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Stony Brook University is an amazing school filled with well prepared professors, the people in general are always there to help, and the diversity in the campus is like none I have ever experienced before. It's an amazing school!
Stony Brook University,SUNY has a very good and clean environment.The campus and dorms seem very unique and nice.
It is very nice and they offer so many options to apply and so many cool majors and I loved the open house and everyone there. They were so nice and treated me like I belonged there
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I love the weather and environment surrounding the school. The buildings are beautiful and the facilities are in good condition. The dorms could be nicer.
I think we really need air conditioning in all the buildings as a starter. Unfortunately, a lot of the problems lie with the professors. They aren't regulated at all, and nobody treats students like adults, especially when put in a difficult situation. Depending on the professor, it's possible you as a student can't get in contact with them because they "don't like emails" or they don't think they need to help at all. Professors need to check their email. They should accept sick notes. There's no excuse because your employer later in life won't even need a sick note, they will just take your word.
I love the representation of the LGBT community at this school. It has a very liberal atmosphere that any Democrat can admire. The variety of food is great, but can be expensive at times. There are much academic resources here for students, and the sport teams here are awesome. People here can be friendly at times.
From what I had heard about SBU initially, I expected a different school. It was very cliquey with a lack of student involvement.
Great school! You get an IVY league education for a fraction of the price. School is absolutely one of the best for College of Arts & Music, College of Engineering, and its computer science programs. School does not have such a good pre-health department. Biology classes are much harder than they need to be. Not many resources are available for tutoring and help in biological science classes. In addition if you need to speak with a biology advisor there was no walk in options. Sometimes it took as long as 4 weeks to meet with an advisor.
I am currently a Junior at my university and my experiences here have been pretty good so far. I try to go out there and get more involved on campus while balancing my academic work. I have joined many clubs that help ease the stress from the workload during the academic year. Nearby is a mall and shopping centers in which students can go to if they want to buy groceries, materials, and supplies for themselves.
I am a currently student in SBU. I really like here. People around me are nice. Professors are nice, but there are always some shitty professors. Other than that school is awesome!
I transferred to Stony Brook from a community college and was not sure what to expect. Figuring out where all the classes were and what there was to do was very simple. It was definitely a better experience than my previous community college.
I have only been at stony brook for a semester after transferring from university at buffalo and i can say that i really enjoy this university. there science program is top notch and professors are extremely passionate about what they do.
As a Junior in Stony Brook, I agree with lots of the comments about how dead the campus looks on the weekend and that the food is slightly below average. There's definitely lots of minority races there, because it's a public school. Many of the professors aren't great teachers. They certainly know their stuff, but cannot teach it very well, belonging better in a research job than a teaching job. However, the best thing about Stony Brook is the tuition price compared to other schools and the reputation that comes with this cheap tuition price.
It’s so diverse!! There are so many international students from all over the world. My mind has broadened thanks to all the different cultures represented on campus. The location is not bad but you definitely need a car to get around. The food is also not that good. But the academic opportunities are endless and there are over 100 clubs to choose from.
A very nice and large campus, well advanced technologies. Interesting activities for students to engage in.
Overall, my first year at Stony Brook University was quite fun. Campus life was definitely something I enjoyed and it would've been extremely different if I were to have stayed in the city. I loved dorming with friends and having the freedom of a college student. Something I'd like to have changed would be the variety of the dining halls. I think that's something most students would agree on.
I strongly believe Stony Brook is the best "bang for your buck" school. The school prepares you for the real world and has earned respect from employers and other graduate/med schools. The professors are VERY intense though. Most are foreign and struggle to speak English or have very poor people skills. That's probably one of the worst qualities of the school. One of my professors puts questions on the test that he says he is sure only 5% of the students will get right (and this was just a basic calculus A course). This is just one of the examples of how some of the professors do not have your best individual interest at heart all of the time. The school has great spirit and allows you to balance both fun and academics (you really have no choice at a school this rigorous).
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I havent start it, I start in august 27 my graduate degree. I had a good experience with my administrative and paper work experience.The only bad thing is hard to speak to someone or hear a response
The classes can be a hit or miss depending on the professors. Food has improved throughout my time here. There are many clubs and organizations to join which is nice.
Though my majors are geology and computer science, I have to say that the history department is incredibly engaging and they've been my favorite classes. I have so much good to say about all of the departments I've had interactions with.
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