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Stony Brook has a beautiful campus and a lot of activities and clubs for students. But I do wish there were more sections available for courses. It can be hard to get into classes required for your major because there are so few sections.
At Sbu, I surprisingly did not find it as great as I thought it would. A lot of parents , mainly, credit this school as an almost Ivy League school, yet I think that they are just hyping it up for their students because they want them to be happy to go there since it's closer to home. I got accepted and have been here for two years, yes it's an education, but since I pay the price for an out of state student, it is definitely not worth the money.
Stonybrook is a great state university that gives you a rewarding and affordable undergraduate education. I chose this school so that I could save money for grad school.
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Motivated students are encouraged to begin faculty-sponsored independent research in their sophomore or junior year. A few students start as early as their freshman year. The summer is an especially good time for students to start with research in biology. The advanced tracks in the biology major provide direct links to independent research in faculty laboratories in the Centers for Molecular Medicine, the Life Sciences departments, and the School of Medicine. Students interested in research should visit the Undergraduate Biology Research page.
The food is terrible. We have midterms from the second week to the second to last week. Fees galore.
I feel like Stony Brook is for a very specific type of person. It's great for hard science and pre-med students who are very much a type A person, and if you're not really into that I would recommend another school. The food is kind of gross, so if you're gonna dorm try to get into Roth Quad because you can use your meal swipes at the cafe (which has Subway, really good pasta bar, and Starbucks) and the dorms also have air conditioning.
Stony Brook is good for STEM which is why most of the people you meet will be Pre-Med and/or STEM. If you want to do something non-stem don't go here. The campus life is pretty dull over the weekend because there are a lot of commuters and a lot of people who dorm live in NYC or on the island so they go home. Food is eh but is improving and dorms are pretty bad if you don't live in newer dorms.
Stony Brook is a very diverse college with many excellent opportunities. The faculty and staff truly care about the students that attend this college. This college has pushed me to surpass and strive for excellence personally and professionally.
I love the school and the atmosphere, the classes and the professors are great as well. I've spent two years hear and I don't regret any class that I took or any club organizations that I participated in. Overall, its great school with lots of opportunities to do great things.
Needs to improve campus, isn't the nicest campus at all!! I would suggest them work on landscaping or just spend some extra time into making the campus look nicer. Also food needs to improve.
Stony Brook has a variety of clubs and activities available. Many students are in the sciences field. The buildings could be quite dreary at times. Meaning that it's not the most beautiful campus.
Large commuter school- an absolute ghost town on the weekends. Not a lot to do unless you devote yourself to something- I’ve developed like 6 new hobbies. Definitely a college for STEM majors- liberal arts majors would have better luck somewhere else.
I enjoy several things about Stony Brook University. The primary reason is that it is a great university that is close to home. The campus gives has an amicable environment with a lot of activities. The academics are the right amount of rigorous with small class size.
Since Stony Brook is in Long Island, the school has a very "campus-like" feeling, as opposed to colleges in the city in which they barely have a campus and it's just buildings. I also like dorming here, it makes feel closer to the community on campus and also makes it much easier to go to schools. The opportunities for research and job preparation is high, students just have to take advantage of it.
It is a rigorous school but it prepares you for your future career while giving you the opportunity to meet new people. At Stony Brook, there are always coming up with different strategies for students to find some type of entertainment.
Stony Brook is a tough competitive school located here in the suburbs of New York. It's great because it is cheap, competitive and a great school for the sciences. It is flawed it hidden location. It can be tough to get to if you don't have a car.
Stony Brook University is a large campus, housing students of all different backgrounds and ages. Located in a small town in Long Island, the local businesses surrounding the university are always filled with students. The professors at Stony Brook University are all very kind and want you to succeed. There is a collaborative spirit at this university where students support each other academically. There is a lot of fun, free events that occur during the school year that bring together the whole campus.
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My experience at Stony Brook University has been amazing so far. It's been a learning experience as I adjust to the rhythm of college classes. There are numerous opportunities for me to get involved and be part of clubs, fraternities and communities. Even though there are a lot more stuff to learn and adapt to, school officials, residential assistants and teaching assistants are baby stepping me through my first year.
Isolated campus in the middle of nowhere. Upside is that it is quiet, but there isn't much to do around unless you have a car. Classes are within walking distance from each other.
Stony Brook University is deserving of being known as the most prestigious SUNY school, with a great education system, but the school definitely has problems with student social life
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