have bugs/ poor heating conditions. We have our own police force, and our own state of the art hospital across the street so at least the campus is very safe.
Stony Brook is just great! They offer so much in terms of academics, culture and social life. Beautiful campus, tons of events on campus, really good facilities (especially newly made buildings and dorms) and of-course a great stable future for the grads
Life's what you make it and the same can be said about college. There are many opportunities on campus for growth but you will often find that you have to put in the work and effort to come across these opportunities. Social life on campus can be dull on weekends due to the grand commuter population but I have made a lot of friends so far (especially since I dorm). In regard to campus food, there is definitely room for improvement but they recently started taking care of that by switching to another company. Students should take advantage of the recreation center (one of my favorite places on campus) and just the campus in general which is very beautiful with all the greenery.
I studied Women,Gender & Sexuality and even though Stony Brook is known as being a heavily math/science my department was tight knit and I definitely got a lots of individualized attention. Coursework was challenging in any academic discipline. The amount of student clubs and events on campus blew my mind. Their are definitely lots of resources and funding for students! The school is a very diverse school. That being said Stony Brook is heavily a "commuter" school. I commuted from LI & NYC. The area around Stony Brook sucks, because the school is located in suburbia theirs not much to do. DO NOT come here if you want a traditional campus experience. And the school gives preferential treatment to STEM fields over other Dept.'s!

Their is housing crisis on campus, for the housing they do have, housing off-campus is unaffordable. The higher cost of living in the area doesn't seem to be addressed by Stony Brook.

Had a wonderful time here just know what your getting into!
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The campus lifestyle is great! There are new buildings and expansion going on constantly. The classes are big in size and challenging but there are a lot of resources to help you succeed.
From my experience, Stony Brook is a very diverse school with many extracurricular activities on campus throughout the day. There are many events being held by different groups for entertainment and even events like petting dogs or paint to help destress. The campus is very large and there are buses that can take you around.
the academics and very rigiorous while the social scence is quite poor. Classes can be huge and weekends dead bc of the large amount of commuters. Also very diverse with lots of international students
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