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In my opinion, Stony Brook University is a fine school that offers many opportunities to its students. Academically, Stony Brook is fantastic for STEM majors and boasts incredible academic resources and connections for students to take advantage of. The campus is lovely (especially during the autumn and spring). While the dorms and campus food might not be the best, the student life, organized mainly by students themselves, is incredibly fun and welcoming. Furthermore, the diversity of the student body and the strive to make Stony Brook an inclusive campus for all races, genders, and sexual orientations is commendable. I enjoy my current life here at Stony Brook University very much, and would recommend it to any student in the New York area.
I have visited SBU on many occasions and I think it is a very good school. That is why I wish to apply here.
I haven't finished yet, but so far, I have had a great experience. So many majors to chose from, including specializations in engineering, science, and art. Very diverse demographic of students and faculty. A lot of sports teams and clubs to join. The campus is clean, pretty, and safe; there are safety officers and volunteers to maintain the atmosphere. I grew up in the area, and there are some fun things to do nearby. I don't do any partying, so I can't say anything about that, and I'm a commuter.
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Rigorous education expectations, but this truly helps you live up to your potential as a student. Some changes I would like to see are financial aid assistance as well as dining improvements.
I abosolutely love SBU! and no I'm not exaggerating! Students here come from all over the world (literally), and there are SO many majors offered here. This school is also very serious about green energy and keeping campus environmentally friendly, which means a lot of new technology and a very clean campus.
Stony brook is a great a great school. The academics are superb, making every course difficult in its own way. However, the downside to it is that all of it is usually self taught. It's not often you get great professors.
Their campus is really amazing and filled with life. The interactions their seem lively and this is a college everyone can feel comfortable with.
Stony Brook has a nice campus. The food change every semester. The professors are all knowledgable but some may not be suited for teaching.
I love how many things there are to do at Stony Brook University, the campus involvement is great. The school spirit is pretty high, everyone's proud to be a sea wolf. The undergraduate college themes are cool, there are always a lot of events to get involved. The campus is gorgeous and most teachers are extremely helpful.
Classes are difficult and school spirit is always low. most students are commuters so the activeness of the student body is low. There are not a lot of activities in the surrounding neighborhood and the food gets worse every year.
There are several reasons that this university is great. First It has great opportunity to have a job in terms of a lot of alumni. Second, the tuition is not expensive in every semester. Third, there are a lot of students from other countries which means it is open to anybody to get into this SUNY university.
I visited the college and the atmosphere was cold and nobody wanted to talk to me about anything about the school
Stony Brook has a large assortment of clubs and activities that make being on campus much more fun. There's movie days, free food, club events, etc. all the time. Academic wise, classes are not easy but they're not impossible either. Most of the time, if you go to class and focus you're on your way to doing well. If content is too hard there's office hours or the tutoring center to help you out. People are generally supportive and if you reach out for help you'll get some. Stony even has a welcome class for new students to teach you about transitioning to college and available campus resources. If you're looking to be involved with an internship or job, there's plenty of opportunities and you can even volunteer at our hospital. It's pretty great.
Stony Brook needs to have a few improvements on dormspace. Compared to campuses across the Nation, the rooms in most of the dorm buildings are the smallest that I've seen. The campus food is getting better and I notice the improvements. Please tackle the issue about living there!!
It is difficult to get a hold of the professor if you're not in 300+ level classes. Most of the lower level classes are in a lecture halls packed with students 100-400 students.
Great campus, friendly people, expensive amenities.
The dorming price increased, the meal plan increased and so did the stress level of every stonybrook student. The professors however, know what they're doing and want to see you succeed.
Stony Brook is becoming more vibrant with the new activities that are soon to come out this semester. It makes the experience better knowing that I will enjoy myself for the next two years I have.
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Stony Brook is filled with the friendliest people! I thought some people would be boring or antisocial but no everyone there is just so open and friendly! The staff are always there to help and the education is great!
It is a decent university with great professors. Overall the students at this university are very friendly. The food at this school is terrible though (there are protests last year due to the poor foods served at this university). And freshman usually dorm with two other people (triple).
I think that it is great the school makes it a requirement for each student to take a class in each area of study to make each of us well rounded when we graduate. As much as I do not like the fact how challenging the classes are, I understand that it is making me into a better student and citizen. Where I feel the school's biggest flaw is found, is the professors that they hire. Stony Brook University's professors are rated one of the top five university professors.
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