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Things that were great about Stillman college were that the class sizes are small and you had a chance to not only get to know your teachers but bond with them as well.
It’s not well taken care of except for the grass it gets cut every day and for all four years they have threatened to shut it down
Stillman College is a great HBCU. They welcome you with kindness and bring you in as family. They also get you prepared for the business world, so you get a chance to get a head start before you even graduate. The only thing that I would like to change is our buildings, we just need to upgrade them a little.
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All of the people here are so friendly. The facilities are so clean and kept up. They don't have a wide variety of sports.
If your looking for a small college with great classes and teachers that will help you fully with the education you are seeking Stillman College is for you.
Stillman is a good school to attend if you just want to focus on work but there are many flaws like housing, the food, no pride, and really have money issues but I believe Stillman will get better once they fix their money problems
Stillman College is a small school, but that's a great thing though. The classroom sizes are small enough to where each teacher will get to know you individually. The school had recent cuts to certain programs at the school due to budget cuts. Honestly, it's really not a bad school and I enjoyed my four years at Stillman and I would not change anything about it.
My first year at Stillman was amazing. I absolutely loved it, when they took the football program away and other sports, the school took a huge loss. It changed completely.
The girls halls that I stayed in was the best on campus. The only downside was that the walls were thin and you can hear music or loud talking. On occasion there were problems with maintenance.
Greek life in my view is not all that. The organizations had their greek week and it was definitely enjoyable.
The football's team is okay. I believe everyone looks forward to basketball season because the fan support for the basketball team rates higher than the football team. School spirit is definitely higher during basketball season and baseball. But the school recently cut out most sports. All sports include: football, track, tennis, baseball and softball. All except for basketball. they also decided to keep the band and the cheerleaders.
The school is okay, there isn't a way to get around unless you have a car. my freshman year could've been better. I feels as if it was boring most of the time unless you were in class but maybe it was just me because I didn't have transportation to off campus parties. The school definitely tries to have fun activities with parties and greek entertainment but its not that great.
its a non-greek school I think.
The athletics at Stillman is the best in the country of every school spirit, team performance, fan support and athletic facilities.
Stillman college care about you and your future of becoming what you want.
The buildings for the students living on campus could use more space and the campus need to lower down they prices on their snacks. They also need computers in the dorm, because that's a long walk to rhoulac to the library.
The football team at stillman as an individual are unique but they don't show it on the field as much as I would like them to. The football team is actually cut for next semester I think they need another chance. The basketball teams are like the biggest deal out of all sports and it also hold a lot of respect.
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My school life at Stillman college is the best ! They understanding and they want their students to succeed but I have to get a lot of scholarships for the remaining semester. Stillman was very different from other colleges, because they are helpful to students and the students are welcoming.
Well, they always get confused about the money issues that i have.
Stillman atmosphere varies day to day. We have some people who are very outgoing and very helpful and some who likes to be alone but still sociable. Most of the faculty has an awesome attitude and will help you whenever you need it.
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